Tuft & Needle 10″ Foam Mattress: a review

Tuft & Needle sent us a King size mattress to do a video review!

This is our second mattress from Tuft & Needle. We had the first one almost 2 years and it never stopped being comfy. (It’s in the guest room now.) It’s been about 3 weeks since I recorded this, and this new version of their mattress is shaking out to be just as comfortable – if not more.

It should be noted the beat up box is a result of our community FedEx driver (thanks, dude). The mattress, however was unharmed. Our first mattress from T&N was apparently delivered by someone who cared about your stuff!

To learn more about Tuft & Needle mattresses (made here in the USA!) check out my reviews, along with all my other posts, at: http://thesurlybiker.wordpress.com


SillyMando2008 says:

Do normal size sheets fit this or do you need deep

autumnescalator says:

thanks! can’t wait to order our King. and cool Wilco shirt.

Jermain Garcia says:

Hey Dan, I saw you placed the mattress right onto the slats…is that making an indent onto the bottom part of the mattress? I am hoping to buy 1 in the next 2 days

Cathy Nelson says:

Should you put a mattress protector on this mattress to keep it from getting soiled? Recommendations anyone?

Deb Strickland says:

Hellva beat up box you got there.

joshua heisler says:

Where did u get the grey frame looks fairly easy to put together, gonna be probably buying one of those matresses very soon

supravista says:

I have those same asics onitsuka

– you got style

KreyProductions says:

great video, really helped in making my decision about this product. looks amazing, cant wait to get one of my own!

Shelby Atkinson says:

Nice shirt, Go orange!

justgivemethetruth says:

So … over a year now and no review “in a couple of months” as promised? Did the mattress work out? Can you let us know the pros and cons … and did they give it to your for free?

chupalia says:


SillyMando2008 says:

Also, why get a second one if the first was just fine?

David Riehl says:

Great first review! You or your wife should of shooed your cats out of the room, lol. Also, your white and black-spotted cat looks almost like my cat that passed away a few years ago.

And if my parents do decide to get a new mattress, then I’ll be sure to tell them about this mattress. All the added benefits, like the 100 night sleep trial, are what make this mattress a great investment.

John Gillis says:

What bed frame for the first queen mattress? Super cool looking

John Doe says:

Did you notice any off-gassing?

- Skylark says:

Only slightly biased if you call the mattress “awesome” before even taking it out of the box, yes?

David Shaheen says:

R u guys laying on the mattress with no sheets?

Brenton campa says:

Hi where did you get the second bed frame? The one you set up and put the new mattress on. Thanks

k31fan says:

Thanks for the video we just ordered a king…. Our first foam bed if you will.

Who makes your bed frame you build in this video??

Thanks again

Joe Croissant says:

Great job and adding some humor was awesome. I should have my queen tuft and needle on friday 3/25/16 I only wish I would have gone with a king size.

Jared Bergman says:

thumbs up for cat. double thumbs up for wife.

Janet Peterson says:

Actually, you don’t have to even worry about shipping it back. According to their website, if you contact the company, they will work with you to find a charity to donate it to. All you have to do is send them a copy/scanned copy of the receipt, and you’ll get your refund. For me, in case the bed didn’t work out, the thought of having to try and ship back a bed that had been compressed in a box, and the costs and hassles involved made me hesitate. I’m glad that I took the time to look through all of the webpages. Between the 100 night trial and the easy return policy, I’m sold.

Don Howard says:

Hi Dan,
Are you still happy with your mattress? I’m getting ready to buy one but want to make sure before I put down this much money. Thanks

Brad D says:

Thanks for the awesome review. I’m currently doing all my research about this mattress and want to make sure it’s the right one for my wife and I. It’s been 6 months since you’ve posted this review. How is the bed and can you tell me if you’ve slept better? Thanks

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