Japanese Futons: Making your bed in Japan

Japanese Futons: Making your bed in Japan
Futons are now becoming very popular around the world but what is it like to put together some futons here in Japan. Here we look at the winter set up since it is winter now.

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N3XORY965 says:

Does it not ache in your back when you lie on the floor like this?

Prairielander says:

I shower in the morning and in the evening. But I live in Canada so I’m probably spoiled we have lots of water.

Kay Grim says:

That looks sooooo comfy!!!

AwesomeSpider4 says:

I’m a corn-fed, red-blooded American, and showering at night is the ONLY way to shower. Anyone who says otherwise is a communist.

Christina M says:

As a Brit I tend to have a bath in the evening before bed to wash and to relax for sleep and in the summer I’ll shower in the morning too if it’s been a hot night. I think the culture generally is evening bathing as a must, as you get dirty in the day and not so much at night.

Tiffany Leigh says:

hey there i am curious as to where you can get those thick blankets from

CriticalCubing says:

How much does Futon cost?

Karisma7788 says:

That bed looks so comfortable

Alice Wilde says:

so just a pile of soft stuff then

Patton The Intel Gamer says:

can I buy one in the UK ?? double

M. A. Packer says:

I’m a dumb yank, but I always shower before bed. The thought of climbing into bed all nasty and filthy from working all day, soaking your body and head grease into the sheets and pillows is just sickening. And I’ll bet sleeping on the floor like this would do wonders for my back.

Ana Munitić says:

I slept on two duvets on top of each other on the floor and it was more comfortable than any bed I tried so far. I had no idea Japanese put so many layers; I thought it was just futon and a blanket+pillow(maybe covers too).

AnimeFanDeluxe says:

oh god tatami… pretty yes practical in day to day HELL NO! drop some liquid… that stains or shit trow the whole mat away cuz missus doesnt like stains… also when you move stuff around like heavy cabinets you better lift and not drag accidently

meg says:

Wow, the shower time is very interesting.

Ultra Instinct Goku says:

where can I get all of those things

exsxpx1 says:

I’ve been sleeping like this for 8 years now.

rihanna c says:

I want one!

Beth 000 says:

Wish i had a nice cosy futon/bed like that to sleep on haha

EthnicEve says:

Kia ora

Erin Lindell says:

Wow, I didn’t realise there were so many layers to a futon, even in the winter!

kawaii chibichan says:

I want to sleep in one of those it’s better than my bed

LeLe Jujube says:

When I was in college my family was horrified and concerned when they found out that I slept on a mattress — no bed, just a mattress. I didn’t see anything wrong with it, it was pretty much a futon. No moving a giant bed frame around with me when I moved. 😉

Kenith McIntosh says:

That tri-fold is sooo Japanese, oh wait…

Justin Harper says:

That setup looks quite warm though.

onskalb says:

I am a tea sucking brit, but I have a sweet spot for Japan.

Galliano Marr says:

Are there sheets for futons for persons who are allergic to bugs and dust?

J. Garvin says:

Where do you store all that bedding?

My Channel says:

Can i come over ? 🙂

life and death says:

you really bash on futons in this video for some odd reason. I sleep on a Japanese futon every nice as my bed. I find it more comfortable than a mattress. though mine is 4 inches thick of machined cotton.

meg says:

What part of Japan are you in?

Sam Salous says:

Dang the amount of germs in the pillow is countless i can tell!!!

Rob Stewart says:

Lol who u tryna fool, that’s not ur waifu

rab woody says:

Didn’t expect the Comment about the pillow!! anyone else think YUK!!

johanne poirier says:

Enjoyed it. Love japan.

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