Top 5 BEST Mattresses for Side Sleepers 2017 | BEST Mattress For Hip Pain

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Top 5 BEST Mattresses for Side Sleepers 2017 | BEST Mattress For Hip Pain. We address the best beds for side sleepers 2017. We’ve tested over 20 bed in a box mattresses and these are the most accommodating mattresses for side sleepers and people with hip pain that we’ve found so far. In this video, we have a Purple mattress review, Casper mattress review and Nolah mattress review. We also have a Leesa mattress review, GhostBed mattress review and Helix mattress review. We hope this video is helpful for all you side sleepers out there. A lot of back, stomach and combo sleepers may also like these beds as well. If you want to see any other mattress in a box reviews and comparisons make sure to visit our website. Thanks for watching.

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Helix vs Purple Mattress Review:

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Daniel Metcalf says:

Have you guys tested for the white powder on the purple mattress?

Blitz86 says:

What about me, a side sleeper, at 250lbs?  It sounds like Purple isn’t for me.  I was thinking Tuft & Needle.

kaiserdan209 says:

Denver Broncos

vaxick says:

Never heard of Nolah before. It being a bit softer seems quite appealing to me as in a local mattress maker store, their 3 out of 10 mattress fit me best.

M X says:

How would you rank the new Casper Wave which has cutout zones specifically for the shoulder? Would it take the top spot or still come in second after Purple?

Lucas Jeng says:

Angels! Pick me so I can sleep like one lol

Ronin0908 says:

Cincinnati Reds

Tisha Charles says:

So now I’m confused. I’m a side sleeper in another vid you raved about the bear mattress and i was sold on it. But at the same time in that vid everyone listed casper in their top 3. and now in this vid, you didn’t even mention bear. Has your opinion changed about bear.

Brandon Burgiss says:

Patriots and hornets

elphiena says:

I would like to see a Puffy review.

James Green says:

Manchester United!

jlrockafella says:

I like your review but did any of you actually read their 10yr warranty ? It’s not really 10yr FULL coverage. They only cover parts of the bed and if you have any stains on it then it’s null and void. I think Layla mattress had the best warranty since it’s lifetime FULL coverage. The reviews need to mention that more on your videos if you’re gonna bring up warranty.

xXJennkAXx says:

Carolina Panthers!!!

Sai Penagamuri says:

go to 7:18 and thank me later

Alan Chen says:

Oh shit the youtube gods know I want to sleep good and love that so most of my ads are about beds

Freezy 420 says:

Purple for sure. I’d say it’s about 6 on firmness.

Dominick Kasza says:

I like how you used a Coors LIGHT can for the motion transfer subject. I was drinking one while I watched this video. 🙂

Alan Chen says:

Who else expected purple as 1st

Sam Ahnert says:


Chris Opolka says:

Greenbay Packers!

Steve Grinder says:

With all of the mattresses that you test – you never said (that i heard anyway) what was under them? For example – should I just replace the mattress and leave the old box spring? or are you placing these on top of just a rigid platform? Thanks.

Julia West says:

I love the bed reviews here, and relied on them when I ordered a Purple. But I am returning my Purple mattress today after trying it for five nights. I am 4’11” and was just not heavy enough to sink into the mattress much, so I didn’t get the pressure relief I needed for side sleeping. Somewhere a YT review I had missed before I ordered said it might be too firm for those weighing less than 120#. So weight seems to be a major consideration in choosing the firmness level in a new mattress, at least it is for me. I’m going to try a Brooklyn Bedding Soft. I don’t think RIZKNOWS has reviewed their soft version. Hope Rizknows will add a petite tester to the team!

mike whitney says:

Have you tried any of the nova foam mattresses from Costco?

RamboJohnJ27 says:

I’m 280lbs do you think I will squish and flatten the purple mattress?

Julia West says:

Purple was way too firm on top for me, a 4’11” side sleeper (good back support, no pressure relief). So was Brooklyn Bedding- Soft. I got a Helix, made for my height and weight, and it was soft on top but gave no lumbar support. I need to see a review of the Puffy mattress (like elphiena requested) to get an idea if the 3″ memory foam directly on top of firm foam will give me what Purple, BB and Helix did not. Thanks for all the helpful reviews!

Could you add a small woman/person to your review panel? And I need a distinction between the top layer’s firm/softness and the comfort/base layer’s firm/softness. I’m learning that it’s the combination of those that tells me how a mattress will feel (pressure relief, body conformance, depth of comfort layer, spinal alignment). Just saying a mattress is a 4.5 on the firmness scale doesn’t tell me whether it’s the top that’s soft or the base that’s soft.

Nathan Callahan says:

Green Bay Packers

J Bog says:

You know nothing!! What do you know about side sleeping?? You said it yourself, your a combo sleeper!
What makes you a mattress expert? Nothing , you make me sick!

L Pablo Mendez says:

Very surprised. Have a purple now and it’s too firm for side sleeping. Shoulder pain.

BornToBeEmerican says:

NBA: Warriors, Mavericks
NFL: Cowboys, Panthers

boyneskibum says:

Lions and pistons

Ben Zavala says:

NFL: Raiders NBA: Lakers MLB: A’s NCAA: UC Davis. Gotta support my college.

Channel Rudy says:

Dallas Cowboys, and Portland Trailblazers.

Matthew Prendergast says:

Steelers all the way

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