Why do Japanese Sleep on the Floor? Why We Do What We Do

Why do Japanese Sleep on the Floor? To know more about the fact watch the video.

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Nathan Wise says:

I think subtitles and music alone with be better.

Robert Lee says:

So many racist cunts in the comment section, id like to see you fucks speak a second language.

Nick Korkodylas says:

Because they are culturally sensitive and don’t want to appropriate White people’s neolithic inventions.

Squirrel Attackspidy says:

Painful listening to that guy trying to speak English.

GM4ThePeople says:

Do one on why Indians shit in the streets.

Abhishek Morye says:

nice one.. enjoyed it

K4miko says:

very educational. love your work thank you.

Ghetto Country Life says:

piece of shit street shitter..!!!! fuck u

Stephanie In the wild says:

I have slept on floor on and off my whole life. I’ve purchased too many beds to mention. Herniated disk later and my body being in so much pain I gave in to floor permanently. I now have taken in the Asian tradition and know why it is effective. My back is not recovered but I can get out of sleeping position and off floor easier now. I had to roll out of bed resulting sometimes in falling and becoming paralyzed. I am starting my feel back getting stronger.

LastPixelBorn says:

I am sleeping on the floor. Two years ago I got memory foam mattress 17cm high, and since I could not sleep with that over the bed because it was too soft, one night I tried to sleep on the floor. Since then I am sleeping on the floor and I would recommend that to everyone, there is no more back pain, you can rest more and etc.

ForestSakan says:

your english sucks and your japanese even more…Have you even been out of your own town?

dustyn boubard says:

funny i was expecting a jap to explain it hahahahahah

IMr LAPS says:

Good video bro

T. B. says:

I am not sure what they use to fill the futons in Japan, but I sleep soooo well when I am there. Way better than I do on my American mattress.

kosova esht shqiperi says:

Why do you indians shit on the streets….

Shompa Saha says:

A lot of people probably forget that India also has a history of sleeping on straw mats with khus mats as curtains….it is good for the alignment of the back and joints.

Matthew Slivar says:

japanisse who sleep on floor have the best posture

Angela Kincade says:

I wish we Americans would think like this. We would have a lot more. This is exactly how I would like to live, very minimalist as possible.

David Martinez says:

I can’t even understand what he’s saying!

jim lennon says:

Yeah japan World Cup babyyyyyyyyyyy. Yeah, yeah.

Ross Catto says:

Sleeping on a hard surface is easier when you weigh 100lbs.

Akane Sasu says:

I even sleep on the tatami when its summer.

GarouLady says:

I can’t see myself sleeping horizontally anymore, much less on the floor. Doesn’t matter how much padding you use, laying flat on my back kills my back and hipjoints totally. But I do love the beauty and simplicity of the japanese bed.

Jeffie Jeff's Art says:

The USD is doing better than the YEN. :/ The Yen has been falling ever since the tsunami and earthquake that messed up the nuclear reactors.

Catseman says:

Did you just read someone elses answer from Quora for this video?

Victor LUG says:

Except when spiders crawl on to your bed, because you’re on the fucking dirty floor… you can be the cleanest person ever, but unless you deep clean every floor and carpet, you’re on dirt

Haidar Haleem says:

It’s Raj from The Big bang theory

ramnstine1 says:

an Indian speaking about Japan, go back to scamming m8

Music Bobo says:

What a DICK!

Gabriel Palacios says:

namaste thank you very much for you video and hope to see more of your videos please

AudieHolland says:

In my opinion, this has much to do with the fact that traditionally, Japanese have very little furniture at all, even rich and powerful people. I base this on my repeated viewings of films by the late, great, Akira Kurosawa. The main reason for the very sparse furniture (not even proper seats or benches in nobles’ palaces) has to do with the frequent earthquakes in Japan. Without heavy furniture, there’s not a lot that can move about a another quake hits the land. From that basic requirement (mind the earthquakes) this whole tradition of minimalism arose. In my humble opinion.

hon solo says:

komichiwa bapu

Nakidz says:

Started off with info on Japanese style beds. Ended up with taking tangential shots at the US economy. WTF? If I make a video about cars in the US, I’m not going to end it with bashing English cuisine. Makes. no. sense.

Mr.Moose says:

Sleeping on the flooooooooooor!

Virat Khanna. says:

Why the hell is he acting so surprised about people sleeping on the floor? Isn’t he an Indian. Even well off families in India prefer sleeping on the floor.

mukkaar says:

Personally I think I’m going to get couple of tatami or tatami+ low frame to put thin futon on. I like bit harder surface to sleep on but I also like aesthetics of bed and bit raised surface for hygienic reasons.

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