DHP Emily Futon & Lounger Unboxing/Overview

Update Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh9YSXwisxQ


Anne Zeng says:

Any update as to wear and tear or damage?

rbkluv29 says:

you sir, have earned a subscription

C Allan says:

Nice review Bro. I luv the mini me version of you superimposed on the video.

Blackshirt- D says:

u didnt giv any up close n personal feels or close up shots of the material or live opinion.

mwm5942 says:

Nice review. you have a lot of potential to be a big youtuber keep it up.

World News says:

how much weight can it take?

Viego Alvarez says:

Damn. I just bought the cheap basic futon. After this review I would have bought what you got.

video4click says:

Excellent review

OOK says:

This review was so amazing & detailed that I had to subscribe. Great vid bro

Shawn k says:

awesome job on the video

psycold says:

Thanks for this man, I wanted to see what I was getting with this futon and this helped a lot.

Kerbie Campbell says:

Thank you so much for this video. It was helpful in making my decision.

Liz Dust says:

Great review!. I’ve been looking at an affordable sectional. It was very helpful having a review in video form.

Xanz says:

I’m 6″2 and 320lbs could I sleep on this

Arion Jones says:

Nice review. I’m planning on replacing my couches in my gameroom with this. By the way, good on you for repping the classics, with the Super Nintendo and Super Mario World.

Ransom Ron says:

Great review. You saved me a lot of time. Thanks!

I don’t think I will be getting this futon though. Have kids around here who like to play around on the furniture. Had a sofa made with similar material and they were rough with it. After long use, the “leather” starts to wrinkle up and chips off. My last chair got real bad with pieces of it littering the floor. Not only the kids do damage but sometimes if you are wearing jeans with the metal buttons on the pockets, they often scrap the material and that can ruin it too. However, I guess if you are good at taking care of the furniture then wouldn’t be an issue.

ironsights 702 says:

how are those slanted front legs holding up

Mady Son says:

I was wondering if it’s long and big enough for someone to sleep on it?

Jose Lima says:

Damn yo knees ashy!!! With that said, excellent review. This video was by far the best review I have read/seen about this couch. Definitely going to make the purchase now. Thanks!

Drew Peterson says:

You have a super nintendo.

You’re officially awesome.

007 007 says:

Good presentation and review.

John says:

Great video! I’m glad that you mentioned the back because I wanted to place two of these in the middle of my living room, exposing the rears to view. Do you think that the cover will hold up over time? I read that it’s thin. Cheers.

Max J says:

Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis , when I was dead broke yo , I couldn’t picture this!

dewan718 says:

Thank you for making this video bro!!

Glock1130 says:

Is this similar to the Walmart version, the futon only?

volkrt says:

A+…one of the best futon reviews on youtube…great job

badnews12431 says:

great review!

Lupus _ says:

I’m a simple man, I see a good video presentation, I see effort, time and work, I leave a like.
Keep up the good work.

Andrés Patiño says:

I love my couch, I did an unboxing video too, yours way more professional though, mine is… different!

Martin Galvan says:

Exactly the type of video review i was looking for. Great job!

Graesen T says:

very helpful thank you

Vegeta Barrett says:


jamir gordon says:

lol my auntie has the exact same futon couch.

Siddharth Sinha says:

Hey Dude, you should get into pro-reviews. The video review is unique with 2 videos of narration & story. Where is your next 6 months video ? I am planning to buy this one. Again you rocked the video. Super Job !

Theresa Nichols says:

Thank you for this video. I think I will purchase this unit for my bedroom.

Mark Padilla says:

You should do some reading like audiobook type of stuff. Your voice is great for that. You got that soul in you bro. Think you will do well doing that

dsouzand says:

hows does it feel after a couple of months of use? still comfy to sit on?

Kimono Online Class says:

Thank you so much for the video. So helpful to make a decision. Did you sleep on the futon? How was it?

Jacob Martin says:


DarmaHelloB8 says:

Hey Homeboy Im a huge dude 6’4 280lbs you think this is solid enough to hold me up?

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