Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

This was not a paid or sponsored review. Just my honest, average-dude, point-of-view. Let me know if you have tried one and your thoughts on this tuft and needle mattress.

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Can you have sex on the bed? Does it have bounce or is it another shitty tempurpedic like the brentwood mattress? These gel and tempurpedic mattress all suck for sex unless you like wasting your energy and having it all absorbed into the bed

8risky says:

My boyfriend is a 6’2 tall and 180 pounds, while i am 5’4 around 130 pounds. We are trying to find a mattress that supports both of us, something comfy but also we have this problem where during the night the side my boyfriend is on–it gets more indented, deepened than my side since i am lighter, so there is always this weird slant towards him and it kills my back because its uneven.

I am debating between Leesa and Casper right now and wondering which would be comfy but also firm enough to not cause an imbalance in the bed with our different weights. His side always gets more indented or pushed down since i am lighter than him, so my side gets slightly elevated. I feel like the bed is also sinking in the middle within itself. Also, which one is better with movement? I always wake up when he moves.

Valeria Balmaceda says:

my experience with memory foam it sags after 2-3years in use… Have you experience this with this mattress?

mmmartin261 says:

Her hair is still pretty put together. No sex that first night? Are yiu actors?

ContactHigh says:

Say man where’d you get that bed frame?

Alise Wilson says:

Hey James, Can we get a update on the Mattress and how its holding up?

Kids Learning and Nursery Rhymes Songs Animator says:

Great sound. I like it.

Johnny S says:

I love mine. It’s the best mattress I’ve ever owned! I see in one of your comments below you mention you now love your Nectar mattress. Why the switch? What’s better about the Nectar? Thanks

Choo 1982 says:

So how is it now over 1 year later? Any sagging, low spots, etc, any issues now? BTW I just ordered a T&N ‘mint’ (new model) should be here in a few days. Hope its all everyone says.

Greg Isaacs says:

now that is a true review…haha, when you take the camera & film exactly when you are waking up…hahaha

Migool says:

1:32 for spontaneous pussy

marty messina says:

Hey James after using the mattress for awhile now is it still comfortable? Has it created lumps and bumps from sleeping on it

Streetknoww says:

Still liking it? I am shopping and the choices seem daunting almost pushing me to Tempur.

Galvahnize says:

For the price it’s an average bed. Don’t believe the hype, Ive got one

MoldingPro says:

We purchased our Tuft & Needle mattress two years ago. The best purchase I have ever made! Love it.

Cryz Thor says:

On Amazon I see a lot of raving reviews from people who have had their T&N beds a short time, but the two stars and under are generally made up of people who are months into sleeping on one. They generally have similar reviews of premature sagging in the middle. How has you T&N held out, are you still as satisfied nine months later?

Ford On 5th Cigars says:

I’ve been dying to get one of those.

Eric Gamboa says:

What pillows do you use?

loza113 says:

Yo girls got a nice ass.

Vanessa Gonzales says:

I layed on the California king at the showroom and I loved it.

D Jay T says:

are box springs not a thing anymore?

rwright2212 says:

Too bad your mattress will mold without air circulation on the bottom. Plywood bad, slats or box springs are the way to go to prevent that.

TJ James says:

Pulled the trigger on the Avocado Green Mattress which is organic without the hype. Tuft and Needle was an option for me but liked the other brand better and had better materials for not that much more.

- Elliott says:

are you a side sleeper? I wake up with my arm and neck hurting with my bed.

Furlog Giant says:

cheap junk kids    don’t be fooled

richisamindset01 says:

My wife and I have been sleeping on our new T&N King size for just over 2 months now and we LOVE this bed! So glad we bought it.

Daniel C says:

what type of plywood did you use and the measurements for each square

Fantazztik says:

James!!! I wish you could come included with the mattress.

Raul Orozco says:

What size were the plywood pieces you used?

Zachary Wonder says:

im geting one after see this vid

Sarah Sutter says:

We’ve had a queen size tuft and needle mattress since June 15th, 2016. we absolutely love it! In early September we went on vacation and I kept telling my husband that I couldn’t wait to get home to our Tuft and Needle bed! It is fabulous! I agree that it isn’t too soft or to firm. it really is just right. We still love it 7 months later. We have a box spring under it and haven’t noticed any sagging. We love it so much that we just purchased a twin size Tuft and Needle mattress for our daughter who is about to turn 3.
For all of the skeptics if you read the T&N story on their website you will see that the founders were so fed up with being taken advantage of when buying a mattress and then being stuck with it because the warranty was pretty much a hoax. These guys are out to change the market because they can and they have come up with a fabulous product that lives up to hype. I also really like that there is a 100 night trial in your own home. If you don’t like it then just donate it and I believe you get your money back. we haven’t had to do that, but be sure that my husband looked into it extensively before buying. I highly recommend this mattress and the company it comes from!

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