Zinus Green Tea Mattress Review & Test – 12 inch

Zinus Green Tea Mattress on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2COorc4
My full blog review of this mattress: http://www.dugroz.com/2018/01/zinus-green-tea-memory-foam-mattress.html
The platform bed (frame) used in this review: http://amzn.to/2orsvex

The Zinus Memory Foam Green Tea Mattress is the most reviewed mattress on Amazon. Watch this video to see what I think of it!

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Hey Jónsi says:

Have you washed the the mattress sack? Like the cover that covers the layers ? I recently washed mine and it had so much loose strands of plastic or synthetic strands I want to say ? It looks like cat hair and silkiness like spider webs. It is all over my blankets since I washed it with them. I didn’t think it through. But I didn’t notice these little hair looking strands until a day later. It is super itchy. Does your bed also have this !?

Steven Schnurman says:

So I’m just like you in stature. A back sleeper. I need support but also some give. Is there an online bed for me? Or do I have to go up to a $2,000+ bed from the store? To cover my hard Zinnus 12 inch Tea memory foam mattress I added a 3 or four inch layer of memory foam to soften it. Now it’s a bit too soft so I can’t win. I did like black mattress Macy’s we’re talking $3,000 there. PS I also end up on my side like you.

Colton Johnson says:

Is a box spring necessary? Will it possibly increase the comfort level/quality of sleep?

Steven Schnurman says:

I can’t thank you enough for your help I appreciate it and I’m now subscribed!

Joey's Chin Licker says:

I ended up buying this mattress works great for me.

scupking says:

Tried 2 zinus 12” gel foam mattresses over the past year. The first one was great for about 3 months then started getting soft and I had back pain. I contacted zinus and they sent me a new one. The second one feels like it’s made out of different foam even though they said it’s the same mattress. It was bouncy and soft from the start. I now have a nectar. The nectar is a much better mattress all around and is almost great but it’s just a little soft for when I’m on my stomach. I’m 6’ 2” 235lbs. Just ordered a firm Brooklyn signature hybrid I’m going to try. So what I’m getting at is stay away from zinus. If you like a medium soft all foam bed go with a nectar. If you need a firm bed get a hybrid.

Charles Hines says:

Thank you

Johnny S says:

If you like a mattress that is slightly firm get a Tuft and Needle! It’s the best I’ve ever owned. I’m thinking of buying the bed frame you have but I’m not sure about those slats! I’m thinking of maybe getting one with metal slats built in but I’m not sure… My mattress is very thick and a great one too, so I think it would absorb a lot of the weight and put less strain on the slats… Plus there seems to be lots of slats that would also distribute the weight more…. but idk.. in my experience wooden slats suck!

Any thoughts about the slats? Thanks. And next time get a Tuft and Needle mattress (they aren’t cheap though).

JohnnyOnTheSpot says:

Tell me the truth… is that your bowling ball?

Real Life Trader says:

Liked and subscribed.

Terrace Balloon Man says:

Got your IAMACREATOR playlist running.

christopher wolf says:

Just bought this mattress the other day and will be here Tomorrow (27 March). Will be letting it air out for 24 hours and then hit this bad boy up. I have been sleeping between a futon and a air mattress when not at my girls house. Will come back and post my impressions on this mattress after a couple of weeks. Dugroz Subscribed, and appreciate your video review. Thanks!

Kris White says:

Would you be able suggest a mattress my wife and I combined are around 600 lbs

The Fishing Hobby says:

Here to support! I’ve seen these mattresses and wondered how they were…Meh is the word LOL
Maybe good for a guest room or an RV for the price though!

gg taruc says:

I’m just wondering what your basis or benchmark is for your rating. Like when you say you rate it 2 – as compared to what? If thats on a scale of 1-10, what would be more like 10 to you? I haven’t seen all your videos so I don’t know if you have other ratings out there. If you do, it might be good to mention that in this video…. that you rate this as 2 compared to XYZ mattress that you rated as 8 and explain why.

Borderline Wild Camping says:

Came from professional student and supporting :))

Alex Joseph Vlogs says:

Just ordered this bad boy last week I can’t wait, I’m a server and I’ve been sleeping on a futon for the better part of 2 years so I really hope this will help with my back problems.

LexHeda says:

Finally someone who actually reviews the mattresses comfort.

MopTop88 says:

Really good review, thanks for your insights

Amanda Thompson says:

This mattress is horrible not comfortable in my opinion my back pain is worse than before

Danny's Fish says:

The mesh material underneath first cover is most likely fiberglass. Look at the tags and take a flashlight to it, look close and you will see the fiber strands you are breathing.

Kate K says:

Thank you for your honest review.

Reviewing Playing & More RPM says:

Here to support you on your quest to 1k, nice review. Liked, full watched and I hit that big red button. Please check out my channel as well and consider supporting me if you like what you see. Thanks…

Zee B says:

Im always skeptical about what other ppls reviews are on amazon but yours was informative the most of all

MTRUNK 85 says:

Just stopping in to show some more support. That is cheap.

Rodrigo Rodriguez says:

Because your fat

Danny Rodriguez says:

im sleeping on a cheap ikea mattress the last couple years and my back is finally feeling it. will this be miles better or just slightly?

Dr Dank says:

Have you considered getting a decent camera for these reviews since it seems like you are wanting to do a lot of them?

Walkir108 says:

Please don’t buy it!
This is garbage, Zinus support doesn’t exist. I send them e-mail more than a month ago and still don’t have any answer!
Fortunately Amazon is taking care about its customers. I got first mattress and it was left for one week untouched to be on the end expanded only 10″ in the highest point, so I made reclamation first by Zinus (no answer) then by Amazon. Quickly I got a new one, but with new one is the same problem. Please look at the photos. Both mattresses have the same issues! I even tried to use it, but it is the worst mattress ever! The cheapest spring bed will be better than this one. I got neck pain, my arms get numb, and even after one month my whole apartment stinks with foam.
DHL driver who came to pick it up said that he gets a lot of returns of those mattresses.

kpesq1 says:

Informative review. Great job

Doing Stuff With Dave says:

Great channel, i will be checking in with you when we get our new mattress.
I’m here to support you with a subscription and a big like.
I am a small creator and i need your help. I was hoping you could support me back.
Thank you so much.

strong island says:

How could someone buy a mattress without laying on it first?

carol matthews says:


carol matthews says:

I purchase a Zinus 12 inch cloud like Mattress. Smell, Smell, and more Smells. IT cannot be aired out.Just Awful.

dugroz says:

YOU CAN HELP ME OUT! YouTube recently changed the way they allow creators like me to participate in their Partner Program. My channel now needs 1,000 subscribers, and until I get there, I am ineligible for this program. This makes it much harder for videos like this one to “catch on.” It would be awesome if you could show your support by subscribing to my channel (if you haven’t already done so). Monetizing my videos allows me to invest back into the channel with new equipment and products to try, so a small gesture from you goes a huge way for me. Many thanks for your support!

EthicalCoder says:

so many contradictory reviews….I’ll get it any way….because of the price…
what kind of mattress cover is that? what brand?

Kratom Mel says:

I’ve been researching foam beds for weeks now and I really found your review informative. What I wanted to see was how it forms around your body when you lay down and I couldn’t fins anyone else who barely even laid on it. Still deciding but thank you!

gg taruc says:

I just happened to have bought a Zinus queen firm mattress last summer for a guest room to replace an old box spring. I actually think the Zinus is very comfortable and puts me to sleep right away. We have a newer queen box spring in our bedroom. After trying the Zinus I am now planning on replacing the queen in our bedroom.

Regardless of brand, mattresses are wear items that will eventually be replaced probably every 10 years or sooner. You can spend $500 or you can spend up to $5000 for them. So far, for the price and very similar warranty I cannot justify getting anything thats priced more than the Zinus. At least as far as I can find in the market and until someone comes up with something even better.

Steven Schnurman says:

I’ve had this for awhile and u totally agree with you. It not very pressure relieving.

Joaquin Acevedo says:

How tall are you? Because I wanna get it and omg 6’4

Twin Video Production says:

wow friend you are rocking good luck

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