The Best Wooden Futon & Mattress Ever!!!

Had THis Thing For 2yrs & It’s Still Like New!


AcerbicOrder says:

Link or name of the vendor?

matthew mamparo says:

Is that the full size or queen size? Thanks

dontgetmurk says:

i just ordered this same futon. im gonna try the stock cushion first though, i mean its already paid for. nice vid though.

Russell Laberta says:

how much is this with the mattress with it?

SquidCashFilms says:

how many futons do you have?

TheTSRush says:

hi and thank you for your videos, I’m so happy I found your videos. I have a small apartment. I’ve been searching for a good size futon for two that can fit in my apartment. Can you point me in the right direction as far as a space saving comfortable futon that can accommodate two?

Garrett Evans says:

2 Questions:

1. Is your matress 2 full size foams with a queen size foam on top?
2. What size is the futon?


what part of sandiago are you.. I plan on moving from NY to Sandiago you inspired me to do so you should get footage of sandiago for me

DatsFunnyXD says:

Bruh, everytime im looking to buy something you ALWAYS upload a review of it right when I need it. Im definitely gonna buy this cause I just got rid of my last futon that was literally 3x the price of this and it was uncomfortable hard as concrete

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