Zinus memory foam mattress – review unbox setup

cal king mattress – http://amzn.to/2rAW92Y

I was looking for a cheap but comfortable new bed. I think I found just what I was looking for. The video is an uboxing setup and review of my short experience with this mattress so far.

Zinus Sleep Master Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 12 Inch Mattress

info from amazon….
Conforming memory foam comfort and support for a better night’s sleep
Mattress layers include: 3 inches Memory Foam, 3 inches Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam, and 6 inches High-density Base Support Foam
Only the Highest Quality of Foam-Foam is CertiPUR – US Certified for durability, performance, and content
The latest evolution of memory foam, BioFoam, replaces some of the traditional petroleum with natural plant oil to help keep your mattress fresh
Smartly Shipped – Our patented technology allows our mattresses to be efficiently compressed, rolled and shipped in a box conveniently to your door

Chris Zabriskie – http://chriszabriskie.com/
Ryan little –


Jarred says:

how has the mattress held up

WillowTree Gaming says:

What a great review. Thank you. Im sold!

private information says:

I’m curious as to why your yard has no grass?

Astronomy Domine says:

I have a full size Zinus on the way, I’ve been sleeping on a terrible matters for over a year. I’m looking forward to waking up without pain.
I could never, ever sleep in front of a window like you have your mattress.
I live next to a cemetery so it’s a little creepy at night.
I have a hard time just sleeping with a window open.

Adam Burchett says:

I’d say Tape3 Studios is a shady Porn Company!!!!

vmystikilv says:

thanks for the review, it made me go ahead and buy one.

kev0M6 says:

Would love to know if you bought the frame or did you make it ?

M DL says:

I was super relaxed just watching this. Love how your window takes the place of a headboard. BIG THUMBS UP!

leroyj333 says:

mybe i should get one

georgeyhehe says:

This video is so damn good. You are going to get 100x more subs one day

Superfly Ky says:

Great review, thumbs up from me

Syd Reece says:

Okie I want it

Raymond Zayas says:

Great video!

Nick Jones says:

Really awesome review


Please respond.
Will it be okay to leave the mattress in box till i move on 8/31/17?

dugroz says:

You said that it unzips if “years from now you want to replace the foam … not a problem” — ummm…. that would be a problem, because you would have to cut open the fire sock to replace the foam, and it can’t be put back together. Highly not recommended!!!

Antonia Mullins says:

Just curious…how is this mattress holding up?

who knows says:

nice video..can you provide a short update of how the bed held up?

ddxb0704 says:

I love how every review video the mattress decompresses quickly without any problem, but when a non review person purchases the mattress, after 24 hours the “12 inch” mattress purchased is not even at 8 inches in majority of spots and no other areas are at 12 inches like purchased.

Corey Thomas says:

Good for the price!

Lee Sybrant says:

Does average sheet go on easy?. Or r they tight?. Thanks

trueshadow64 says:

Im getting one of these today. Is this the zinus ultima? How’s it holding up today? Are you still happy with it? How would you rate the softness?

nyla veganlife says:

Best video on the mattress i am planning to buy it and wanted info thanks

Eric Horwood says:

I don’t typically bother commenting on random review I watch when looking for product reviews but I have to give you credit, this video was well done. Good flow, interesting shots ( especially considering its topic was a mattress) and clean audio. Just thought I’d through some respect out where it was deserved. Kudos man.

Erik Haluzak says:

I want to donate to your channel! You might be the best YouTube content provider I’ve seen… How is it you don’t have a million subscribers?

Ceci Whatshername says:

Great Review!

SY says:

Great work man

Syd Reece says:

You got a bed!! Wooo

Shanell Wright says:

Where did you get your platfrom under the mattress from ?

Tre Mesa says:

i watch for your videos for cool reviews and even cooler editing

Matheu Palmer says:

Does the bed keep you cool during the night or does it become to hot?


This is the 10th review I watched on the Zinus mattress, and you by far gave the best insight on the shit people really need to know. You gave your size, which helps put things into perspective as I am 5’9″ 180. You came across as genuine, honest and straight up. Your choice of how to tell the story resonated with me, and just in case Zinus or anyone else considering using you to review its producst is watching, I am going to purchase this mattress based SOLELY on your video. Fantastic job.

lolomgdude says:

What kind of platform bed frame is that? Nevermind. Just found a reply to a similar question. How is the mattress holding up after 1 year?

Woofalot says:

nice review =)

Arianna571 says:

I saw this bed on Amazon today and am thinking about buying one..I have a few questions I am a bigger person not telling you the lbs but my biggest concern is am I going to sink in this bed and not be able to move or is it firm enough to give you support? also ive heard memory foam is hot to sleep on?

Danny's Fish says:

That mesh material underneath is most likely fiberglass. Look at the tags and take a flashlight to it, look close and you will see the fiber strands you are breathing.

Chairman Lmao says:

Wow I’m impressed with the production quality. Great review

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