Lucid Latex and Memory Foam Hybrid Memory Mattress Review

✅Hybrid Latex (USA)
✅Hybrid Memory Foam (USA)

✅Hybrid Latex (CA)
✅Hybrid Memory Foam (CA)

At InsideSleep, we love trying new things! Here is an interesting bed – it’s a HYBRID mattress, both foam and coils! We are giving you an inside look at the two versions Lucid has – a memory foam and coil bed, and a latex and coil bed. Check out our review, share, and subscribe! We love bringing our viewers the inside info on all things sleep!

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Joakim Karud


potc05 says:

I’d never heard of a latex top. I thought the side by side inner components comparison between the memory foam and the latex was really interesting.

Megan Peterson says:

Thank you for a very informative and detailed video! I am used to sleeping on a very soft bed. Would the memory foam bed be a smoother transition than the latex in that case?

Carlos Harder says:

the bouncing bowling ball test is pretty cool

Jamie Peterson says:

How was the transition moving to this new bed setup? Did you find it took a few days to get used to or was it a smooth transition?

Dashelle Purcell says:

Dying to get a king & love this idea.

Dillon Peterson says:

How is the gap for just sleeping next to someone? Does it keep you from sleeping closer to the middle typically?

Derek Powelson says:

Great video! You helped me decide on the latex, thank you so much!!

james mason says:

I have been looking to get my parents an adjustable bed and have been researching different mattress options for them. Your in depth review was perfect. My only questions is when you talked about when the kids get in the bed with you they fall in the middle crack. Does the frame have anything on the side that holds the mattress in place better?

Ann Haverkamp says:

Love how she showed the contrast between latex and memory foam. I’ve been trying to decide between the two and that really helped!

Brianne Ewell says:

Very helpful review! Thanks for the information.

Amanda Stadel says:

Very informative and helpful review. This is a great solution for those of us whose partner has very different mattress needs and likes than our own. I think this could be a great option for my husband and I, and I appreciated the details about the layers of the mattress and what makes the latex different than the memory foam.

Marissa Unbedacht says:

This was a great illustration for how these beds work and what they are made of! My only question is when you move the mattresses up and down, is it pretty quiet?

Levi L. says:

I’ve always wanted to try the bowling ball test! Looks great.

S.M. Pompei says:

I like the idea of 2 mattresses. Do you have an idea on how to manage the space in the middle where the mattresses meet?

Melissa Marshall says:

Awesome info! I always wondered the difference between a latex foam vs memory foam and this video explained it very well. Now which bed would you recommend for someone with back/hip problems?

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