2 Month Friheten Review

Took me a while, but here’s a small review of the Friheten!
Watch me put the Friheten together here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dlyxs8hqHGA
Link to the Friheten:

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Cassandra Peters says:

im glad you mentioned that you like a firm bed…. I don’t like soft beds either … I’m nervous because I’m moving so my bed will neeed to be my couch, so after a long happy relationship with a nice firm serta mattress… I’m so nervous, but this seems like my best option

Eddie Anderson says:

she’s pretty cute…. many possibilities to put her hair in different styles looking even sexier

ben whittenbury says:

hey, do you sleep on this bed everyday? if so how Is it holding up, would you recommend it, or just to stick with a normal bed?

JWvdMijde says:

Great video, also the assembly one 😀 How has it hold up after more months? Seriously considering buying it (sorry, Tyler Durden) but little worried about the long term quality/durability.

Aubriella T says:

How has this held up? I’m looking into this bed for daily use for my couch/bed in a studio. Thank you!

Sanket Wagh says:

What are the dimensions?

Double D says:

I heard you mention that you would have rather had the chase part by the wall… I was told by another person who owns this same sofa and they said you can install it on either side that it is reversible…

ben whittenbury says:

also, are you able to put asheet on it easily

Cristian Manrique says:

great video your cute very helpful video im buying it when i move 1 more month idk if i should buy the fake leather or the one that you have ? :/

The Universal Gamer says:

You’re cute! subscribe to my other channel TheHobbieCollector

Pilar de Pool says:

Hi! Do you think this one is better than the Hemnes daybed for a guestroom?

Luminous says:

nice review, I’m gonna buy this as well!
you’re also really cute btw 🙂

Lo1jke says:

Наркоманка ебаная

Channel MGP [Disney and MMD] says:

Thanks for the review 😀 Im planning to get it since Ive just ‘fallen’ in love with the design of it and Im going to get it soon to my new place. I am mainly going to use it as my sofa though, but its nice to have a sofabed when guests are coming over and such 😀 But its nice to hear other reviews of it even if it is at the end entirely up to ones experience as we like and react to different things etc 😀 But its the second video ive seen with positve reviews so I can’t wait to get it 😀

Fraug L. Coolman says:

are you still using this?? im planning on picking one up how is it now?

Sophia Maicki says:

Hi! I’m considering buying this and I’m just wondering how well you think the pop-out piece (that pulls out and makes the sofa into a bed) is? Is it really sturdy? I’ve read reviews on similar couches from other companies & they said that that part broke right away, but I haven’t heard anything negative about the friheten. I’m just worried about buying this and having it break… Please let me know!

ernesta ernesta says:

Both of your reviews actually does NOT SHOW how the sofa bed works…as in any other review…open and close it

Олег Наам says:

thank you. I from Russia, and in russia it cost 500$. it is so expensive to my country. how mach this in your country?

Nobody _ says:

Because he has toe nails lol. Must buy a puppy with no toe nails lol jk. Adorable ☺️

NightEye says:

Get the Pedi Paws tool to trim down your pet’s nails.

ruben paulino says:

thank you very much for your review, you helped me a lot, I was’tsure about the sofa, and to be honest I’m not sure yet hahaha, maybe i will bay it

Ahapieuw says:

Thanks for both video’s you made on the friheten, convinced me to get one aswell!!

Piotr Skorek says:

Super cool video 🙂 Thanks for the review. I’m thinking about buying that couch too 🙂 Greetings from europe 🙂

kaatable says:

Which (type of) car did you use to transport it from IKEA to your home? In your first video you mentioned the measurements, but I’m still really anxious about it possibly not fitting in my car :’)

iVenge says:

thank you for your videos… they were very helpful. also like your dog 🙂

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