2 Year Futon Review & Husband’s Experience Sleeping On the Floor

When I first heard about authentic Japanese Futons, I was very interested. They were supposed to be better for your back and sleep patterns. I’ve now slept a on a Japanese futon for exactly 2 years. I love how comfortable they are and that they are more sustainable than a regular box spring mattress. If you want to learn more about the size or see my previous futon reviews, there are two videos listed below.

Where I got my futon: https://bit.ly/2j7LW4X
Plain Taupe
Queen Size

Futon unboxing video: https://youtu.be/3Cx-y7mZo3E
6 month review: https://bit.ly/2AzCyTY

Some places that discuss sleeping on the floor:


Wedding blog: jessicaebennett.com

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I dont knwo what th big deal with futons is. Whenever i go to japan i have tto sleep on one. Never had a problem! NEVER! And i have used some really worn 10+ years futons. The only difference would be maybe the floor, as half the time is tatami but wood is also ok. I got tired of seeing my bed here taking up a big chunk of space and decided to buy a futon here in america. Prices are ridiculous! While you can get a good futon from nittori for $100 here they are $200 +, i wont even mention the ones in your link which i think are unnecessarily expensive.

dharmapunk777 says:

Been thinking about this for a while now and can’t seem to bring myself to take the leap. One thing I have noticed though is a lot of people who have made videos are putting the futon directly on the floor. On carpet, this might be ok. But the shikibuton went on a tatami floor which is a couple inches thick and definitely adds cushioning. Maybe consider putting something under it. An idea that I had as a less expensive alternative to tatami since I have hardwood floors is the piece-together work-out mats you can get at some retailers.

Wow MyDude says:

What is sex like on a futon? Asking for a friend

Jessica E Bennett says:

Do you sleep on a futon? What do you like and dislike about it?

Murphy M says:

man, I just spend 600€ on a new bed …

saarana says:

remember that futon is to meant to change every two or three years!!

Crunch Buttsteak says:

Is it durable enough for relations of copulation?

butcherthesebodies says:

Do you use a tatami mat? Curious how vital it is to pair it with one

RedR0man says:

Such a cool update, thanks for the video, I just found this because of the other 6 month update video, congratulations for the marriage btw 🙂 futons gets people married, I’ll give this a go!

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