Latex for Less Mattress Review – Do You Need a Latex Bed?

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On a mission to provide sleepers with a mattress that’s as eco-friendly as it is customizable, Latex for Less has debuted its all-latex bed, which features a flippable construction built with organic materials.

While these features are certainly attractive, I’m not going to be sold on this mattress until I put it through my tried-and-true tests to figure out how it feels, how it sleeps and whether or not it could be the mattress of your dreams.


The Latex for Less mattress features a simple construction of just two latex layers, measuring up to a total 9” of comfort. Depending on how you choose to orient the bed, you’ll either have a 2” layer of Talalay latex (light, airy) overlaying a 6” section of Dunlop latex (firm, dense) or vice versa. The former configuration is meant to evoke a “Medium” feel while the latter is designated as “Firm.”

I should also mention that regardless of the type of latex (Talalay and Dunlop are, after all, just two different manufacturing processes), Latex for Less prides itself on sourcing its latex from a single origin spot, in this case Sri Lanka. This is generally considered to be a good thing, as Single Origin manufacturing ensures better worker treatment and a more transparent production process.

All that being said, let’s dive into these layers and see what’s going on below!

Cover – Built with organic cotton, the cover is soft and breathable. It’s also quilted with all-natural wool, which creates a gentle feel that’ll provide the sleeper with immediate comfort.

Medium Layer – As I mentioned up top, the medium layer is comprised of 2” of Talalay latex, a lightweight material that’s soft yet very responsive. While positioning this section above the Dunlop layer (as I did for this review) will allow the sleeper to sink in for some nice pressure relief, the bounce is likely to mitigate any sort of stuck-in-the-bed feeling you might feel.

Firm Layer – Made up of 6” of dense Dunlop latex, this section makes for a solid foundation when oriented below the Talalay layer. Once flipped, it becomes a firm comfort layer best suited for those who want to feel squarely positioned on top of the bed (looking at you stomach sleepers!). Regardless of the configuration, the latex is going to do a great job of keeping things cool throughout the structure.

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Sandra Watts says:

I need some of that cooling comfort.

JAY LEE says:

Great video & written review. This is my kind of mattress and would be delighted to win. Thanks for the oppertunity!

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