Zinus Memory Foam Mattress Cool Gel Infused Review : 1 Year Later Still Best Mattress Ever?!

Zinus Memory Foam Mattress: http://amzn.to/2q7Lefj

This is not a paid sponsored video however Zinus did send out the mattress for review. Comments and Thoughts regarding the mattress are our own.

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Aron Gatt says:

Amen to the mattres

Rebecca Pechon says:

“You woke me up is what I think” XD so cute!

intercooler2 says:

But have you compared it to Purple, Snuggle-Pedic, Saatva, etc…?

Zefty™ says:

Just out of curiosity but would you prefer this gel infused matress over your memory foam I’m looking to buy one and cant decide between the two.

Dany G. says:

Im not hating, but you could of advertised something that is at least on point with the content yoh make, not a freakin mattress product placement….

Clint Chaney says:

Is this the 12″ model? I’m not wanting my butt to sink in too much so I’m thinking maybe the 10″ model will be good for me. I’m 6’0 and 215lbs

whitneylstarnes says:

I can honestly say I love my mattress from them. I can not sleep good on other mattresses anymore, this one has me spoiled.

I Muggs says:

Just bought one!

Daniel Silva says:

gel doesnt do much when it comes to keeping cool. its more for support. without the gel, mem foam mattresses have that quick sand effect that people dont like. what helps keep cool is if the mem foam is considered open cell mem foam. basically more ventilation/air flow.
you also should have boxsprings with a small grid design or else it wont be properly supported.

Sanjamjeet Singh says:

matress reviews? i ll say i love ios ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Mizz Tia says:

How many inches is this?

Ryan Graney says:

great vid Shane! I’ve suffered from lower back pain for the last couple of years and I ordered the 12 inch green tea mattress and have slept on it for the last 3 nights and my back feels amazing! I feel like im 10 years younger now it is a little firm though maybe it will break in with time.. Oh and one more thing I got mine for only $150 bucks on Prime day!!

6reat6oat6od says:

Got this on prime day for $209. Insane.

Thanks, overworked chinese sweatshop workers.


going to check them out. hope they hall cal king


never heard of this brand. i got back issues too. and need a new mattress. thanks for the review

Ruckus Tran says:

Yo bro how is this mattress doin when ya stay in a spot for a while cuz ive had a straight memory foam and it got hot, let me kno thanks!

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