Review and unboxing of Night Therapy Elite 13″ MyGel Prestige Memory Foam Mattress

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Dual border of yarn dye jacquard with superfine velveteen insert and decorative piping help to keep your sheets in place.

Sleep cool layering system-2.5″ MyGel® memory foam, 1.5″ premium 3lb memory foam, 3″ of Pressure Relief Foam

Base support layer of 6″ high density foam to provide long lasting durability and stability.

Box Spring Folding Foundation is made from heavy gauge metal featuring maximum edge firmness.

No assembly required- remove from box, unfold, and lay your mattress on top.

This is the best memory foam mattress on the market. You can’t beat it for the price

Update 9/18/2014: Wow I’m shocked!! The prices are lower on Amazon since we bought it. It really is a great buy.

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Mark G says:

07:27 lol…. got punked

Hiphopniac MusicKing says:

I’ve been looking into memory foam mattresses, and want to buy one, but cannot find the answer to this question, I’m 6 foot and 260 pounds. I am wondering if a medium firm mattress would be recommended for a guy my size, or a firm one? Also what density to get/11″-13″ thick or what not. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Bible Believing Fundamentalist says:

I recently purchased a memory foam mattress. I was worried the mattress would not be thick enough, but even my girlfriend agrees that 6 inches is more than enough to satisfy her. 🙂

mz204455 says:

@ 7:28 he should of cocked his hand back and taught that ungrateful bitch some manners.

choudhry javed says:

how much ? and how can i get it ?

Delia Echeverria says:

Would you consider this a very soft mattress, medium soft, or firm?

Devi Senthil says:

Can you send the Sams Club Link?

Inderjit Latt says:

love matters loveley ffamily

SavVage saltii says:

That bed seems way to soft to be comfortable

TeamGameOver666 says:

Did you use it before it got to 13 inches? I waited 1 day so far and it isn’t 13 yet and have yet to use it..

nuclearthreat545 says:

why the heck did he have to grab the knife while she cut the long way down the box? like wtf you cut it dude

Ciaomamabella says:

You’re wife treats u like you’re a child! Jeeze. Rude!

Ben Jones says:

I’m really glad I don’t have children

Pilewan1 says:

Based on your Timex Watch review, I bought one for my daughter. Thanks for your great reviews.

Lalit Arora says:

Thanks for this great video. It was very helpful and the little baby is just so cute. I am slightly confused though. I hear the lady say – “Less than 5 minutes out of the box it is 13″”. However, I hear the man say – “After the 2nd day, the mattress is 13″”. We just bought the mattress and after several hours, the mattress is at 12″. Should I start worrying or give it some time? Please let me know.

Bonnie Cornish says:

Awesome review.

Darcell Kincaid says:

Is the mattress on a box spring?

Rhoda David says:

Hm? How can I order?

milk60 says:

sorry man, but your girl is a biotch!

Raymond Siu says:

Never trust a woman with a knife!!! She almost damage the mattress! Very careless!

The Number One Mattress says:

How has this mattress been holding up for you so far? Did you have any problems with off-gassing?

Pete Molkenthin says:

That mattress looks nice. However, watching you drag that dirty box through your house and over those nice cream carpets, then go at the box with a kitchen knife and almost gash it up, was pretty painful. 😀

Beverly says:

this mattress is also made with all natural ingredients…no chemicals!

Penney Bayer says:

Please feed your child

Dennis Persaud says:

How is this mattress keeping up …Let me know please …

bryant1815 says:

Lol hold on!

SupDown4u says:

Maybe when you pay $2000 for a mattress they over lap the cardboard so you don’t cut…had memory foam for mattress was the best I ever slept on..but over time the foam does break apart..not issue though..enjoy

khanchango says:

I have an Ikea bedframe and I was wondering do I need to buy a box for this mattress or not? Or Can I just place this mattress on the bedframe and would that be sufficient?

Captain Murica says:

7:28 lool you got told son

Dhea Imout says:

waowwwwwwww empuk bgd niee

Annie Kolakowski says:

Checked you out because we are putting a Wal-Mart bed together and Ikea mattress.

Kulsoom Fatima Ali says:

how is the mattress after 2 yrs?

Spidergal Kenny says:

nice mattress….and I don’t think she ment to disrespect him…..the child was bugging her while she was busy….stay out of ppl business!

Anthony Cartagena says:

7:28 you know who the alpha is…

gukh bhhjj says:

what’s the name of the bed frame

Pilewan1 says:

Thanks, we ordered one. Now just have to get a King Bed, local stores are very expensive. Over 1k for head board, foot board, and side rails.

Andrew Tsang says:

this is the best mattress i have ever bought.  Thanks for the view.

Lauren Told says:

Your daughters voice is so cute lol

skylark304 says:

very nice video ! you both are cool ! even a nick was made accidentally , you all remain calm ! very appreciative of educated couple ****

E Long says:

Thank you

J smoothe says:

do you ever totally flip the mattress? seems like it only has one top side. would that make it wear out faster?

Uncontrollable Love says:

how firm is it? I like my mattress to be firm but from what I read too firm or too soft is bad for side sleepers like myself.

Dorian Quezada says:

a year later how is the bed?


Forget the mattress, where can I get a hot Asian with an attitude?

Karen TechGirl says:

What kind of warranty? What is the density of the foam? Does this have the open cells in it?

Sebastian Corrales says:

Your wife is bossy.
The kid is hungry and being ignored.
Thumbs down

Pilewan1 says:

Hi Quietkey75,
thanks for the great reviews. please keep them going.
I want to buy a Firm Memory foam King Mattress, and wanted to know how its holding up over time. Has it sagged, or gotten mushy?

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