TempurPedic vs Casper vs Purple vs Leesa vs Loom & Leaf (Review 2019)

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TempurPedic vs Casper vs Purple vs Leesa vs Loom & Leaf (Review 2019). In this video, Jeff covers Purple mattress vs TempurPedic, Leesa vs TempurPedic and Casper vs TempurPedic. Jeff also covers Loom and Leaf vs TempurPedic. He discusses how each mattress in a box is made (memory foam, coils, hyper-elastic polymer) as well as which types of sleepers (back, stomach or side) each bed in a box is best for. Other topics of discussion include motion transfer isolation, firmness and price. Overall, there’s a lot to like about all these online mattresses. Some of these beds might even land on the list for Best Online Mattress 2019 or Best Mattress In A Box 2019. Thanks for watching.

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K Ms says:

I love tempur pedic. That leesa mattres looked like trash.

Eric Gunner says:

I sell these beds and just to be clear this is not a fair competition. Tempur-Pedic is way far beyond the rest of this line up. The best purple mattress doesnt touch even Tempurs (non) Pro adapt line. Sorry. Its budget vs the best.

Courtney Jenison says:

Thank you for reviewing so much!

Bobby Voss says:

I can’t decide lol

Paul Flurry says:

these are all like $1,000+ they have alternatives on Amazon that are just as good for like $300

Judi Martin says:

Back in March 2001, I bought the original Tempur-Pedic for my aching lower back. I couldn’t bend over then straighten up nor sit then stand up without much pain. After sleeping on my Tempur-Pedic for one night, I noticed that the following day I had much less back pain when standing and sitting up. After a week, I could bend, straighten up jump up, pick up 5-10 pound objects without pain. Call me a fast healer or Tempur-Pedic was a miracle bed for me!

Quordian says:

This was really helpful, thinking about getting a bed, I wouldn’t want to get a bed to have gotten a better one at a cheaper cost so thank you.

Latisha McClendon says:

What about side sleepers?

The Beauty Buster says:

What’s the best bed for lower back pain?

rahul gill says:

Make a video on polysleep mattress plz.

glbernini0 says:

Get to the dam point!!!!

keiichi maebara says:

RIZKNOWS Let me get this straight 1st off then make a big deal about Spring’s Harding backs so that make Memory foam beds to eliminate metal Springs now what they do is they go back to meadl strange just combining the 2 together Well that usually supposed them mean that they found something that works better by having both right well actually no because I’m gonna be brutally honest I tried a purple mattress and it was crap I thought I was sleeping on concrete I think that most of the reviews are biased and are affiliated with purple mattress Because I know for a fact they suck I lay down on one at the state fair it was just terrible

Reaper Reapz says:

Thank you very much for this information and for your time making this, this helped me alot 😀

J O says:

We bought the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Luxe Breeze and just love it! Perfect amount of support and softness. I am getting great amount of REM sleep at night. Don’t remember the last time I had so many vivid dreams.

Jim Bowling says:

Why doesn’t anyone, when doing reviews there is never anything said about SEX.. I hear some of these new type beds like TempurPedic suck for that. Haven’t heard on any others.. Anybody has any feedback please let me know.. Thanks

Allie Hensel says:

I have purchased the new purple level 4 mattress and I love mine! it is way different than memory foam and it takes some time getting used to because it is so different but it is wonderful!

Kevin Peterson says:

Thanks for the information! This should help us make a decision.

elizabeth yon says:

Seems interesting to try though

Xavier Zambramo says:

never buy a mattress thinking it will soften up, especially not a tempurpedic, tempur matieral which is NOT memory foam is a NASA developed material that has an extreme shelf life and doesn’t really change over time, also coil beds dont last longer than foam! its the opposite! I cant believe he got that wrong, thats why foam beds have better warranty’s than coil!

ThundersGarage says:

Question: I am a 6 ft. tall, 300 pound male, a total side sleeper and need a cool firm bed that will also work with an adjustable base lifting frame that I will also need to buy. Which mattress-frame set do you suggest ? FYI, I bought a purple like cushion for my recliner to sit on. I have since converted it to a pillow using it stacked with a shredded foam pillow in the same pillow case and it works fantastically wonderful. I sleep with the foam pillow on top and NO more neck pain and it sleeps much cooler than with the regular foam pillow only.

Demiigodd says:

so which one for side sleepers?

Trong Vang says:

Great info. Thanks for the hard work guys!

George Chard says:

Sounds like all the TempurPedic mattress salesman in the country have sent in their votes.

Jackie Leigh says:

Purple is the best, but you have to get the highest quality.

Does not get hot, does not retain body odor.

Art L.A. says:

ordered the tempurpedic i can’t wait for it to arrive !!!!!

Eric Gunner says:

And Tempur-Pedic doesn’t have any memory foam….its literally its own kind of foam and Tempur-Pedic is know to go well beyond a ten year warrenty…sorry but this is a slightly misleading experience.

[Cloud] [Nuve] says:

I’m more of a side sleeper

Gwen says:

I have been sleeping on an original Purple mattress for almost a year now. I absolutely love it! It was a weird experience at first because it truly supports you while not triggering any pressure points. The purple mattresses are a great pick if you’re like me and struggle with extreme back pain. The only con I have to say about the bed is that it is extremely heavy. I have a king sized purple mattress and it has to weigh ~150lbs. so the bed is not easily moved or rotated. Other than that, this bed is a dream!

LexQuartz says:

I’m not sure which one to get, if anyone could help that would be much appreciated. The beds I use are too hard and I’m never sure what kind of pillow to use, this results in my back, neck, and jaw hurting a lot. I also have scoliosis. I’m 5’2, 118lb. I just want something that supports me ya know? I don’t care about the cooling aspects, although I do get warm when I sleep. I sleep on my side and (mostly) my stomach, very rarely turn to my back. Thank you for listening <3

Erin Mendoza says:

What mattress do you recommend for a toss Turner? I don’t want to feel mattress, when spouse moves all night, lol. In search of a king for sure. Thank you for sharing…

Taylor H says:

must go PRO ADAPT

Pahaku Ewing Ewing says:

Thank you

Platypus Dreams says:

I am know in 90 day trial of Tempurpedic Pro Adapt Soft. It is ok but not spectacular for the money. It is more firm than expected for being listed as soft. It definately feels much hotter tosleepon then the original Tempurpedic matresses. I like the feel of the cover. It is soft and cool to the touch but it heats up i stsntly when you lay on it. The edges of the mattress are supportive.

Platypus Dreams says:

Tempurpedic charges up to $175 for returns of their mattresses and only the mattresses.are returnable.

Platypus Dreams says:

I tried Casper Wave mattress for a full trial period and it felt like junk memory foam compared to my old tempurpedic bed. Casper also had an odor that lingered for months.i returned it. It barely felt like memory foam and felt very thin.

Danny Navarro says:

I tried getting a purple today based on your videos but they wont finance me because I dont have enough credit, what a crock… so disappointing. Wanted the purple 2 or 3 Queen, I’m 240lbs… should have financed me, they would have sold it to me 10 minutes ago! Ughhh

Coleen Osmond says:

Im in the process of sending back a 3300. full size tempurpedic pro adapt medium… i was so dissapointed. I used to love tempurpedic and slept on one for about 15 years and when it was time to replace it the company had changed all of thier materials and they are all too firm and unless you like sinking in and being stuck in the mattress i wouldnt recommend them anymore… thats what got me on the search for the perfect mattress and the best pressure relief. I now have no bed and am sleeping on the couch until i can research all of the models and make an informed decision. Thank you for all of your help… oh and that Purple mattress is kind of freaky

whatthebleep says:

These reviews are so bland, like I’m glad your getting paid but your not helping people.

Gabe Darnell says:

Interesting I just laid on a leesa at west elm and then a Casper and the Leesa felt much softer.

A Tragedy says:

what about Endy.

HW2800 says:

I always buy the top of the line mattress and box spring set! The prices have always been going up every year now. I try to find deals buy still it is $12K to $14K!

darkdancerman says:

Was he in the military?

austin purcell says:

I have a dog named rizzo

Juan C says:

I work where they make the Temperpidic hybrid and the Leesa bed.

Landon says:

Comparing a Tempur Pedic to the rest of the mattresses in this list is pretty laughable. The number one mattress company in the world compared to hyper marketing campaigns? “Purple” has more in common with Squatty Potty than it does a reputable mattress company. What you called a “small difference” – that Tempur Pedic has 12 different mattresses all with different feels and features that you can try out in store… makes it an incredibly different experience to shop for. So the comparison is flawed from the very beginning.

You say “you have to like memory foam beds to like it” when discussing the Tempur Mattress yet that particular Tempur mattress is a spring mattress aka “hybrid”.

The Tempur Adapt Hybrid is one of two of the cheapest Tempur Pedic mattresses that is offered and has the fewest features to discuss and is NOT the number one mattress for the company. It’s a great bed but it should he noted that there are only 3 hybrid Tempur Pedics in the new line up(the one you reviewed is the cheapest one) and 9 all foam beds.

Also, the cover in a Tempur Pedic uses a dense yarn to keep it cool. No phase change material is in it at all.

Enough of this was wrong for me to lose trust the rest of the review. While I don’t think you did it intentionally, you shouldnt post a video like this for millions to see if it doesnt contain the facts… mattress shopping is hard enough as it is.

brandon granados says:

I have shoulder pain, im a side sleeper i have a original purple for over six months already, and pain only continues to develop, i weight 190 pounds, is it worth upgrading to a purple 2 or 3 or a whole diferent brand? Can someone help me please

What is it that i need?

James Lee says:


Ian Ashlon says:

Video starts at 4.10

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