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GoodBed’s in-depth review of the #BestMattressEver from Brooklyn Bedding, containing natural blend latex over foam…

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Time Chapter
0:03 Introduction
0:28 Comfort Levels
1:22 Materials & Construction
3:16 Back Support
5:06 Pressure Relief
6:26 Responsiveness
8:43 Cushioning Depth
10:01 Motion Isolation
11:41 Edge Support
12:51 Ease of Repositioning
13:18 Temperature
14:32 Natural Materials & Certifications
16:12 Return Policy
17:08 Price & Value
19:07 Summary
20:08 Final Thoughts

Update (May ’17): The 2 layers (4″ total) of latex in the top of this mattress have been replaced with a non-latex foam containing gel and titanium called TitanFlex.


Rita Dunn says:

I’m just curious….I’ve watched so many of your different videos on mattresses….WHICH ONE DO YOU ACTUALLY OWN? I’m so confused on which mattress to get, but you have shed some light on the dilemma!

Gyula Engel says:

How these bed in box mattresses compare in overall to those mattresses to the store?
Me and my wife are mattress shopping and I love these bed in box options, mainly the Brooklyn bedding mattress.
We tried a few from the “classic” side , our favorite was a Serta model perfect sleeper , memory foam , medium version.
All those matters salesmen were against the whole Mattress in the box idea , it can’t be good… won’t last …..
Your reviews are amazing and detailed, I know my question was complicated and long , sorry .
I’m just curious in overall how do they compare, compete ? Ty

AMV7 says:

Fantastic review. Very thorough.

Eric Huertas says:

Any chance you’ll review the new Brooklyn Bedding #BestMattressEver pocketed spring support and proprietary TitanFlex foam?

Eric S says:

FYI – I see on Brooklyn’s website that they have changed the Signature model again. It is now a hybrid with titanflex over pocketed coils. (Higher price, of course). They also added a new model, the Bowery….for less $. It has energex foam rather than titanflex (more memory foam-like, I assume).

Inderdeep Tiwana says:

Great video, very helpful. They have released a new “hybrid” version of the signature mattress few days ago. Will you do a review on that? How different is it from the older version? Thanks

Dr Dank says:

Bought a firm. Its SUPER firm. Great bed though. Im gonna see if they will swap it for a medium though

John Moreno says:

Thanks for the review! I was teetering between Leesa and BB, but your points (esp on value) helped tip the scales. Keep up the good work!

Nirav Shah says:

Really enjoy your thorough reviews. Brooklyn bedding just released a ‘new’ version of the best mattress ever which is now made of all memory foam. Curious to see hear/see your thoughts on the new mattress when you get a chance to review it. Thanks!

Joshua Wiggins says:

The best review ever Mike!

Thomas Pekarek says:

the brooklyn bedding mattress has always been on my shortlist of mattresses to consider when it’s time for a new bed. My only concern would be the lack of experience with an all latex comfort foam. as always, your reviews are the most in depth and informational reviews anywhere. Feels like I’m going to mattress school…lol

sputnic says:

Hi thank you for a good review
I’m similar size as you and thinking about buying a bed like this , but with so many reviews and choices , I like to ask you .
If you were going to buy this bed , which other ones or which other would you rather buy ???
I’m lost .

Timothy Zahn says:

Goodbed, thank you for your reviews. I’ve been curious about several of the beds you have reviewed and the #BestMattressEver is one that I am strongly considering right now. In this review, you mentioned another video you did about the different types of latex. I haven’t been able to find that video, can you post a link or the title? Also, any chance you will be looking at the “Purple” mattress anytime soon? Thanks again.

Rena Walter says:

Great! Just what I need!

Eric S says:

I’ll add my vote for the need for a review of the new version of #BME. Especially because the two layers of latex have been replaced with a “mystery” called titanflex. We have no reason to doubt their word about it’s durability or similarity to latex, but on the other hand they offer no tests or data to support the claims, either.
The problem for us consumers is that even the couple of brief “reviews” I’ve seen of the updated version avoids really comparing to the original. Which raises my old cynical suspicions.
I’m currently narrowing down possible choices for my next mattress & I’d include version 1.0, but until I know more about 2.0 I reserve judgement.

majorghn says:

Wish I had seen this video several months ago, I got my BB in January, BB recommended a medium firm which was a mistake.

I am returning it for a refund for their softer version which I hope is actually soft, this one is a brick.

Leslie Pallante says:

Can I use a Zinus frame for this?

Leslie Pallante says:

What do you think of their sister dream bed for an option now that latex is no longer used?

Kevin H says:

I’ve read they switched from using latex to titanflex, a hyper elastic polyfoam. Do you think this will be better, worse or the same as the original? Also, great vids, very informative, cheers.

fleshrocker says:

Best reviewer on the internet. Learned so much!

Jeff Morris says:

Thanks for another excellent in depth review.

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