Latex Mattresses – Talalay vs Dunlop, Natural vs Synthetic

If you are researching latex mattresses, this video is for you. I educate on the differences between natural latex vs synthetic blended latex and the Talalay process and the Dunlop process latex.

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Genevieve Valle says:

I’m so glad yo have listened to your video i sent the video to my daughter so she can learn from it to. At least now i know the difference i bought a mattress which was the first time in foam it lasted 3 months now this one i also bought from same Sam’s club im going to return because my back has gotten worse i bet its from mattress. I cant take soft cause that would make my back more have more pain. Im going to look at what you have but first i have to deal with Sam’s to return and get my money back. This mattress is about 1 1/2 but ive switched it sidesbecause of the indentation i cant stand that i roll into it. So im glad i listened to your video and learn of all the stuff thats in mattress maybe thats why i get so sick. Thank you very informative.
Genevieve Valle

Tommy Dimestar says:

plush beds sells GOLS certified latex mattresses.

godofm3tal1 says:

I was listening right up to the point when i learned you were just marketing your own brand to me. Really hard to take someone seriously that’s telling you everyone else’s product is inferior to their own.

blissfulbaboon says:

Wow!Somebody telling the truth!Amazing!Thank you!

Jeff Rude says:

Does’t latex eventually get hard and fall apart regardless of the process?

Bren Grise says:

*False Statements* must be held accountable, did you know that adding copper or graphene (graphite infused) product into the talalay latex blend prevents it from biodegrading and dusting. Therefore leading to a longer lasting and durable product I mean its only science and research, seems to me like your the kind of guy that limits his information in order to benefit yourself and push people towards the products you endorse (shame). I would stick to guys like Nick Robinson from Sleep Geek for better info with less bias. If anyone wants to learn the truth about beds and the products inside them I don’t sell anything just deliver the news through a unbiased lens shoot me a email at

Jason Sheldon says:


Renee Biddy says:

We bought one of his mattresses and he is telling the truth. It made a difference in how we sleep. Lowering my chemical load by sleeping on a fire retardant free mattress gives me peace of mind. You truly will get him on the phone when you call. Great customer service and no pressure. His product is worth the investment. The other videos he refers to are very informative.

Robin Sage says:

Question. If you put only Bamboo cover. You still need to zip the mattress correct? Also then you have to put thin sheet over that. Wont that make the mattress less effective to contour to your body just like the wool cover mattress?

Clair Byers says:

i like your style !

Justin W says:

I’m somewhat confused. Wool is a naturally stretchy material–more so than most other fibers natural and synthetic. It’s like a natural version of spandex/lycra. Wool in knit form is super stretchy.

I suppose a super tight, woven wool fabric could be somewhat less stretchy, but it will still have some stretch.

Matt Schieder says:

I have been searching all over your website but I cannot find any prices?

Damn Dirty Ape says:

Anybody have any feedback on “Getha” natural latex mattresses? I’ve only found 2010/11 negative feedback online. Wondering if things have changed since.

AE K says:

Many people “sleep hot”. And many of these latex mattresses make that problem worse. I had read that Talalay was better because it has a lot of air circulation possible due to its airy structure, unlike Dunlop which is more dense and holds the heat, and even builds the heat. I am surprised your video makes no mention of this common problem.

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