Puffy vs Purple Mattress Review (2018 UPDATED)

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Puffy vs Purple Mattress Review (2018 UPDATED). In this video, Jeff covers Purple vs Puffy mattress review. The Puffy mattress is an all-foam bed in a box that has a light memory foam feel. If you like memory foam, chances are you’ll find this mattress to be very comfortable. Purple, on the other hand, offers four different mattress models. You can choose between the original Purple mattress and the new Purple mattresses (2, 3 and 4). What makes the Purple beds so special is the top layer of hyper-elastic polymer that gives the beds a unique, gel-like feel. Other topics of discussion include firmness, motion isolation and sleeper type (side, back or stomach). Overall, we really like both mattress in a box. We’ll see which beds land on the list for Best Memory Foam Mattress 2018 or Best Bed In A Box 2018. Thanks for watching.

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Puffy Mattress Review: Coming Soon

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XamuraiOn says:

I think I’m now finally sold on the hybrid purple mattress being for me! Really want the purple 4 but i think I’d have to sell a kidney for that lol

Heath Carrell says:

Does purple always win?

Aaleiyah Briggs says:

It’s harder finding a good mattress than it is finding good vehicle!

Too Tall says:

Yup still a purple fan, cant wait to get one someday

DeShon Rosado says:

Great video

Living the Ruff Life says:

Does the Purple 2 and 3 have a smell and how long does it take for the scent to go away? Does anyone with allergies or asthma have any issues? Do you have a review on best beds for people with allergies?

Yuki Chan says:

I think Puffy is a good bed but Idk Purple 2 and 3 seams better to me. But if I had to go for a price choice I would go for Puffy.

Matt Douglas says:

Intellibed is the original purple mattress. Will you consider review one?

James Kirby says:

Hmmmm purrrrple

SaanChips s says:

Great video thanks

Christian R says:

I’ve seen a couple of reviews on the Zinus brand but both of them were on the same mattress (10” green tea). Have you done, or will you be doing, vids on other Zinus products?

IceWallow *Come* says:

Ive been thinking about buying both so this is perfect

Mr. Mountains. says:

I’d really love to try the purple! Seems very popular.

Sarah Christian says:

You *lie in different positions or *lie on your back; not *lay

jokerlogic says:

This is the comparison I’ve been waiting for! Great work as usual

Anthony Kongvongsai says:

Can you do a long term review on some of the other mattresses you’ve reviewed on the channel? Want to see how some of the mattresses hold up for a year or longer

jason jones says:

Hes really cute!….Thanks for the review , im going with Purple….any good coupons available??

Rita B says:

I seriously need to get my butt to mattress firm so I can feel the purple mattress. Thanks for the video! Can you do a video on bed sheet materials and what materials you think are best for different types of beds?

Melanie Lankford says:

I really need a new mattress. You all really give good information.

Noel Garcia says:

Looks like purple is the winner here

Raymond Pandez says:

man there are so many beds to choose from haha. i reaaally want to try out a purple mattress

Karayah Holly says:

I find Puffy very underwhelming and overpriced. Should be closer in price to Nectar. Like the cover but that’s about it.

Abraham Stagi says:

I prefer to sleep in a cooler bed like purple… Although foam my have come benefits. I think purple really takes the cake off bed Wars but that’s just me.

paddypat says:

Puffy is a bad name

Steven S says:

I have a Purple.3 and my family thought I was crazy for buying a mattress online. However, when you shop in the mattress stores, how much time do you *really* spend testing out the mattress, 15 minutes? My local mattress stores charge you to return the mattress and a second Delivery Charge if you change to another mattress from their stores! Online is better!!!

Rich God says:

Excellent video!

Deaclove says:

How do they hold up with adjustable frames? You do a great job on these videos thank you so much.

Jonah H says:

I think we made a mistake. We went with Puffy, which is fine but after you describe the side sleeping with the Purple it might be a better fit.
I think we are going to jump over to Purple2.

Sharlee Lamarre says:

i hope you guys review T&N Mint*

Puffy Plays Games says:

Did someone copied my name?

Erin Richard says:

You mentioned that between these two mattresses Purple is the best for heavier/ plus sized sleepers. Which other mattresses would you recommend for heavy sleepers with back problems?

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