WHY I SLEEP ON THE FLOOR | Japanese Futons

I’ve been sleeping on the floor for two years now. In this video I discuss some of the benefits I have found as well as talk more about traditional Japanese futons (or shikibutons) and how they compare with a conventional mattress. The benefits go far beyond minimalism!

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Ronnie Smith says:

bed bugs on the floors

Sarah Elizabeth says:

Good to see you uploading again! Missed you. 🙂

Nohemymimis says:

I don’t find sleeping on the floor comfortable :/

Christy Anne Jones says:

Since moving into our new apartment in Tokyo, I’ve been sleeping exclusively on a futon and I was so surprised at how comfortable it is! I think I still prefer a bed, but it’s certainly a wonderful option (especially for those with back/neck pain)

Lauren Fry says:

Would it be weird to have a futon on a bed frame? A flat bedframe. My partner has a hip issues (from birth) and could never sleep on the floor (despite your willingness with your scoliosis).

Voerti says:

I wish I found sleeping on the floor comfortable! You save so much space. I slept on the floor often as a child and on a VERY firm bed (literally everyone would complain about how firm it was) as a teen and never got good sleep…I’d wake up every 2-3 hours =( Now I sleep on a firm but moderately soft bed and get much better sleep.

Jenny Banana says:

I sleep on a futon (with tatami) for over 20 years now and i would never to back!

void in chains says:

This is very interesting… I have scoliosis and suffer from tension headaches, maybe sleeping on the floor could help me! Thank you for making this video!

gecco147 says:

nice to see ppl with the same experience. i`ve been sleeping on a futon on the floor for 4 weeks now, and after a hard beginning, it`s getting better and better. will never go back to a bed again. its a feeling of grounding i never had before. i also feel it makes my body slimmer. my clothes fit better now. can`t explain this, its a miracle :))

Kathy Dobrzynski says:

I can’t sleep on the floor any more. I get such a cramp and can’t move bummer Thanks for sharing though 🙂

Claire Ko says:

I sleep on a futon as well, but in my family we lay it on a raised tatami platform/bed frame of sorts. I find that the height is better for getting in and out of bed. Not as portable though haha

Bec Benson says:

We sleep on the floor on a gym mat (in Australia) and hope to purchase futons soon. Would you recommend 2 singles as opposed to getting a queen size for a couple? Is it better for ease of airing and storing? Also how thick is your futon? Thank you!!

Crystal The Minimalist Cat Mom says:

This is so interesting. The best sleep I have ever had was on an air mattress before I bought a bed. I’m not sure if this is as good for the body, but it sure felt great. My husband and I are contemplating a new bed setup as ours is just making us more sore. Maybe I can get him into trying one of these. He has psoriatic arthritis and I have fibromyalgia pains. We tried a memory foam mattress topper and its more of a pain than anything.

Hazel Frei-Selby says:

Does the bottom of your cupboard not collect dust. Usually that is a dusty area.

elijanemo says:

My husband and I own a tri folding mattress that we keep in the living room and acts like a small couch when it’s not being used. We like to sleep on it when it gets too hot in our room and really enjoy how it keeps us cooler during summer nights. Heat rises so when it’s hot, it is much cooler to be lower on the ground. We sometimes even take naps on it during the day. Our bedroom does have our normal bed, with a firm mattress which feels great on my back since I too have minor scoliosis. When it gets cooler in the year, we’ll definitely stay sleeping on the bed. But for now, we sometimes sleep on the floor (^_^) Also, we’ve both experienced sleeping on the floor when we were really young!

Elise Kuby says:

Hi, Tara
I lived in South Korea while teaching there, and the traditional YO is not nearly as comfortable as a Futon, although I am sure that Koreans would disagree with that. However, I did become used to them, and when I moved back home, I had trouble sleeping in a bed and would sleep on my living room floor. The problem with Western style sleeping is, as you said, a matter of hygiene, but a little worse than you described. The increased weight of the mattress over time is due to the poop of millions of dustmites, and the pint or so of perspiration during the night. Not airing out your mattress as soon as you get up adds to the problem. You really need to vacuum a Western type mattress at least once a month to get rid of the dustmite poop!

Le Genou de Claire says:

How long do futons last? If I remember correctly, futons (the real Japanese futons) needs to be re-filled or the cotton filling changed periodically, which is something not available in the U.S. Thanks!

TaraWhiteTalks says:

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about why I love sleeping on the floor! As promised, here is where you can find authentic Japanese futons that ship worldwide: https://goo.gl/iOhUf4

前田栄子 says:

It is because you sleep in Japan

Nissi says:

I had a futon in the 80’s … they’re great!

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