Lucid Mattress Review (16″ memory foam + latex)

Meet the Lucid mattress! Lucid is one of the most popular and inexpensive foam mattresses available online. They are available in a wide variety of firmnesses and thicknesses.

For this test I took a look at their ultra plush 16″ memory foam latex hybrid mattress. This Lucid mattress has a deep contouring hug and does a pretty good job of maintaining a cool sleeping surface.

The mattress has okay bounce and above average responsive, especially considering the sinkage and hug depth. Coming in at a 3 out of 10 on the firmness scale, it’s one of the most soft mattresses available on the market.

For more information the Lucid 16″ memory foam + latex hybrid mattress check out the full contextual write up on Sleepopolis here:

As always, thank you so much for watching and happy sleeping

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peepla7 says:

mine only had a scent for about 8 hours

Raymond S Kohn says:

After looking at reviews for a while now I settled on the Lucid 16″ plush . Factors were price , mattress thickness to fit my king frame without boxspring or spacer ,and the offering of comfort . Lol
So I had this mattress for two weeks going on 3 . My first take was that it’s nothing special , I never had a memory foam mattress before anyway the next day everything changed .
I admit I did not give it 48 hrs to expand because it fully expanded within a hour or less .
Let’s go to some points about it that I may be mirroring Sleepopolises reviews but purely this my take otherwise.
In no particular order lol
If you jump into this thing you pretty much stop dead ! Like landing on fly paper , ha ! No it’s not really that bad but if you have any physical impairment this may be an issue but for me I find it quite fun to get out of .
So yeah you have no bounce or very little so no worries about the kids using it for a trampoline. Lol
Now it gives you a good hug but as discribed by SO your not stuck ! In my case I’m 56 yrs of age young , 5”8 270 lbs what ? I carry it well !
I have had bi lateral knee replacements in both knees . Just adding that info to show that once you get used it moving about is just a technique .
There is mention of some heat retention, the first night OMG hot but I think I had a bug as I rolled over and immediately put hand on the spot I was laying and felt no heat . But if do just change to a nice knit blanket open stitching in the summer it be just perfect . I am a hot sleeper as well.
Oder after unpacking ? slight or I’m just not sensitive to it but I have a pretty good nose . Can’t say they’re all the same in that result but this is my second Lucid as I bought a latex for my 10yr old son about 6 months earlier and no real order there either .
How does it sleep ? Well for me awesome ! After two days I was sleeping like a baby no more aches and pains like was getting from old inner spring mattress. I feel rested and love getting in it and hate getting out.

Sinkage is not an issue with my weight . Sleep positions , though this bed is more for side sleepers so I believe I read on the Lucid site , I sleep every which way , side , back , stomach, figure 4 , pretzel shape etc ; add your own style here …. lol I sleep great in all .
If you get one remember it’s wrapped upside down so to say the top is outside if you unroll in the the bed you’ll have to flip it unless you the roll to the down side of the bed but it’s heavy and all dead weight and hard to move and grip . I did mine standing up by myself and managed it but Hulk smash ! Lol
Bottom line , Sleeps great ! Any position for me . I love the plushness and or sinkage that I get . I do not like firm beds reminds of camping and sleeping on rocks and sticks and things some also call it the ground . Not overly warm at all for me . Watching Tv on the rare occasions are in comfort for me . I can’t say how it will be for those intimate moments as the mattress came after the divorce. Lol You can’t beat the price ! I like it I’m not giving it up ! Just remember everyone is different so there’s always someone it won’t work for at all . I personally prefer folks to explain their own wants in an item so when others read a comment or review we understand where the author is coming from , just saying it stinks or worst thing ever just doesn’t cut it , it leaves people with a negitive thought that is unjustified these types of comments should ignored with all do respect.
Lastly , I’m surprised on Sleepopolis that you don’t see the Lucid brand in the directory just the higher end more well known brands ?
Maybe I missed it or maybe there’s just to many to list them all ? But if you reviewed I kind of feel it should be posted especially if the review was not terrible , it wasn’t terrible was it ? Because that review is what made me buy both mattresses I have . Lol
Ok thanks all for bearing with me lol If I can answer a question hit me up I’ll do my best .
Thanks to sleepopolis for all the reviews their the best out there . 😉

GoRaw GoVegan says:

whats the site you said to go to??

Desiree Brown says:

Thank you so much for doing this review! Do you think this bed would work on an adjustable frame?

Manuel Cervantes says:

good review brotha im going to be getting this bed next week but i was wondering if you could review the dynasty 15.5 inch. thank you and happy holidays

Katrina Winant says:

Thank you! I’ve been eyeing this mattress for some time.
Great job on the reviews btw!

Daniel Sawatsky says:

what is the other company and is it Canadian

GoRaw GoVegan says:

are you going to do a update on the new LUCID 16 Inch Plush Memory Foam and Latex Mattress?

Greg Benson says:

Awesome review thanks for sharing

Mama Kat says:

I’m torn between this and the Lucid 10″ latex & foam mattress. There is the price factor (approx. $130-150 difference for twin XL), but I’m more concerned about the support. I’m drawn to this one because of the thickness (I’m a predominately side sleeper), but the 10″ one is firmer, which I need. I am returning a mattress to Amazon via UPS today, and do not want to go through this again! Any suggestions as to which would be supportive and durable?

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