Your New Bed? A Wool Mattress, The Healthy Alternative.

See my second review after sleeping on this mattress for six months –

In this episode I take delivery of a custom made mattress from Bulgaria, eschewing the normal route of walking into a shop and buying a traditional mattress.

This mattress is 100% wool filling and the fabric is 51% cotton and 49% linen, three simple ingredients that help towards having a better and safer sleep. It turns out to be the cheapest of the alternative mattresses that I could find.

The mattress itself cost me £350 and another £80 for standard delivery from Bulgaria.

I also (because the mattress was expensive) sought after a cheap and easy solution for keeping an air gap under the mattress, not being a handy man I found a cheap fix from Ikea.

The bed is going to provide better healthy sleeping for me and in the process I’m doing my bit for the environment! Will you consider one? Let me know in the comments.

Benefits of a wool mattress –

Links to Etsy
Link to Home of Wool –
link to the custom options with my bed –

Ikea slats

Required reading on health benefits of alternative mattresses

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atomicsnowflake says:

The question is, does the cat like it?

c j says:

Informative and enjoyable, thanks! I look forward to your 6month review, and hope its still comfy after one month. 🙂

Manuelle Stpierre says:

Thank you! Thank you! I’ve been reading on this and looking for something affordable !

Steven Dye says:

Thanks for the reply Brother. I have a topper on order from House of Wool. It is for an Organic latex mattress . Plan to get a wool mattress for guests and myself to sleep on from time to time.

Anastasia Petrova says:

Thank you for the information! However, I can’t open the second review video. Can you please check into it?

Tony Tang says:

Nice cat

Zane Francis says:

Good information. Great prices. Thank you for the review. How is the mattress now? How does this compare to a cotton futon (my futon settled in and feels like sleeping on a hard rock), so wondering if wool is going to feel similar. Thank you!

Kaspar says:

What is the materials of the ‘surface’ (or cover) of your bed?

drinsk says:

Cute cat.

KiCa TyPo says:

Hey Jonathan! Love this video and considering a wool mattress. After 3 months sleeping on it how does it feel? Is it soft or firm? Has it gotten firmer as it’s compressed? I know the Lonset will help with pressure points as the slats give with your movement but I’m really curious to know how you are liking it!

Steven Dye says:

Was it a twin size or twin extra long twin that you purchased? Do you plan to purchase their wool topper ?

TheMantis25 says:

I’m glad you finally got the bed! It seems to have taken a lot of effort to assemble it though.

highonsmog says:

Does the bed need to be flipped or fluffed or beaten outside or something?

andy blaze says:

well done

edwardcraddock says:

My wife and I have been thinking about mattresses made of natural materials. At home in Japan, we use futons so chemicals are still a concern. Here in US, we have a queen size western style bed. It’s difficult not be concerned about chemicals when we spend about 7 hours every day sleeping on that mattress.

adam hale says:

I fucking love chemicals

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