Futon Beds | Zero to Futon in 173 Seconds


Watch our updated version of our video here: https://youtu.be/MhtHHTi4jI0

In this video watch a futon being assembled before your very eyes. Here you will see why authentic, Japanese futon are superior to anything on the market. (Hint: One advantage is–unlike virtually all others–traditional Japanese futon master-craftsmen don’t use polyurethane foam pads. Polyurethane quickly loses “memory” and go flat and lumpy.)

Futon Beds from Japan sells premium hand-crafted futons made by a true futon master in his small, family-fun business in Kochi, Japan.

– Top Quality Available: Our master-crafted 100% authentic Japanese futons are hand-made by a small family-owned business in Kochi, Japan.

– Lightweight, Compact and Easy to Store: Our traditional Japanese futons contain natural cotton filling and no heavy, bulky polyurethane foam pads.

– Easy Care & Easy Clean: Our futons can be hand-washed & hung out to dry or taken to a dry cleaner that has an industrial sized washer/dryer.

– A Much Healthier Choice: Our futons contain no synthetic foams/polyesters which quickly compress & get uncomfortable while also trapping moisture which becomes an incubator for mold/mildew.

– 5 to 7 Years of Total Comfort! Futons provide amazing comfort while supporting your back. Our futons have NO polyurethane foam pads which quickly compress and get lumpy & uncomfortable

If you’re interested in getting a futon, discover why there really is nothing better on the market than an authentic Japanese made futon–the real thing!

Also, watch our video showing what exactly what you will get when you buy a futon from us: http://youtu.be/wJXMVy0wO9c

Get the best value for your investment. Buy a futon from

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Ruthebba Reumaux says:

<3!!!!!!! <3!!!!!!

Justin VanLoon says:

Hi Dean, I want to buy a tatami mat to go along with the futon and I found a website called chopa.com. They have been around since 1994 and all the reviews I read are good. They say that their tatami mat is eco friendly and healthy. I was wondering if this would be a good website to buy a tatami mat from or if there is a better website to go to. Thank you.

Brian Vázquez says:

I want one

Ana Munitić says:

I have no idea how did that guy flip all of that cotton inside the cover so neatly!
Would love to have this instead of our bed!!!

Kylan G says:

Do do you sleep on a shikifuton or under it? And what about the kakebuton? Plz help really interested in getting one

Audrey Bailie says:

I’m thinking of replacing my beds with futons. unfortunately I’m unsure if bedbugs will be easily washed off. my state is getting bedbugs pretty bad, and I want a future plan. will futons be easily washed when bedbugs do arrive at your place?

Pam says:

What is the reason for putting those quilting buttons on – it makes it uneven and lumpy, why can’t you just leave it smooth?

TheTokyoFangirl says:

is the bed in this video a double??

lirazell says:

… and how to clean/wash?

Aron Lacramioara says:

I am in London. Do you ship here ?
How much does it costs ?

Jax Nean says:

Because Japan

Zara Murray says:

Does anyone know where I can buy this, or a style like this in the uk?

MxFANTAZY00 says:

why shouldn’t we try this at hope?
and also nice j’s 😉

sdmblack1 says:


Pickle Berry says:

omg they look sooooo comfortable!

ShadowsandCityLights says:

Looks like I’m saving my money for a futon!

Galileo Calen says:

So fluffy, like sleeping between two layers of a cloud.. =D

Mr.Moose says:

I’m 13 and I would want to have a futon, sadly I don’t have enough money 🙁

Ally Bunz says:

How do I order? Can I order just the mattress?

Adrian Sky says:

amazing quality and work

Justin VanLoon says:

Hello, I am hoping to buy a futon in a few months once I’ve saved up enough money. I like the designs that I saw on the website, but will you get new designs in a few months? Not a major issue, but I was just curious.

Ericules555 says:

not sure if I’ve posted already, but soo soft, is there a way to add 20+ layers of cotton to the mattress for extra cushion comfort? Interesting to see how their made, if I had the equipment I’d make my own and super thick, but it’d be difficult to air dry with size and weight.

Also is there a way to get a cloth cover for the mattress and topper material that helps repel dust mites etc.. where I’m at they’re everywhere and in huge amounts and I’m allergic to them.

anime Secretlover says:

I need that! Do you ship to Thailand?

Karisma7788 says:

I just ordered a mattress and a cover for my two year old son. I already own a tatami. Im so excited to receive it!! Please hurry 🙂

Prakriti Chitrakar says:

I know theses are great on the floor, but does any one have recommendations for bed frames so i can get them off the floor? I’m afraid the futon would sink in to a lot of the regular bed frames.

Alissa Hollar says:

So Expensive though 🙁

Megpoid Gumi says:

So soft

smokedogz5 says:

I’ve always wanted one, I’m definitely going to purchase a Queen futon I wanted to get the matching comforter but would come out to $1009, not complaining.. This is Quality

Grace Homan says:

Looks great! thanks for the vid 🙂

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