Zinus Mattress Review

The Zinus mattress is an ultra budget-friendly memory foam mattress designed for those who enjoy a pronounced hug and contour.

The Zinus mattress is 12″ thick and comes in at a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, where 10 is the most firm. Being that it is a very traditional memory foam mattress it allows sleepers to sink deeply into the foams and contours to their shape.

The response time is slower. Additionally, bounce and motion transfer are also both quite low. It’s not a hot sleeping mattress, but it’s also not the most cool.

For more information read the full Zinus mattress review here – http://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/zinus-memory-foam-mattress-review/

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greasemunkeyyy says:

Hi. Side sleeper here. Wondering which mattress has the closest feel to the serta icomfort blue touch 3000 plush or the 500 plush? I don’t particularly mind if a bed is “hot” or “cold” just the firmness and comfort level

maithri swamy says:

Hi! I’m from Canada and I took a look at this mattress on Wayfair. The reviews seemed pretty good and the mattress description said “firm”. I am on the larger side (consider 180-200 pounds), have a small back problem and have been sleeping on an extra firm mattress with a 2 inch foam topper (only way I could fall asleep) for the last year. Considering my requirements, this mattress does not seem the right fit. Please help!

Matthew Winne says:

Very informative. Thanks for posting this. Can you recommend a mattress in a similar price point but firmer, say 8-9 on your firmness scale?

Hew Onte says:

Went mafiosa at 2:32

Christopher Martone says:

Hi Sleepopolis, could you elaborate on which mattress model you reviewed and if you had tried any of the other offerings on their site?

From looks, this appears to be the “12 inch pressure relief” mattress that you were testing with? https://www.zinus.com/product/memory-foam-12-inch-pressure-relief-mattress/ I’m curious because I’m wondering if their “cloud” mattress might offer similar mattress but sleep cooler than this one which is listed as “firm” on Amazon and the other is listed as “ultra plush”

J McDonald says:

Of all the mattresses you’ve reviewed, which one would you suggest for someone weighing 200 pounds? I need a queen mattress and it doesn’t matter if it’s spring or foam.

Tim 7 says:

What kind of platform bed do you have, and how high is it to the top of the platform? Thank you!

finejustgivemeaname says:

Watched 5 related videos, trying to find this! Finally an actual review. Great vid!

Fred McIntyre says:

Thanks for another great review! I’ve been curious about the mattresses from Zinus for a while. I have one of their SmartBase mattress foundations which I personally think is pretty good.

Matthew Phanphengdy says:

in your opinion, which is the firmest foam mattress you’ve tested?

Bluebonnet Jasmine says:

We got a first memory foam mattress set and when we go to turn over, it’s like trying to turn over in quicksand. It’s hard to do.

Ali Robertson says:

Any chance of a review of the zinus pocket spring mattresses?

Roberto Reyes says:

I purchased this exact mattress from the Zinus website. I have had this mattress for approximately 2-3 weeks. I slept amazing the first week. Now I feel like I am sleeping on a piece of plywood . This mattress is as hard as a rock! The price was awesome and the mattress itself looks very high quality . I would recommend this mattress for someone who likes a firm mattress . If you prefer plush or tempur pedic like mattresses , this is not the bed for you. Hope this helps .

Wait For You says:

are you going to review the Sealy Cocoon?

Tristan Chapman says:

I have been looking to buy a mattress for a while now and I was hoping you could give me some suggestions. I prefer a 5-6 on firmness and a soft feel. I sleep on my side and stomach.
Thank you if you respond and give me suggestions.

Sara J says:

@sleepopolis please can u review the zinus cloud plush mattress!? That would be awesome I purchased one and was surprised to find out the layers where not at all like the cross section photos can u please give me your feedback and review of why that may be. Thank you very much!

steven7158 says:

I’ve been eyeing this mattress but I’m more concerned with the durability, how would this hold up in the long run?

Tedd Asbille says:

Great Reviews! You are amazing. My friends and I watch and wish you would review all things. 🙂 Any thoughts on the Zinus 10 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress?

NyeemahAF says:

I am a stomach and side sleeper, would you recommend? With my mattress now when I sleep on my stomach my lower body sinks down further causing lower back pain.

carmelo vargas says:

Sorry im new to the channel…just subscribed by the way. Im thinking about getting this bed becuase of the price. I purchased a 600 queen siza bed from sealy and its sinking bad and i suffer from arthritis. So for the price range ive seen alot of talk about this bed. Im looking to keep it no more then 500$ in my budget any recommendations? Im a stomach sleeper and back sleeper and im 6″3 265 if that helps any…….any feed back will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advanced im glad i found your channel its so sxary to purchase a good mattress lol

Simon Li says:

Hi, I was wondering if you can recommend a mattress that is best price for its value. I would like a queen size bed, I am around 130 pounds, prefer memory foam. I am a light sleeper, and I usually sleep on my side, and sometimes on my stomach. I am probably going to not have a frame to it, and will be having the mattress on the floor. I am considering $1,500 or lower for this budget. Any suggestions? Thank you!

gg taruc says:

I have been trying to contact Zinus with no response. I want to know what is their “coolest” foam mattress. Also, I read on review in their website of the 14″ that it was starting to collapse after 3.5 years. Some concerns there. And if I am not getting any response from them now while making initial inquiries whats going to happen when I really need customer support later?

VapeKing says:

whats the weight limit on this bed? Im a big boy!

Nicholas Yamamoto says:

I really hope you see this! I am stuck between this mattress and the eLuxurySupply gel foam mattress you reviewed as well. How do they compare personally? I prefer a firm bed and I’m mostly a back sleeper and occasionally a stomach sleeper and I’m wondering if the eLuxurySupply mattress is worth the extra $200 compared to this one.

Thanks again in advance!

Korey Gunter says:

Big fan of your content. I’m mainly a side sleeper. What would you recommend between this and the Arctic Dreams?

Eric Glass says:

Is this a good mattress for a big and tall person 6’4″ over350 lbs

Myra Chrizel Saephan says:

Whats the difference between the pressure relief mattress and the green tea mattress? Which one is firmer? I am a side sleeper and looking to purchase a mattress that is under 900.

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