Latex Mattress Reviews of a 50 Year Old Dunlop Latex Mattre

Latex mattress reviews by shows the incredible durability of a 50 year old dunlop latex mattress. Watch as the rubber mattress is opened up for the first time and be amazed!


Swift Fox says:

why did they get a new bed if it was still good?

Christina Rutherford says:

My pillowtop mattress lasted for atleast 4 years, but it’s been 6 so far.

ilovetodrinkblood says:

ewwwwwwwwwwww crustiness!

missmonasuzette says:

I notice the very large holes in this latex produced so long ago compared to todays latex?
Why do I see much smaller holes today? Thanks

Dominican7Chick says:

Holes freak me out

Bhaskar RAO CL says:

very good to see the quality of Dunlop Mattress.

DwightMS1 says:

Polyurethane foam is the biggest rip-off ever perpetrated on us.  I want latex in my next sofa too.

TheShawndiver says:

that is a nice real foam rubber mattress. how thick is it whats other side look like?

Christina Rutherford says:

Thanks for the video. I am shopping around for a long lasting mattress, I was between a firm plush and a pillowtop, until I saw this video. I have had my king sized mattress (pillowtop) for almost 6 years, and it has deep impressions in the middle. I need a longer lasting quality mattress, so I am gonna try a latex this time around to see the difference.

MsTre4 says:

So fun to see this!  When I was young, this mattress, but in a pink and crescent-shaped encasement, was the bomb.  I inherited it , and it was the best, most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. I know it was at least 10 years old when I first got it.  I would have taken it with me to my new home, except I wanted a bed bigger than a double.  I still think I made the wrong decision in leaving it behind. I know Dunlop gets softer and softer over time, so I’m imagining the bed would be too soft even for me by now, after 50 years! Still.

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