Walmart Mainstays futon review

Quick review on the Walmart mainstays futon


J P says:

finna get this in 2 days

Frankie Perez says:

This is purchased for the price, not the quality! If you want better quality be prepared to spend $4-600.

mariare0 says:

I have the same thing, what I would suggest for those who sleep on it is to put a foam mattress on the inside where the cushion is and it helps greatly for me because I’ve had surgery on my back having the foam makes it softer and doesn’t direct your back to the metal. As for lint, pet hair, and dirt, I am not sure what helps get rid of that. any advice on that one?

Ryan Brown says:

mine is zunk in to thin my back hurts ima fold the matress tonight

Kash Harris says:

Does yours creak a lot cause mine does

Sean Arnold says:

disgrace to futons !

UndeadProdigy says:

you can always get a futon mattress from big lots or amazon and its fine

Peter Ledoux says:

This is the worst product I have ever bought in my life. The mattress is so thin I have to put cushons under it, and the back won’t stay up. Stay away from this item.

gamer deadpool 123lick's says:

I did my futon bed by my self and I am 10

luckyboy135 says:

Can anyone help me Ive been looking at futons for a while but i dont know what one to get i would be using it as a bed and price is not bad for me i was thinking in the 300-450 zone so does anyone know some really good ones to use as a bed

Roblox vs Xbox Boy says:

I got the same one

J P says:

all those that are bitching about this for sleeping , its because it’s not a fucking bed, its a futon, like what do you not get about it being a futon 

meek miLL says:

I put a better futon matresss on top of the normal one. Love it. Cant even sleep on normal mattresses anymore

ENG says:

had to sleep on one of this i never folded it down but it was super comfy too me

Jacob says:

How tf do u unfold it. I’ve been trying all fucking day and the shit won’t work

That0neHippie says:


Larry Craig says:

Crappiest futon for sitting and laying down for adults. It seemed fine for small children. 

dustin the mma guy says:

i have the same futon i feel the metal but its livable i am gonna lay a board on top of the metal and 4 pieces of memory foam 2 on each side of it other than that love it have it next to my window unit AC i can sleep forever on it

Noah Diamond says:

Over the past few months I have had to do a few things to tune up the futon frame. I also added a memory foam layer and sheets. I never use the mattress directly.

I wound up taking some foam carpet grip mat material and wrapped it around the areas where the center links hold the two frame sections together through the gap. This almost completely stopped the frame from sagging.

While is is annoying that I had to do additional work to get it to work as a futon, and I had to do additional work to get it to be more solid as a couch, overall the futon has worked out pretty well.

In the future, I might get one again since they are so cheap, but I only spent $98 and now they are $124.

It works well enough to pass out on and sleep pretty well.

Richard Dawkins says:

2 hours to put together hahahaha

LannaLou20 says:

I just got my mainstay futon yesterday and it took me 6 hours to put together. All due to fact that i wasnt putting things in the right spot. But its a pretty good futon. I replaced my 10 year old twin bed with it and its pretty darn comfortable i would recommend it.

adnilorotrot says:

I got one for my son, but I can’t figure out how to make it sit up straight

kenyj18 says:

since when is an Altima a compact car lol

xPancakes4lyf says:

ysh i fucking hate this piece of shit, when i sleep on it flat and i move to the middle the whole bed folds in!! ive bought other mainstays and they were all shit too. never again.

Adri Oden says:

I have one, and I’m having trouble getting it to lock in place as a bed, is that normal? I feel like when I lay on it, it’s going to close up on me.

Hobieflyer says:

You can find them free around campus on most sunday mornings (after a Saturday night use) usually bent sitting the curb with a free sign on it…. hey $89, it is cheaper then a text book for 1 class.

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