Minimalism: Japanese Futon Freedom: 4.5 Month Recap!

Four and a half months ago I got rid of my bed and I have not looked back. I now sleep on a Japanese Futon on the floor and it has freed up my room, my finances, and my life. In this video I do a 4.5 month recap video and I share what it has been like owning the futon for this long. I honestly do not ever anticipate sleeping on a normal bed again. Inspired by Fumio Sasaki. Enjoy!

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Rikoeip says:

I really want a futon cause you can move it around easily and fold it up when you dont use it but….i have heard it is uncomfortable…
I also have a small room that is why i want one(same size actually)

Joseph Dorian says:

>Bitches about having space, buy a bigger house

Paul Barnett says:

Is there a build up of moisture because you don’t have a base?

Leah Duq says:

I bought mine from your first video. Ive loved itt

light ride says:

Can you do a review of the futon itself. I’ve bought a futon in North America before and it was super hard. Wondering what level of firmness the one you have is?

Nancy Nurse says:

Started floor sleeping on a Japanese futon 4 months ago. My husband’s back pain has dramatically decreased to the point we are able to take long walks now instead of avoiding walking. For that reason alone, I have no desire to buy a regular mattress again.

Devan Nguyen says:

I can’t get one, they all sold out for the twin size D:

Queen RA TV says:

I just moved into an SRo this is perfect

Isidrude Leblanc says:

Hello. Isn’ it too difficult to get out of your bed in the morning? Compared to normal bed which are much higher.? Thanks. What brand would you recommend?

Knit'n Kitten Fiber Arts says:

I’m considering getting a futon as a guest bed, but my guests are older and have replaced hips, knees etc. Has anyone with those issues tried a floor level futon? I can get one of the couch types, but that somewhat defeats the space-saving point.

Lovee Meh says:

Do you think Beddy’s bedding will work on futons?

Veztaro says:

Why not a hammock?

Amanda the Jedi says:

What kind of pillows did you get?

stuff says:

Where’d you get the standing table???

JeffNotes says:

I stumbled on your channel interested in some minimalist lifestyle videos, and also maybe buying a futon myself hahah! The thing that made me subscribe to you is this fascinating almost like indoor drone shots of your room, very nice! I’ll just be checking out most of your content now! Great work! =)

Light Warrior 503 MSP says:

i would like to buy one i found some on amazon but its so expensive

Clarence M says:

Mouse problem? Not good lol

Abraxis86 says:

I slept on my yoga matt for about a year, it only took me about a week to get used to it and I did not have any complications from it.
The only concern is dust, you need to keep the area nice and clean because sleeping so low to the ground you are going to be breathing in much more of it.
But I always considered that an advantage since It kept me motivated to maintain a high standard of cleanliness.

Richard Simpson says:

Nearly everything people use in the west to make life more ‘comfortable’ ends up creating discomfort and health problems down the road. This includes chairs, sofas, beds, sit-down toilets etc. In countries where they sit and sleep on the floor, the people are generally much healthier. Stay grounded people.

Anthony Nguyen says:

If your a side sleeper go look up Japanese. Futons. More expansive but worth it. Rangeing from $400 to $800.

ThaiJ727 says:

i slept on one in japan for two weeks, And i loved it.. well actually for around 2 years i just slept on the floor with only a blanket and pillow and it felt good like that too.. my only concern is if i buy a futon from amazon will it be the same quality like in japan…

elmcitydreamer says:

I’m moving across the country to California in a couple weeks, and I think I’m going to try sleeping on a Japanese futon once I get there. Do you ever have any problems with ants or spiders in your place? My only worry is that stuff might crawl on me. But then again, I’ll be on the third floor of the apartment building, so maybe it won’t be an issue.

americanhwyflower says:

Where are you buying a full size bed for 1k? I bought a queen and a twin for less than 1k, soooo….

Sid J says:

Where did you get the futon from?

Cayman D says:

We just have mattresses on the floor.. Mattresses have more bounce for that reverse cowgirl..

raman813 says:

You don’t need anything under the futon? No tatami mat?

fuku sato says:

In summer you can sleep on a rush rag like a Tatami!
It is perfectly breathable and sooo comfortable and still cheap.

ASMR Flower Girl says:

Very good, thank you 🙂

1ncitatus says:

Wait, aren’t more expensive futons with higher quality better for your back and overall sleep? I only heard of the higher quality, bio futons that cost like 400€.

palmisano says:

Slept on a futon mattress for 10 years. When I move, I just roll it up and put it into the car. The white girls that see it think it’s weird but I love it.

Pixel Thirteen says:

Getting ready to become a floor sleeper. You’ve got a new subscriber ☺️

Coffee Jack says:

White sheets are also great for revealing stains, hairs etc.
Pushes you to change more often.

Jasmine V says:

I have one. It’s not super comfortable. I bought a foam fouton for underneath. I do love being able to fold up my bed. I originally bought it so I can pack up and move a bed easy. I am still looking forward to that.

The cleaning is embarrassing. I am supposed to leave it out in the sun. My apartment neighbors try to steal it or throw crap on it. It is not normal in America to leave a bed out in the sun for cleaning. So far I am u able to clean it and I am bummed about it.

mutehowl says:

Where the hell did you find a Japanese futon for $90? Everywhere I’ve looked there like $200 and up.

GmoneyStylez says:

Just get a bigger house

womp says:

tell me again… what country makes the futon?

Rebecca Elliott says:

I love my futon. Our was $200 and folds into thirds instead of rolling up so we use it as a couch during the day. I would LOVE to have an all white bed but unfortunately I’m married to someone with blue hair. Many many pillow cases, towels, blankets, etc. have been sacrificed to the dye job lol

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