Latex 101 – What you need to know before buying a Latex mattress

Steve Chandler, the owner of Sleep-RITE Austin, explains what you need to know before you buy a latex mattress. He is a big fan of latex–that’s what he sleeps on. Come talk to Steve at 7415 Burnet Road in Austin TX.


Christina Rutherford says:

Very interesting video. Thanks so much!

Deb Hadden says:

Very good informative video. I’ve been researching all day and you really helped.

Hannah Cervenka says:

I noticed that you are a larger person like my husband and myself. We had owned a temperpedic before and hated it because you just sunk into it and couldn’t move around. We were wondering if there were latex mattresses that gave you more support and let you move around freely? You said that you own a latex matress and we were wondering which one you would recommend, and what we should look for when shopping for a latex mattress for a heavier person?

JacTrigga says:


Jon Italia says:

I don’t need a mattress, but this guy is so helpful and friendly I just want to give him money lmao.

Janeration Personal says:

What about preventing mold? When looking for foam mattress I’ve heard of the mattress needing to be breathable to prevent mold from occurring overtime (in my case I’m looking for a topper for my boyfriend who has been having neck and back problems , we live in Florida so it’s also a lot of moisture in the air, I want to get something that would be comfortable enough for him to minimize or even stop his aches but also prevent future issues like mold which is a huge deal ) I’ve seen people buy gels or memory foams and within a month or so have mold on the other side , so I’m wondering if latex would have the same issue or not ? if not then I’ll definitely consider buying

sputnic says:

What’s the best mattress for $1000 , it’s impossible to understand all these reviews .

MrCantStopTheRobot says:

You are an excellent public speaker, to be sure. Seeing as how you’re fine with a blended mattress, I won’t have any reservations about getting one. I’m just a college student, so an all-natural latex would be more appropriate at a later point.

John Jenkins says:

Thank you. A simple and highly informative video!

Dave S says:

What about flame retardants. Provide a list of chemicals.

Scott Verney says:

Hi Steve I am looking at buying one from a store that goes through Arpico latex mattresses in Sri Lanka. It is latex gold, 95% latex and 5% zinc oxide/sulphur/sodium. Are these 5% ingredients something to be concerned about? Thanks.

Brenda Turney says:

seriously Swanson, I need to meet you, being you are the worlds best judge of a HUMAN, dont assume that someones weight isnt connected to their heart. YOU THINK this is the first time he has been razzed by some fat shamer, what sound do you make when you eat, you think he just gained weight by over active fork disease, NO HELL NO. I am a nurse, and I have seen so many conditions that cause weight gain, and the meds people have to take sometimes can put on alot of weight, its a side effect, much like your birth, a side effect and affect of 2 bodies slappin fat, sweating, grunting, oh, ah oh ah oh no, oh ah OH NO and you were born, to grace the planet with your note NOT worthy exsistense. Ya know, I am not a obese woman, but if I was I would smash your ass in the greasy spot where you were created. Brush your teeth and go to bed

Sonali Suratkar says:

Thank you for this useful information!

Tn Flash says:

Fire retardants? Most use Aluminum tri hydrate or Wool mattress covers. Wool does not burn well and ATH is chemically inert mineral that is naturally hydrated with water molecules. It won’t give the water molecules up until it is heated to 428 degrees. When the water is released it furnishes cooling which keeps the material it is incorporated in from burning.

Joe Swanson says:

Shit, this porker takes up over 1/2 the screen. Nom nom nom. I don’t think even latex could bounce back to its original shape after this beluga sleeps on it.

TigerRV Traveler says:

I need a new mattress I am your size what firmness would you recommend I sleep on my side. I will be getting latex.

Tania Arab says:

Thanks for the video, very helpful and concise!

Altered Dogma says:

Thank you, Steve.

Michelle Cox says:

Thanks! Great Video! Now after researching for over two hours, you finally just told the facts. Bravo!

Gideon Waxfarb says:

FYI: Anybody who plans to visit Sleep-Rite, they’re out of business. As of this writing, it’s now called ‘Intelligent Sleep’ and they’re selling beds made with something called Intelligel. It’s hella expensive, but worth a trip if you’ve never laid on this stuff. It’s…. weird.

MIKE XU says:

Thank you for your information and I learned pretty much from you. Well done!

majorghn says:

Good job, wish you would have talked longer about the other benefits of latex mattresses, I am looking at the Brooklyn Bedding Latex model, it used both Dunlop and Talalay, no idea if their synthetic or blended. What do you think of the BB mattress?

Sweatblud Survival says:

I’m glad to have finally found a big guy that can comment on resiliency and comfort.

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