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Avocado is a 100% natural mattress.. It features natural latex, pocketed coils and is button tufted for added durability.

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Memory Foam Talk says:

hey do you drink “pop”? lol

IHCman says:

How does this mattress compare to the Big Fig in terms of firmness? I have a Big Fig now and it is a little to firm for me and is causing me shoulder pain as I am a side sleeper.

Alex G. says:

Hello, I just tried out the Brentwood Oceano & I thought I would like it. But unfortunately I saw myself turning too much at night & having lower back pain I woke up feeling worse. I’m not knocking the Oceano, it just isn’t for me. Honestly, its my first time sleeping on a soft plush mattress. I have slept on firmer mattresses before & didn’t toss & turn much at night. I just thought I’d give this type of mattress a try I guess I was wrong thinking I would like it. So, my question is….will this Avocado model be firmer than the Oceano or will it also have that heavy sink feeling? Also, out of Ojai, Avocado & Saatva, which is firmer without the sink feeling and out of those 3 which would you recommend for stomach and side sleepers? Ty 😀

Joshua Dufford says:

I’ve got a tricky stairway to navigate on the way up to my bedroom. The only way to get a king up there is rolled up in a box. Any tips for how to get it back downstairs if I want to return it?

hopefaithjoy13 says:

Do you think the button tufting is something I should worry about digging into my shoulders or hips while sleeping on my side? Thank you!!! 🙂

Joshua Bravado Mascarenas says:

Do you have any reviews on the Avocado Mattress without the pillowtop?

Dennis Wallace says:

What do you do with all the mattresses you review?

Tee S says:

Thanks for the great detailed review. I’m considering avocado (hybrid) vs plushbed (all latex). Any thoughts?

Ben Boyerinas says:

Is this flexible enough for an adjustable base?

BlueEyedGirl says:

Hi, what type/brand of mattress do you personally sleep on?

Sai M says:

hello i purchased this mattress, however the legal tag on the bed doesn’t match what they have put up on their website. Can you please tell me what percentages are listed on the legal tag of your mattress? i’ve reached out to the company and they have been giving me dodgy answers.

hopefaithjoy13 says:

Hi, I am looking into the avocado mattress and wanted to know if the wool inside is something I should be concerned about when it comes to harboring dust mites and bed bugs? Please let me know!! Thank you!

Oscar Perez says:

Avocado mattress or Winkbed mattress, 250 lbs 6 ft tall here

Jean Poma says:

Do you personally like this more than the Nest Bedding Alexander hybrid?

Jen Chang says:

Hi! I’m in search for a new mattress and have NO idea what to get. My boyfriend has sleep apnea and back/ shoulder pain. He’s quite muscular and is currently recovering from (pancreatic) surgery. He wakes up exhausted with muscle aches, most likely caused by the sleep apnea. Our current mattress is TOO firm (Bob’s Posture Pedic). To top things off, I’m also pregnant so I will need a bit of comfort for myself however I am able to adjust to most mattresses. I looked into Avocado Mattress and the Sleep Number. Preferably I would like to pay under 1,500$ USD but it doesn’t seem like it will happen if I’m looking for the best for the boyfriend. What do you think?

TJ James says:

Fantastic video. Love this brand. The hand tufting is beautiful and you did an excellent job at showing all features of the Avocado Mattress. I’m shopping for a natural green mattress and came across this video and I have fallen in love with Avocado! I think you have one of the most clean an informative videos that highlights the Avocado, and your video really helped me make my decision. I love the health benefits of avocado’s in general and now I get to sleep on one 🙂

Keith where is the link? Spizzirri says:

Hybrid latex innerspring VM all latex ?Can not decide ? Price is not a concern as I need a goods night sleep Tony

Christine Hummell says:

Very helpful. Thank you for the video.

Rose C says:

Hi Ross, trying to decide between the pillowtop and the standard avocado. I have a 10 inch fusion in my low back and have lower back pain in my lowest part of my vertebrae. I sleep on my stomach/side (in between) and side a lot. Which would you recommend? I am 5’7 140 lbs. Thank you!

Alex Medina says:

How soft is this.

VoyT says:

I’m a bit worried about how well this one will age given this all natural light-color covers?
How would you describe that outside fabric feel between the Avocado w/ PT vs BH Cedar? Also as a 200lb side-sleeper, which other brand/model that is all-natural (pref. organic) should I also consider with hybrid Inner-coil foam construction.
Nest, Staava, DreamCloud etc.

VoyT says:

I also always use a quality cotton mattress cover below sheets. It’s just so hard to decide, but you definitely make it easier even though I wish I could see these in person. However, I would like to know the total weight of these since this makes changing the sheets a major hassle. Thanks so much!

Giordana Lucas says:

How resistant is it when it comes to sinking in permanently over time? Cause I love the green features but having an indent in my mattress would be a nightmare, which is why i’m considering buy a new one. I sleep in all positions and sleeping on my stomach with an indent on the mattress gives me back pain .

Ray Ramirez says:

Mattress Insiders, how would you compare Avocado to Saatva.  I have read good reviews for both.  Also which of these two sleeps cooler.

Renee Goot says:

Thank you!

Kevin Allen says:

Quick question. Since you’ve reviewed both, for two big sleepers, would you suggest Avocado, Big Fig, or something else entirely.

therealchickentender says:

Really like your reviews. We’ve been pouring over mattresses to replace a 2 1/2 year-old Brentwood Home mattress that utterly failed in the last year (foam broke down slowly and just became horrible to sleep on). We keep coming back to the Avocado but are torn between the pillow-top or non. I think we’re leaning toward the non and then possibly just adding a topper to it down the road if we decide it’s not quite cushy enough. Good plan?? Thanks!

Evan250 says:

Ross, Purple Mattress didn’t work out for me and I’m considering Wink Bed and Avocado. I’m pretty torn between and am sure if they Avocado is better quality to justify the price. Wink uses Micro Coils and supports coils whereas Avocado uses longer support coils. Which one will hold their tension better over time? I’m 260 and mostly concerned about dips and losing straight alignment while sleeping.

Sally Jane says:

I have cats – is this mattress easy to clean should one of them, heaven forbid, pee on it?

Dadalordman 1 says:

this one looks great, do you know how many coils it has ? and does a 3 zone coil mean that it has more give in head and feet area and less from shoulder to hip area?

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