Minimalism: Japanese Futon Benefits| No Bed, I Sleep On The Floor

In this video I share why I recently got rid of my bed in order to get a Japanese futon and sleep on the floor. I share how this has created more space, freedom, and joy in my life and living situation. Inspired by Fumio Sasaki. Enjoy!

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Clarke says:

most of us plan on sleeping with other people loll

L S says:

I want this so bad. I have to get my husband on board. He usually comes around so I’m just waiting. Our daughter had a floor bed and she loved it. We want to give her the floor back but have to sell the giant wood frame yet. Floor beds are more comfy.

Raw LawGirl says:

I have been sleeping mostly on the floor for 30+ years. I have nearly perfect posture and no aches and pains from bodily misalignment that soft cushy beds create. I used to have that SAME futon you have and on the floor. However, I graduated from that because I did not like the big bulky aspect and that I ciukd not wash it, or the fact that this particular futon contained synthetics and the cover is not removable. I now use several cotton quilts that I double fold and lay on top of each other. I put a flannel flat sheet on top. This makes all my bedding 100% cotton, breathable, AND it can ALL be washed and sundried or machine dried. It is also more firm than a futon thereby allowing my body to stay aligned. With that said, I appreciate this video. Thank you.

Kaitlyn Rodgers says:

Glad this showed up in my suggestions! My tiny home is only about 300 sq ft…used to be an old garage that was renovated! Might have to check this out because my bed takes up my whole room as well! Haha ❤️

Josh S5 says:

Why? Bed is good

carolineleiden says:

Works fine until you hit forty. That is when your back starts go protest and wants a huge big high box spring.

Christopher Merritt says:

My air mattress was recently punctured so I’ve been sleeping on several layers of blankets. I was looking into buying a bed but they’re so expensive. I’m going to check this out. Thanks for the video.

Free Up says:

I must say that your video here inspired me to start moving forward with clearing out. Thanks!

stevesgonecrazy Gaming says:

Tried to do this for about a month. Got rid of a queen sized bed for a twin sized futon. That was until summer hit and a spider crawled right past my face across my pillow. I bought a cot and threw the futon on top of it. It’s been amazing to be able to just pack up my bed and have the whole room for whatever. 😀 Awesome video!

Ma Jolie says:

Totally Kyle vibes

Call Me Swivel Hips says:

That accent on the word, “so”…where does it come from?

Louis Bastow says:

FYI at 0.15 sec “in replace of it” isn’t correct. Should be “I replaced it with…”

Bandicoot says:

When you come home to clutter, your feel cluttered.

JuliCarryon says:

No. This is extreme

Disregard everything I say Please says:

My bf and i sleep on a few blankets on the floor now. Very comfortable, though it took a couple weeks to get used to. Our bed took up a whole room, so it was literally the BEDroom. My bf had a room for his computers and games, but i really had no real space of my own besides the living room. Now our bedroom can be my own office and craft area! Our bed just gets stuffed in the closet and the room is open!
So awesome!
And sleeping on the floor is helping us sleep better and wake up easier. Plus, the reason we threw away our mattress was because of bedbugs. You can just wash and nuke dry blankets to end an infestation, cant wash a mattress though! We got infested (luckily we caught it after only seeing like five PHEW) and threw that thing out. We was weary of sleeping on the floor, but when we did we didnt ever want a standard bed again.
So happy those little gross bugs came around, because we may never have tried this otherwise!
Looking forward to decorating my new office next month 😀

Joey's Chin Licker says:

You waste your time rolling it up and unrolling it. If it takes 2 minutes every night that’s like 800 minutes

XxevilgoatxX says:

But the thing is, what if you have a girl over? Tryna get some poon with a twin sized mat on the floor?

Lee Victoria says:

Spoke about getting a Japanese futon today… just don’t know how I will go, as I’ve got a bad back!

Penni Williams -Elliott says:


Anneli Elisabet says:

Those of you who already use a futon – do you sleep on your back, stomach or side? I sleep on my side and worry that a futon would leave me crooked and aching in the mornings.

Stona Raptor says:

i have long hair aswell, but bro what is that? Did you just jump out of bed before shooting the video?

Chris P. says:

I haven’t had a bed in years, and never even realized it.


dude I got rid of all my money!

Os O says:

This video could have been less than a minute

LAHegarty says:

Isn’t sleeping the point of a bedroom.

Iam Alpha says:

Live life the beautiful way

HippyHoneyBees says:

I’ve always wanted to try getting my yoga mat and some fluffy comforters and sleeping on the ground to see what its like

Jake Thompson says:

Will take this guy seriously when he fixes his hair.

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