LUCID 10 Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress Unboxing and Review

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Here is our mattress buying guide to the Lucid 10 Inch Plush Mattress. The unboxing and review will show all the great benfits to one of the best memory mattress on the market. The mattress is very plush and is is CertiPUR-US certified. It also comes with a 25 manufactured warranty. Another key benefit is its ventilated memory foam holes.


Danny Martinez says:

its been 2 years how is the mattress holding so far?

Sarah StaRoth says:

The netting around the foam isn’t for keeping shape, it’s actually a flame retardant sock. At least that’s the case for most foam beds.

james pie says:

Do you have thyroid disease?

quietkey75 says:

Today only, Amazon cuts $8.62 off purchases of $50 via coupon code “BIGTHANKS” You can final all the details on their website. 2/22/17

Bluebonnet Jasmine says:

why can’t we add to a play list?

Jamie R Dozier says:

I noticed this mattress has a great “spring back” with your hands, wondering how long it took after a night of sleep? Also, with a traditional mattress you are supposed to turn or flip it to keep the wearing even. Would you do that with this mattress?

Christopher Nicolas says:

Is this a full size mattress? I’m 6’2 and cant decide if i should get a full or queen.

Gurvinder Parmar says:

you don’t need to let it sit for 2-3 days to air out….2-4 hours is more than enough with your windows open

I Have Obama Care says:

where did you get the frame?

John J. King, Jr. says:

Thank u for keeping this simple. U sold on buying a Lucid mattress. Cute dog.

AlexSpeaks AlexSpeaks says:

I ordered a 5″, because I am putting it on a top bunk. Do you think it will hold up well, and be just as good quality???

OccupyYourWallets says:


Joy McKinnon says:

Thanks for pulling the netting up just a bit and pointing out its purpose. What is the protective cover made of?  Is it quiet once you put sheets on the mattress?

Greg Benson says:

Awesome! review thanks for sharing

roshonda hicks says:

It has had time to expand to its full 10 inches lmao

Sara Pedersen Rasband says:

Is the cover waterproof?  You are using this in a child’s bedroom and I’m wondering if it is pee-proof??  🙂

David Han says:

can it fit two people 5,11 and 5,3 ?

Tony Sammond says:

Just bought the queen size. Does the waterproof protective cover you bought diminish the plushness of the mattress? I fear putting an extra cover on it will take away from it’s plushness

jay taylor says:

a 6 inch queen. is that a good size for two people

Elise Jackson says:

How often do you need to wash the cover? Does it fit most standard size sheets well?

Catharine Rasband says:

Looks like a comfortable alternative to a regular mattress and box springs.

Bluebonnet Jasmine says:

Can’t add it to a play list so I don’t need to subscribe

Alisa Staley says:

This looks like a great mattress! How long does it take to get to its full size?

Spencer Vance says:

How durable is that mesh in the long run?

Travis Gondo says:

Would you recommend this for adults

Crista Vance says:

After using it for a while, does it still keep its shape in that top plush layer?

diácono junior says:

hi , i just bought one of this , after i set it up , how long till i can sleep on it ?? thanks 🙂

You Said says:

Thanks for this.. I just ordered the queen size one for my parents as a belated Christmas present hopefully they like it

Ross says:

Great video !!!!

beyondnormal says:

You used this product in your kids room. Would you have any reservations using one as an adult?
Do you think that someone could use the side that you described as more firm as the top of the mattress?

Eduardo Rivera says:

great review i just orderd the 12inch gel memory foam 🙂

Casey Staley says:

Do you let it sit for 2-3 days because of odor or because it’s getting to its full size?

peepla7 says:

this looks like what I need!

randy7027 says:

Man I see so many reviews on these mattresses and this brand and there’s always a few bad ones that state that they don’t get as comfortable after a few months and mange to cause back pain and stuff. Why is this the case and is this really a good buy or is it just bs like most reviews?

agenthelios1 says:

Its been shown that most Amazon reviews are fake put by sellers or manufacturers. They cannot be trusted. Lucid is just a shitty brand that just slaps their name on a generic memory foam mattress that comes from a factory likely in Shenzhen China. As you know in China the regulations are loose and the authorities don’t give a damn about what chemicals are in the mattress or any of that, so long as they get paid by factory owner. Just look at Chinas Zhongting river  that is polluted from illegal waste dumping. Do you think they give a damn what chemicals they put into the mattresses they export? Its a general factory in Shenzhen where anyone can get memory foam made in their brand with minimum order quantities (usually 1000 units). Don’t be foolish and think that there are regulations here in US that actually test these mattresses. You need to ask where the actual foam comes from and where it is formed. Chinese don’t give a shit about anything, look how they treat animals there.

Dick pills Jon Jones says:

FYI you don’t have to use a knife it rips pretty easily with your hand

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