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Check out the 3 MONTH UPDATE VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/v9RlfwidmfU

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This is my review of the single size futon (also called a Shikibuton) from FutonBedsFromJapan.com. If you would like to see a follow up video in 6 months – 1 year, please tell me in the comments below!

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Maranda Cross says:

I’m using a firm mattress but to me it’s not firm enough and i want to sleep on a firmer surface, but floor sleeping hurts. this looks pretty soft, like my back will sink in a bit. How firm is it?

Allison Pharr says:

Thanks for the video! Super helpful! Question.. I’m curious, if Isaiah wants one would you get a queen or another single? I’m asking because planning to get a two person futon for me and my partner, but I’m not sure if it’s best to get a queen or two singles. Thoughts?

Luther Cale says:

Hey thanks so much for the detailed information. I liked all the info that they shared on their site, but it’s even better to hear from someone that purchased it and has used it themselves. I am strongly considering buying one of these and I believe your review may have tipped me over the edge.

I would love seeing a short follow-up video that gives your experience after having used it for a little while and also (selfishly), I would love to see you folding the futon into thirds and maybe either carrying it around or how you transport it or where you store it. I have seen shots of it folded and stored in a closet but I don’t think I’ve seen the actual folding action itself, which I was hoping to see at some point to get a sense of it.

Anyway, thanks again for sharing this with us.

Jacky Tsoi says:

At 2:35 you mentioned most other sites does not meet the standard of authentic futon, is it possible if you can tell me if this website (https://futontokyo.com/product/indian-cotton-futon-mattress-broad/ ) is selling an authentic one? Thanks.

Meaghan Rea says:

I’m in the same position you were in! I just moved and got rid of my old bed with plans on purchasing a new western-style mattress, but after doing extensive research I’m horrified by all the chemicals in them, which led me to research futons. One of the first sites I stumbled upon was futonbedsfromjapan.com, which led me to your video. Thank you so much for this review! I can’t wait to watch the follow up and see what your thoughts are after sleeping on it for a few months 🙂

cherrymartini says:

Hi, thanks for sharing your experience! I am looking at buying a Japanese futon myself, I am just curious as to your height, since you mentioned you were happy with the single size. Or can you tell me how long it is? Thank you!

hayds says:

great vid, thanks for sharing!

stinkfacecheesemonke says:

Hi Desire K — do you use tatami mats or any other form of padding underneath the futon itself? Or just the mattress straight onto the carpet?

hyacinthdibley2 says:

Great review. This is says on their website: *Currently Orders are Shipping 4-6 Work-Days After Being Placed and Usually Take 7-9 Days to Arrive at Your Door After Ship Date. (All Shipments are Freight Free!)* .
I think that’s great. I’ll be ordering one. 🙂

DDThrive11 says:

Hi! Thank you for your videos on this futon. 🙂 I was actually in the process of ordering one of these futons when I noticed they don’t ship to the US. Thus my question is, how did you go about getting yours? Thank you!

Kevin says:

Do you side sleep or back sleep? Your thoughts on how it feels on the futon?

Shampoo says:

So alot of people have reccomened this but the futons are so expensive, I just want the blanket it looks so warm.

Pike Fisherman says:

How is it for side sleeping?

Jasmine V says:

I oredered myself a queen size. I found the FB page for the site and asked for a coupon. They gave me 6% off, saved about $40. I am hoping the queen size is good for 2 people.

Gordon Langley says:

Thanks – for all the detail – really helpful!

Paula Macedo says:

I have bad experience in ordering overseas by the internet, it happened to never get to me and I couldn’t have my money back properly (just paypal credit). I’m based in Latin America, is it safe for me to buy from futonbedsfromjapan.com?

Desire K says:

I have posted a 3 MONTH UPDATE video!! https://youtu.be/v9RlfwidmfU

NextWorldAdventures says:

Pro tip – if you go out of your way to get a “chemical free bed” make sure you live in a space with hardwood floors – that carpet behind you is 10x worse for you than any mattress. Mattresses have some level or regulation for materials and of gassing – carpeting and wall to wall adhesive does not.

Beth 000 says:

Thankyou so much for this review you explained it very well 🙂 i’m definitely gonna consider buying one now haha, i bet it’s so comfy!

Btw do you know the specific measurements of it? 🙂

Brute Waltz says:

What was the smell that it initially had? Thinking about getting one but really sensitive to smells so needing to investigate!

FutonBedsFromJapan.com says:

Hello Desire, Just seeing this video now. (Not sure how we missed it!) Thank you for sharing your experience shopping with us with the world. Customer service is very important to us as we feel it needs to match our amazing futon. We’re very happy to see you’re loving your futon and please let us know when you’re ready to order another for your partner.
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Arigatou Gozaimashita!

timhardaway12 says:

Are they the exact same company as http://www.futonsjapan.com? Since the company info you mentioned seems exactly the same.

Martin Sanders says:

My futon arrived this week. I can’t believe the difference. It looked uncomfortable but wow, best sleep I’ve had for years. Never going back to a regular bed.

Sean Dexter says:

Hmm their website now says they are not shipping to the US. Is this a new development? Would be just my luck

Knight Rider says:

What are the dimensions of your single? I want a futon so bad, lol!

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