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so here’s the lowdown on our mattress obsession!
the futon shop website:
our mattress:

if you’re looking for a non-toxic mattress made here in the u.s.a. of natural materials, look no further. we got our first mattress from the futon shop almost 2 years ago now and we became hooked. we love this set up for cosleeping but it can obviously work if you’re single, married, or….just human. they’re SO comfortable and their philosophy behind their products is one that we totally support. check out the links below and let me know if you have any other questions.
oh…and if you want to see a bedroom tour once things get settled??

futon shop website:
our favorite mattresses:

as i said in the video, our mattress is 5 inches thick with an organic cotton cover and entirely filled with wool. we have had extra tacking added to make it slightly more firm because we do cosleep.

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Van Arpornrat says:

Ok… can you just give me the name brand so I know what I am looking for?

Kara Lewis says:

I have this mattress too and LOVE it!

Ellen V.S. says:

I am soooooooooo jealous of your set up!! My dream is to have a king floor mattress with all my babies in there with us. Huz isn’t on board. But Finn sleeps on a floor futon (with slats under), and will get one for Fi when she’s out of her crib–big fan!

Lindsay Craig says:

Love the floor bed! I’m wondering where you guys found organic sheets/ blankets for your toppers?

Mama Bee says:

come back!

c j says:

Bri, your videos restore my faith in humanity. I fully support your work.

Kristin S. Goss says:

I don’t know how you’ll make more babies with your babies in the bed. :/ I’m not trying to be rude at all, I just don’t know how we could do it. I think it is super cool though to have your kids sleep with you! I wish we could!

Megan Kathleen says:

Thanks for the review girl! Looking for a new bed for my toddler and myself and this seems great!

Devin Kingsnorth says:

This video came at just the right time! I have been looking for a safe mattress and this store is having 60% off. Just ordered the Tranquility 2 in King size, so excited! Thanks for your wonderful recommendations 🙂

Natural American Baby says:

We just got our mattress today from The Futon Shop. We love it!

Deimy M. says:

Would love to see an updated toy video!

Corinna Henderson says:

being made in the USA also means the workers are protected by labor laws so slaves didn’t make it!

Angela Marie Nelson says:

With your bed being on the floor, do you have to keep the room super clean (as in dust free)? I think this idea is very creative and looks really comfortable. We co-sleep in a “traditional” bed, meaning the frame is off of the floor and when I clean I notice a lot of dust and debrief under the bed. Just wondering if once you have your bed on the floor, if this is a problem? Hope that makes sense

Brianna Walshe says:

Hey, where does your baby nap during the day and you are not sleeping with them? Just trying to figure out my own co sleeping set up.

ispeak4detrees says:

I like cosleeping because there is just this kind of special bond with baby.

Galaxy475 says:

ok… so this might seem silly but since your son’s getting bigger now. how do you have mom and dad alone time if the kids are sleeping with you every night? also i find my son tries to use me as a pacifier if i let him sleep in the bed with me which i think isn’t good and i can’t stand… haha. how do you deal with that or have you had that problem.

Jean jacobs says:

Yo did you open it? I did to mine and it’s got dirt and leaves in it?

Rachel C says:

Is the wool organic? I just got the 2″ teddy topper wool and was trying to find out if the wool is organic

Natalia Gapinska says:

I love the bond that cosleeping with my almost 1 year old has created. Can you please provide more information on the bed slats that you talked about to air the mattress topper? What did you end up buying / making?

Mama Bee says:

Bri – can I make a video suggestion that would help me out tremendously? I’ve been slowly trying to add more non toxic and take away toxic things from our house. Baby’s bed is entirely organic etc except for his pooh bear and various stuffies. Etc. I know we need a new bed for us and I’m trying to weed out all of the super bad stuff. If you were to say like : this is where you begin — with detoxifying your environment. What would you say? Could you do a video? We are about to have our water tested for lead and I already don’t give him a lot of plastic toys but still somehow that shit creeps in. And now I’m realizing his pajamas are all probably flame retarded. Help!

Abby C. says:

I wanted to do-sleep with my daughter when she was a baby but my husband and I could not agree on the topic. He is so scared that we could of rolled on her, etc. so we compromised and I got the attachment for our bed. I think this is awesome!

valgal12 says:

It has been 3 weeks since her last uploaded video 🙁 love her videos so much!

PiccoloBros says:

Hi! New here! Looking forward to getting to know you/your channel!

Hazrin Norddin says:

Banyak cakap

Corie McInnis says:

Hi! Do y’all just sleep on the mattress topper or do you have a mattress underneath? I’m looking at buying from the Futon Shop and I’m wondering if I could get away with just getting a topper. Thanks!

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