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GoodBed’s in-depth review of the Tuft & Needle gel foam mattress…

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Time Chapter
0:04 Introduction
0:41 Materials & Construction
2:01 Comfort Level
3:39 Back Support & Pressure Relief
7:23 Cushioning Depth
8:13 Responsiveness
9:24 Motion Isolation
10:04 Ease of Repositioning
10:31 Edge Support
11:27 Natural Materials & Certifications
12:13 Temperature
14:48 Return Policy
16:00 Price & Value
18:15 Summary
19:15 Final Thoughts

* Nov ’17: The T&N mattress is now certified to the Greenguard Gold standard as well as to the OEKO-TEX 100 standard, both for the mattress as a whole and for its individual components.
* Aug ’17: The pricing for the T&N mattress has been reduced back to the original levels cited in the video.
* Jun ’17: The pricing for the T&N mattress has recently been increased relative to the price mentioned in the video. The queen size price has increased from $600 to $750.


eaglerockdude says:

Any opinion on buying a “better value” mattress like this, then get an expensive topper?

Erik Wiseman says:

What kind of pillow is that bro

SynthRequests says:

your reviews are good as hell dude

gdcat777 says:

Fruit of the tufty needly leafy loom?

Shaun Tanger says:

What do yoiu recommend for 260 lb guy who is 6’3 and carries most of his weight in his upper body? I have an icomfort now and it’s leaving me sore most days.

Cv MA says:

the company just told me they have a greenguard gold certification for the whole mattress …isn’t that better than just the certipur?

TheDulce Life says:

Hello I’m so torn , and nervous , I really want to try this bed because it’s within budget and two I hear good reviews. I’m a side sleeper and sometimes back or half and half half on my side but not fully on my back. I started to suffer from back pain after having kids and now I’m feeling neck pain . So my question is would this be best for me ? I’m slightly under 200 and what’s a great pillow as well. I did take the quiz but still not to clear. I also like a pillow between my legs

Angela Orebanjo says:

do you know what date Tuft and Needle last changed the formulation of their mattress? i want to know if i have the newest formulation or not.

EpicMango says:

This twin size of this bed is going for $375 on their site. That’s pretty cheap compared to the competitors, is it because it’s not as good?

Edward Jimenez says:

Just wanted to say this is an AMAZING review. Very in dept and well though out/ explained! Just wanted to let you know it didn’t go unnoticed

Cmeth 08 says:

What’s your favorite mattress? I’m looking for a king size memory foam with good edge support and longevity without denting and slightly cool. Please give me a recommendation thank you

From Chronic To Cure says:

You’re reviews are thorough and well explained. thanks

Krakken7Down says:

is this a good mattress for people with low-moderate back pain?

mark urbanetti says:

Mike, do you think the Herobed is worth the extra $400.00 over the T&N?
How would the Herobed be for a side and stomach sleeper?

Mom, Dad, and The Girls says:

Great review.. answered the questions I had about this mattress.

Cip Rodriguez says:

will you review the Palais Grand Royale 15.5-inch Luxury Hybrid Mattress by Christeli?

stelity says:

your video is way too long. you put the bowling pin on a piece of glass… that’s cheating. it’d be really tough to knock it down unless u drop yourself right next to the glass. stopped watching here.

Tyler Robinson says:

I like being able to see inside and the explanation of the materials, thanks!

JessieBanana says:

You brought up a lot of points I hadn’t thought about. I am a relatively small person, so I can be cushioned by a firm mattress. I also have hyper flexibility in my back from dancing, so I need a lot more support to counter my problematic flexibility. Soft mattress make me toss and turn. I have a latex Ikea mattress that most reviewers use a topper with, but is great for me as is.

arisafghanzada says:

Mint review please?

Vela Industries Inc says:

They have a new one called mint, did you get a chance to test that?

justice4all72 says:

Hey Mike, Please review the T&N Mint mattress!!

southbaya says:

Hi Mike,
Just found your channel, but already really like your perspective and insight.
I’m looking to buy a mattress in the near future and a friend of mine really recommends tuft n needle. Plus, you can’t beat the overall value and their price for a Cal King. My wife and I are both predominantly back sleepers. From a value standpoint, would you recommend this say versus Purple(which is at the higher price point)?

adrian T says:

Take a shot everytime he references his weight, good review

Chris K says:

Best mattress reviews ever. Keep up the great work Mike!

Dick Longmire says:

Great review. Would you say the Tuft & Needle will get a little softer over time say after 6 months?

Lord Buckhouse says:

One thing I found EXTREMELY disappointing about the review was that it made no evaluation as to how this mattress holds up over time. In two years time will it still have the same level of support. Will the other qualities of the mattress stand up over time as well. That goes right to the value of the mattress. The reviewer talked some about value but durability is an extremely important part of value. And he made no mention of that. Hence the review gets a C-. Not quite good enough.

Kyle says:

Do you need a box spring with this?

jay brenner says:

Your reviews are excellent. I’m wondering why you haven’t reviewed the Puffy mattress, I would really like to read that. Thanks for what you do.

Lock Angeles says:

Please do a review on a zinus mattress!

SCARECROW3999 says:

I’m a side sleeper, but I sleep on the pillow, arm under and wrapped around the top of my head, lol perhaps a bit tough to imagine, but I might not have that shoulder pressure, you agree? for income tax here soon were buying a new mattress, were on the fence, tnf or casper…great review tho, very thorough!

Bj Mahoney says:

Hi there. I’m a truck driver and therefore am in the market for a twin xl mattress for my truck. I’m 6ft and weigh 230lbs. I am also a side/stomach sleeper. recommendations?

Alyssa Orozco says:

What would your overall mattress recommendation be between Lull and Tuft & Needle?

Dee Harris says:

i wonder why i can’t hear or even adjust for sound w many of your videos. except purple

Caitxox says:

I’m 120 lbs and a side/belly sleeper! Thanks for the in depth review!

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