Mattress Buying Guide – Purple vs Casper vs Leesa vs Tuft & Needle vs Cocoon Sealy vs Bear

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Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide – Leesa, Purple, Casper, Tuft & Needle, Cocoon and Bear. With so many memory foam mattress options and several online mattress reviews out there, it’s hard to decipher which online mattress company is best. So we decided to put together a mattress comparison video reviewing all the major direct-to-consumer mattress companies to help make mattress buying online easier. In this video, we have a Bear mattress review, a Leesa mattress review and Casper mattress review. In addition, we also have a Tuft and Needle review, a Purple Mattress Review and a Cocoon by Sealy review. In these memory foam mattress reviews, we discuss price, comfort, motion transfer, coolness, materials and much, more to help you find the best memory foam mattress on the market. There’s always a lot of questions regarding Leesa vs Purple, Leesa vs Casper as well as Tuft and Needle vs Leesa and Tuft and Needle vs Casper so hopefully this video will help you decide which is the best online mattress. If you want more information regarding any of these beds, you can check out our website where we have all kinds of individual bed reviews and bed comparisons. Thanks for watching.

These products were provided to RIZKNOWS free of charge by the respective companies for the express purpose of testing such products; however, we are under no obligation to provide a favorable review or endorsement of these products. RIZKNOWS retains full editorial control over the content in this video and has not accepted any monetary compensation from any of these companies to provide this video.

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Leesa vs Purple Mattress Review:

Tuft and Needle vs Casper Mattress Review:

Leesa vs Casper Mattress Review

Bear Mattress vs Purple Mattress Review:



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Melanie Brendon Potter says:


afic10 says:

This guy is so hot!! I’ll sleep in any mattress with him.

Sleep Firm LLC says:

get$40 off and 2 pillows

Lucretia Evans says:

Memory foam tends to collapse after a while

2mwillis says:

been looking at mattresses for a long time… was very confused as to what way to go… watched this video made my choice based on your informative video thank you.

Justbrowsing4lunch says:

I just brought a Casper before I realized this video. Am I doomed?????????

Aaron Atkinson says:

Really helpful review, thanks!

Joe Lachiana says:

you find Purple being a dusty mess?

Tyler Dunlap says:

Mentioned Levin, felt a disturbance in the force. Felt like ad revenue disappearing.

chevyhighrider says:

Are these annoying to sit up and read on? I.e.: would you sink in quite a bit more than a typical spring mattress?

Howling Wolves says:

I got a Helix ad before this.

2mwillis says:

hmm I tried your promo code it did not work for a cocoon mattress

JTC Intl says:

Foam Mattress Options:
Latex Mattress Options:

Kimberly Fitness25 says:

What does everyone recommend for side sleepers? Am looking for a firm mattress without that feeling of it being a hard mattress but also with feeling soft as well.

Does it cost a lot to ship these mattresses back if your not satisfied?

Connor Lipke says:

Your promo code isn’t working with the cocoon. 🙁

Carla Cramasta says:

Did you all sleep alone or with a partner? Or did you just use the beer can to gauge movement transfer?

Yeah it's Laura says:

Is the purple “powder” thing a real complaint/possible hazard, or was that all just a scam?

francisco4ben says:

You guys suck you guys went off the heat and the price vs witch one you thought was better

Randy Barrera says:

What kind of platform do u recommend?

Mark G says:

Did you guys use a mattress protector during testing? If yes, which one(s) didn’t make crinkling noise?

Kristian Skyy says:

I am stuck Between Bear and Purple… I was leaning towards Purple until this list. Bear seems to have more Firmness

travis hurst says:

don’t but purple mattress that have a powder on them that’s bad for u

bestpilot98 says:

RITZ! I bought a Leesa a few months ago and now planning to get a purple for guest bedroom. Thanks for your reviews, and KEEP ON THROWIN’ UP THEM PLATES!

louie finnegan says:

What kind of bed frame is that I like it

Peter G says:

I’m a big man at over300 LBS, 5′ 11. I suffer from have back pain and have sleep apnea. I wear out a new matress fast, and need to buy a new matress every other year. Any suggestions?

Sam Toshner says:

Man how are you supposed to know which one you like the best when they’re all mail order? Doesn’t make it easy to decide :-

Abby Webb says:

I have terrible terrible allergies from having Lyme since birth. As I have gotten older They have gotten worse. I was wondering what one you would recommend. I read that purple was less toxic and had less chemicals than the rest. Do you find thus true?

ericl20881 says:

Have you ever tried an Amerisleep? If so any opinions on it?

matter mattress says:

nice video ..thank you

Dan Jendo says:

Wow way to get money from all the mattress companies

MLinkous74 says:

I want them all

EEVYamigos says:

What Part of California are you guys from? are any of those matresses for sale?

Kyne Davies says:

Such a decent reviewer..if you won more data you need to go here..

Kay bunce says:

Did you see the law suit one of the other vloggers had on purple mattress? It has a powdery substance that irritated his eyes and came through the bedding. I would never buy that one! I have enough health problems.

MLinkous74 says:

I got a purple mattress add before this

Steven S says:

I have saved this video to watch later. I’ve been sleeping on a TempurPedic Rhapsody mattress for the past 10 years and have grown to hate it! It’s hot, the impressions don’t bounce back anymore, and it’s goddamn heavy to move around to change the linens. Ten years ago, it cost me $3000 dollars so spending under $1000 for a new Queen mattress peaks my interest (I will probably keep the TempurPedic box spring).

Jayme K. says:

What about Lull?

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