TempurPedic vs Casper vs Purple vs Leesa vs Loom & Leaf (Review 2018)

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TempurPedic vs Casper vs Purple vs Leesa vs Loom & Leaf (Review 2018). In this video, Jeff covers Purple mattress vs TempurPedic, Leesa vs TempurPedic and Casper vs TempurPedic. Jeff also covers Loom and Leaf vs TempurPedic. He discusses how each mattress in a box is made (memory foam, coils, hyper-elastic polymer) as well as which types of sleepers (back, stomach or side) each bed in a box is best for. Other topics of discussion include motion transfer isolation, firmness and price. Overall, there’s a lot to like about all these online mattresses. Some of these beds might even land on the list for Best Online Mattress 2018 or Best Mattress In A Box 2018. Thanks for watching.

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Link To Full TempurPedic Hybrid Mattress Review: Coming Soon

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Leesa vs Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison:

Purple vs Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison:

Casper vs Purple Mattress Comparison:

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Paul Denet says:

What about Tuft & Needle ?

Devil's Adv0cate says:

If you’re overweight & have a back problem/injury, BUY PURPLE 4 !!!!! Worth every penny!

Peter Shinn says:

What about side sleepers?

Narbeh N says:

When are you going to do a full review for the tempurpedic or even the all foam tempur pedic adapt?

Brennen DuPere says:

Wow! You are incredibly handsome! Great video too.

Andrew B says:

How do these compare to Luxi? Haven’t seen many comparisons on Luxi at all

Juan Gonzalez says:

Disapointing reviews… was hoping for a more pros and cons review… looked like you was trying to walk a fine line so you can please all your sponsors

Jen Marie says:

Very informative review. Thank you for the Tempur pedic adapt review. This is the ONLY channel doing a real review on it, even though it was not a full one. I was tired of watching all the store reviews that basically told you nothing. I was trying to find someone who actually bought it and gave their opinions. I needed a bed now so I couldn’t wait any longer for reviews. I went to the store and tested one out and I really loved the Adapt Hybrid. Almost went with a Serta icomfort since I owned one about 8 yrs ago and actually loved it. It was too heavy to move when I bought my house so I figured i’d get another one soon. Since moving in my home I had too many expenses and had to buy a cheap mattress and my back has suffered ever since. Now its time to suck it up and spend the money on a good one again. When I laid on the icomfort 1000 plush, I couldn’t believe it was soo hot. And they said they improved the coolness? Being an owner of one years ago, mine was never hot. This was when they created the original icomfort with the white cover, not blue. Why do these companies always mess up a good thing. Sure it was comfortable, but I knew when I got it home in my warm home I can never seem to cool well, there was no way i’d tolerate that mattress. and I was a bit leary of a number of bad reviews on the icomfort, I went with the Tempur adapt hybrid. My first ever Tempur pedic. Never could afford one before. I was amazed it was the same price as the icomfort 1000 plush. You felt the coolness immediately. Like nothing i’d ever felt. Pure comfort. Only problem is I have to wait till the middle of next week to have it delivered.

Jon Guertin says:

Just got my purple yesterday slept on it one night and my back pain is gone. For those of you worried about the price they do offer 0% financing with 0 down. You can literally try the mattress for 30 days without spending any money at all. I would highly recommend trying a purple, I can’t wait to sleep tonight!

Fluffymiyster says:

Purple has been catching my eye and as it seems it’s great for us plus-sized people, I’d love to try it. The fact that it’s not pocket friendly though is unfortunate. I’d have to spend one of my tax returns at some point on it.

Chelsie Bainter says:

Which one is best for side sleepers?

Dana McWhite says:

Skip to 10:55

Marlan Menuau says:

Great content: I’ve been hesitant to make that purchase and used your mattress in a box comparison from last year to very recently.

I was wondering if you’ve ever considered making a comparison between Canadian mattress in a box company (e.g.: Endy, Bloom, etc.) to the kingpins of sleep-ins (e.g.: Casper, Purple, etc)?

briankeith1007 says:

I noticed you don’t use box springs with these messages.

Curious Me says:

can you use any kind of power base on a purple mattress?

Jonathan Patterson says:

Thanks for the video. FYI, your Casper affiliate link is broken.

Cutler Bay says:

Thanks for the awesome review. Good stuff, good information.

Shane Deike says:

I have been in the industry for a long time. Tempur is fantastic. The foam in most of these other beds is cheap and will not last. The foam is simply not as good. Not as dense. It will not last as long.

DragonsEdge84 says:

Had my Leesa since April and have no complaints at all.

Brett Morong says:

My wife would like to know which one of these mattresses is best for SEX

CANDI K says:

What is the smallest size? Twin?

taylor lupa says:

Purple is so unique and comfortable it’s definitely the best

Natalia Modiano says:

would you say that actively cooling mattresses makes it so you can use the air conditioning less?
Also I saw a lot of reviews saying memory foam mattresses don’t always “inflate” to the full height they say the mattress should be (particularly in the corners), is that something you guys noticed?

Terry Haney says:

Could you tell me where Layla mattress ranks among these. I was close to buying a purple but went with Layla (copper infused). If you get a chance

Philip Unger Realtor says:

I have always had mattress,box spring but ALL these beds seem to be on Platforms. Is there any info on platforms out there? Differences or what to buy?

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