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chemblah4 says:

Thanks for another great video!

I’m currently sleeping on a hammock and loving it. I got a nice hammock, Brazilian style, 100% cotton. I didn’t want to sleep on parachute nylon, that sounded hot. I also built a stand for it. I did spend a bit of money on it figuring that if I’m replacing my bed, it pays to buy quality ($200-$250 in total).

I’m really happy I made the switch, I find the hammock to be far more comfortable than any mattress I’ve slept on recently. Lately it seems that my back hurts on a mattress, so I’ll roll onto my side only to find it feels like I’m compressing my shoulder joint, so I roll back over. I was doing things most every night. On the hammock I have no back pain, or should pain if I’m on my side. I can stretch out. I’m ~6′ tall and I was tired of sleeping on a twin, so I switched to the hammock (currently living situation doesn’t allow for a bed larger than a twin, so that’s why no double or queen mattress). After nearly 11 months full time, I’m not sure I want to go back!

sleepyzebra11 says:

Cool cool cool!

Melanie Vee says:

I also take the mats outside occasionally to sun “wash” them. UVA and UVBs are awesome against microbes and other little bits.

TeaTime w/ Carly says:

Thank you for having amazing timing! I spent way too long researching bed options for our yurt that is also baby safe. If Hannibal rolls off of this, no big dealio! Totally ordering one today. Thanks for the inspiration my friend! Love the minimalist septum ring. PEACE!

Stop Motion J says:

Sleeping on the floor is really good for me too, I sleep on a matress now but I’m looking for a yoga mat because I think that would be better for me in the long run. And then I will be able to take my bed with me everywhere I go and I really like that thought. 🙂

Isaac Medrano says:

Thanks for the update video! I have been sleeping on the floor for a little over a year now. It took me a few months to figure it out. Currently, I am using a thick throw blanket I got from swap meet market in Las Vegas. I fold it over and lay it on the carpeted floor. Last night I made a modification and laid a harbinger floor mat (medium thickness) underneath the blanket in response to some of the signals my body has been sending me recently.


is this polyester connor?

Sarah Bradner says:

Great ideas!

Katelyn Rogers says:

How important do you think using a more natural material is? Bc this is polyester and other videos point out how important it is for things to be organic.

jmconant says:

I just randomly started sleeping on the floor and fell in love with it. It’s been a few months now. But I have been wanting to get something like a mattress topper since I’m a side sleeper. My weight kinda hurts my shoulders. Gonna look into that mat. Thanks!

Will Mike says:

I think the moisture won’t be a problem if you are rolling your sleeping gear up every morning. Regarding the base and the comforter, are either one of those machine washable or do they have to be dry cleaned?

Jillian D says:

I was thinking about getting one of those mattresses but ended up getting an inflatable sleeping pad instead.

Jon Ward says:

It sucks they don’t ship overseas, everything available in australia is overpriced and crappy compared to whats available on the US Amazon.

Anthony Curnow says:

Khal Drogo as fuck

Red Line says:

Being able to sleep comfortably is so important I’m telling ya.

Alex St Mick - Gaming - says:

Like a shiki futon!! Made a video of mine on my channel. They are awesome.

Gustavo Oliveira says:

Conor, I get so much positivity from your channel, keep up the good work mate! Much love from Brazil!

Tłusty Pasztet says:

Connor, if you have sex on this sleeping setup, how do you ‘deal’ with body fluids getting it wet/dirty?

Melanie Vee says:

We have Korean bed rolls for us and the kids called an yo. We can’t use them with this dinette in the way.

Alex Delgado says:

That greasy hair though.

give me Chocolate says:

you remind me of the hot hippy guy from wanderlust

Earthling Mama says:

I have that exact same mat in the same color!!! The best sleep ever and Elijah loves it too 😀 And during the day I fold it into thirds and make a mini floor couch with pillows as the back <3

Sasha Berry says:

Currently on the floor, was using blankets, last night caved and bought a thin foam mat from Joannes fabric store because my boyfriend is sick and sleep is more difficult right now. Have to air the mat or blankets out daily and or wash the bottom layer. We have wood floors ick. Any suggestions or advice to keep the dampness away? We find the floor far more comfortable than mattresses.

Charlene Dormady says:

That’s an awesome mattress & duvet. I’ll definitely be looking into the duvet for winter. We (me, my husband and 2 sons) sleep on two double mattresses pushed together.

Rebekah Vian says:


Shorty Careface says:

Been looking for a kind of mattress for sleeping on the floor. I’ll definitely give that floor mat a go. I struggled a lot to sleep before, hence I rather spontaneously decided to start sleeping on the floor, one night — and I’ve never slept better.

Bec Benson says:

Thanks for sharing! It is exactly like our new setup. We got a queen size mattress pad 3.5cm so nice and thin to roll up. We put it directly on the carpet too. Before this I was sleeping on a 3.5cm gym mat and my husband either on the carpet or 2 yoga mats. Love floor sleeping and allowing us to be more dynamic with our space!!


You look very good , keep it going.

Sarel Gaur MD says:

i was sleeping on the floor for some days. found that my back hurt and i would wake up several times during the night. however, i would wake up easily in the morning whether i was well rested or not, which was kind of cool

Jean Kilos says:

May I give u an opinion yes thank u. Has anyone ever told u your hot I’m not trying 2 b Chicky it’s a complement.

aherrin10 says:

which festivals are you coming to in new York?

blumusdu says:

I love you so much.

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