Avocado vs Zenhaven vs Nest Bedding vs IDLE vs Spindle vs Brentwood Home (Mattress Reviews 2019)

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Avocado vs Zenhaven vs Nest Bedding vs IDLE vs Spindle vs Brentwood Home (Mattress Reviews 2019). In this video, Kaite Kale covers quite a few different natural and organic mattress comparisons including Avocado vs Nest Bedding, Avocado vs IDLE and Avocado vs Spindle. Additionally, Kaite also discusses Zenhaven vs IDLE, Zenhaven vs Brentwood Home and Nest Bedding vs Brentwood Home. Each of these organic mattresses offer something special and unique. The Avocado mattress is a popular natural bed that uses both coils and latex foam. The Zenhaven from Saatva is made entirely of talalay latex foam and is double sided. The Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex mattress comes in multiple firmness options. The IDLE Latex Hybrid bed is a flippable just like Zenhaven. The Spindle mattress allows you customize your own feel and firmness. The Brentwood Oceano mattress is extremely soft and offers a lot of pressure relief for side sleepers. Overall, there’s a lot to like about these bed in a box mattresses. A few of them might even land on the list for the Best Latex Mattress 2019 or Best Organic Mattress 2019. Thanks for watching this ultimate natural mattress comparison and guide.

Avocado Mattress Review:

Zenhaven Mattress Review:

Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex Mattress Review:

IDLE Latex Hybrid Mattress Review:

Spindle Mattress Review:

Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress Review:

Best Natural & Organic Bed List (UPDATED):

Best Latex Bed List (UPDATED):

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Thomas Mccomas says:

Another good video! Out of these, it’s Nest Bedding or Brentwood Home.

Justin Francom says:

Wow! So much info. Thanks! Waaaaay too many mattresses to choose from, so videos like these are so helpful!

Lisa Mayer says:

Thanks for the great comparison video! I’d love to see a video comparing the best organic or natural pillows for each type of sleeper!

Ricardo A Torres says:

Great video one day I will win

Hannah Rozell says:

Haven’t heard of half of these, but they all sound good

Luis Serrano says:

Avocado mattress sounds good.

Karayah Holly says:

Really great in depth comparison. I think it’d be great if you reviewed some of Brentwood Home’s other mattresses, like the Cedar & Ojai. I’m also curious what the Crystal Cove cover is made out of because the website doesn’t say.

chuchi love says:


SssandNBtwnMytoes says:

I just bought a nest hybrid latex mattress in plush since I’m a side sleeper so far from my experience I love it considering I’m 5’2” and 120 and a side/combo sleeper.

Estrella Chavez says:

So cool!

Dman1101 says:

great vid, love the comparisons

Mr. Mountains. says:

Hi Kaite!

Pasquale says:

More cocoon full review and head to head vids! Thanks!

Ashley Sargent says:

Hey Kate great video

Rob Hannah says:

Are the latex beds okay for people that are allergic to latex?

Andrea Humphrey says:

Thanks for the matchup! Not too concerned with all natural materials, but really like the ‘ranking’ system.

4000Wiggins says:

I looooove my Avocado w plush pillowtop. Although I did buy an extra 2” thick latex pad online because it was still a bit too firm for me. Now it’s the best combination of soft yet firm.

Tonya Griff says:

I have never heard Idle mattress but it looks so comfortable

Mitchell Perez says:

Great video! I have always been interested in an organic mattress! This video gave me a look at some good options out there

Josh Durham says:

I like the Brentwood. It looks like a big comfy pillow!

robert laurence says:

great video. i just not sure as a big dog how latex would sleep

Stephanie L. says:

Good, informative reviews. I wonder if these types of natural mattresses are safe for people with a latex allergy.

Justin Lawrence says:

Had fun jumping on the Nest beds in NYC last month!

Richard Pan says:

Multiple bed company reviews are the best! Saves me time from watching each individual bed review <3

Robin Lee says:

Y’all are busy! Thanks for great reviews!

Eryn Frew says:

LOVE that you are doing more natural and organic mattress reviews! please get the other Brentwood home mattresses!!

Marianne Zemen says:

Fire retardant brentwood is good to know! Furniture now a days lots of chemicals!! Nice organic mattresses:)

Maribel Santiago says:

Thank, great and to the point comparison video!

Diana Cheche says:

Great video! I really like all the comparison videos! They all seem like great beds but the prizes are a downfall for me.

Jody Bauer says:

Love your comparison videos! You do a great job of packing lots of helpful info into a concise format.

Joshua Guzman says:

Very interesting. Thank you for the video! Can you guys do a best black Friday mattress deals vid?

Joe Chilbert says:


Thalia Zamor says:

AH mazing video! I love the categorical ratings! Honestly helps decipher which mattress works best for you! Quick yet very informative! Great job Kate!

Caitlin Tate says:

Ive been wanting to get a latex bed for awhile now.

Denisa Varda says:

Avocado vs spindle. This is a tough one.

Hannah Rozell says:

Also love the lip color you’re wearing

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