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Puffy is a 2 layer mattress using a 3″ gel infused memory foam layer on top with a 7″ foam core. It has a softness that makes it a good option for side sleepers.

Construction 00:46
Off Gassing 1:59
Feel & Performance 3:05
Pressure Mapping 5:39
Pressure Mapping Results 6:38
Foam Response, Bounce, Repositioning & Edge Support 8:10
What I Like 12:14
What I Don’t Like 13:24
Price, Trial, Warranty 14:53
Who Should Buy It? 15.28
Temp 16:20

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Sarah Nicole says:

What’s the best mattress that won’t say after a few years?

dpeeps83 says:

this was very through. thank you

Charles Brown says:

How does this mattress compare to a serta 1000 plush???

Ryan Owens says:

Super cute guy

Thomas Sharp says:

Will you do a show on the Perfect Pressure INC Mattress ?

Rhynoculous says:

i cant sleep on my back with covers on, but i can only sleep on my back without covers lol

Tanya-Marie P says:

I just ordered this . Can I put this on a standard box spring?

Kevin D says:

Where do you get that pressure mapping pad?

Sandra Holcomb says:

Thanks sword much for all your time putting these videos together. I currently own a box spring for over 10 year. We’re in a desparece need of a new mattress. My husband and I are both side sleepers. Though I sleep all through the night, I need to sleep with 3 different pillows to support my lower back, hips and shoulders. I tend to wake up with lots of shoulder pain and back pain. My husband struggles with sleep and always wakes up tired and with pain all over. I’m on my late 30’s and my husband in his early 40’s but really feels much older because we don’t feel rested at all. I’m looking into the Puffy and the Nectar, which one do you recommend?

Bonnie Hundley says:

These don’t let you bounce like you’re on a trampoline.

Sanitys Void says:

What is going to stop this mattress from developing a dip where you sleep??

2EZ Attacks says:

Cool mattress I need one of these!

U Love says:

Thank you, needed that and all the details, being that I’m quite picky.

Jeff Rude says:

I haven’t seen any review of the Memobed, a copper infused hybrid, can you do a review?

nuMissmatic says:

I wish I could find a mattress reviewer by a woman going through premenopause! Thanks for the fairly comprehensive review, otherwise. Have a good day.

RaVen Sequoia says:

Does it off-gas? I have Multiple Chemical sensitivity and worry about its toxic smell?

Karla J says:

Just beware of PUFFY’s misleading sale advertising. They inflate their prices during holiday sales. Just notice how they have been selling a Queen size at $950 for a long time, and come July 4th, all of a sudden the $200 discount leaves the mattress still at $950. Dishonest company. Stick with Casper. Sale price under $900.

Fat Mom Diary says:

Excellent video! You really go into detail. Buying a mattress is so hard but with your videos it has made my choice easy for me. Thank you

roacilynn mothpungmala says:

I’ve spent two full nights on it. I woke up less sore but still sore. And last night I felt a lot of heat right underneath me. I do have a few sheets over it. Wondering if that is causing the heat? I also got an email stating this: The ideal temperature to get the best results from the Body Adapting Cloud Formula is 68-80 degrees. Anything cooler than 68 degrees might cause Puffy to feel a bit firm and anything above 80 degrees might cause Puffy to feel soft.
So this means in the winter I would have to keep my temp at 68 at least to feel real comfort? Are all memory foams like this?

Katie Gelegan says:

I am a side sleeper and I have extreme back pain from the mattress that I’ve had. My boyfriend needs soft and I need a bit firmer because of my back. Is this good for the two of us? He does well on pretty much anything. We are both under 150 lbs.

Billy says:

I was on the fence about three mattresses until I saw your review here. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the information. You have an excellent presentation and I appreciate your good manners. Just bought it and can’t wait to try it out. Thanks again

Timothy Butler says:


Christopher Martin says:

I have a traditional box spring mattress, and every morning when waking up, I have lower back pain on each side of my spine. Would anyone recommend the Puffy mattress for possibly eliminating lower back pain? I want to purchase an in the box mattress since it seems like an affordable option compared to a box spring store version.I weigh around 210 lbs if that helps at all. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks.

Gloria Deliciosa says:

What are other people saying about the mattress after a few or several years later?

Лучшие Моменты says:

very good review lol thanks

Claire Strock says:

When considering weight of individuals sleeping on a mattress, do you add their weight together? Or consider them separately? What mattress would you recommend for combo (more side sleepers though) sleepers who weigh in the 200s lbs each?

MrDavid92390 says:

Watch “Puffy Mattress Review” on YouTube

Renee Hatfield says:

Why is this video this longgggg

Judy Camarena LMFT says:

I’m between the puffy and nectar .
I weigh 175. I change positions during the night. However my children sleep on the bed with me. So I like how the nectar edge support is pretty stable to keep the kids from falling off. But it seems as if the puffy has good pressure relieving traits. I don’t think you tested the pressure pad on the nectar on the nectar. Is there a reason for that ?
When I sleep on my side too long, I will feel some pain on my shoulder and lower hip.
Which one is good for that?

vacationboyvideos says:

How is this vs other bed in a box like capser,nector, ECT

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