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Welcome to my channel! I am a journalist from Antwerp, Belgium who is passionate about healthy, mindful and unconventional living.



Vegan grocery list

Building a Healthy Vegan Grocery List


Neil D. Barnard: 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart (2011), Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes (2007), The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook (2010)
T. Colin Campbell: The China Study (2005)
Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition (2013)
Jonathan Safran Foer: Eating Animals (2009)


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Maranda says:

that room is so small, i would just turn the whole room into a bed. A king size. 🙂

Jennifer Pless says:

I love the pictures you have hanging in your bedroom. Does your friend have an online store to purchase her artwork? If so, please toss it our way! 🙂

Jason Bean says:

I’m watching..

FruitFrequency says:

Nice! Look forward to meeting the cats!

Federica Bado says:

Thank you for sharing 🙂
I’m trying to get rid of my stuff, I’m pretty good with clothing but I really have trouble with all my “creative stuff”, I draw, knit, embroidery, weaving… too much things! But I love doing it! the result it’s I’m always full of art supplies, yarn and go on..! And how do you do with books?

Mona Luna says:

nice appartment! reminds me that I have too much stuff =) I’m lookng forward to see you! :*

StarlingofAzerath says:

Thanks for your review of a futon!! I know that wasn’t the whole video but few minimalists have one or dont use one like you do (they put it on a bed frame which defeats the minimal purpose.

Ana Quezda says:

Where did you get yoru tatami and the futon from?

Sassy Vegan says:

Nice! Can’t wait to come and stay and meet the cats and rats!! x

Kitty Cat says:

Waar heb je de tatami/futon combi gekocht?:3

Yitzhak Yuval Einzelgänger says:

terrible accent.

Drennargh says:

welcome to the new Gandalf headquarters :’) cannot be unheard!

Joelle LTMR says:

Dave is een weekend weg dus heb ik de kans om vanalle nutteloze rommel buiten te gooien 😀 Ik heb nu min of meer een capsule wardrobe maar de mijne is niet zo stylish en een paar dingen zijn aan vervanging toe. Help!

Caesar soze says:

You’re very pleasant and refreshingly genuine. Thanks for inspiring content!

Amo says:

The cats and rats ar SO CUTE! I also would like to buy a minimalist bed someday, or maybe just a Japanese sleep futon you can just store away if you want.

AtiaBintu Sundiata says:

Where did you buy your bed?

afterson says:

wat een leuke balkon + uitzicht!

Stef Ventura Coaching says:

Beautiful apartment Isa! 🙂

1001shapes says:

Did you become a minimalist when you realized you were ugly?

Kofi Perry says:

uhhh keeping two cats cooped up in a house and keeping rats in cages isn’t very vegan at all

az al says:

Nice apartment Virgo girl 🙂

Lingyi Rose says:

Where did you buy your futon?

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