Memory Foam vs Natural Latex

Dominick explains the differences between natural latex foam and memory foam.


cookie karina de girl says:


Your everyday walrus friend says:

Please note: this video is *extremly* bias.

Crv Van says:

I’ll stick with springs but nice try with the sales pitch

Tom says:

Omg… Fuck….. OFF!

A delayed response memory foam is better EVERY time!

The “feeling of being trapped in quick sand” means that the pressure is being distributed evenly and more gently.

Pressure = force per unit area.

By sinking in a little deeper, the area of contact increases and pressure is less in any given area.

The ULTIMATE sleep would be floating in space on the international space station with ZERO pressure on you. (other than air pressure).

The closest thing on earth to that is a very soft foam that you sink into and gives way to every bump and curve of your body, thus, allowing your body and spine to be in its natural position…. Whatever that is for you.

It really is THAT simple.

Go with the memory foam.

antonius says:

That broad had a nice ass

vikash kashyap says:

Always use coir based mattress…

COSMO Aliraqi says:

الي جاي من المركز الاوربي يحط لايك بسرعة

Jim Kelly says:

A completely misleading video. The off-gassing from memory foam is harmless (does not cause cancer or obesity). There are factors to consider when buying latex beds. They cost $1000-3000. They are bouncy. They transfer motion. They are no more comfortable than a $200 spring bed.

احمد الضو says:


Saitama Hero says:

no one is getting fucking obese from memory foam lmaoooo

Maya Rexrode says:

Damn that mattress tester is thicc

Insanity wolf the pokemon loves Sakashi the Wolf says:

All I want from memory foam is to make squishes

Skittlez ;D says:

Do you mean my strawberry squishy can give me cancer :0 DONT TELL ME TO USE LATEX FOR SQUISHY BECAUSE IM ALL ABOUT THAT SLOW RISING CRAP ;(

Snowy Leopard says:

But it’s comfy

TheEvilPenguinGamer says:

typical american bullshiter

Leonardo Oliveira says:

Isn’t latex mattresses a possible allergen? I mean, some people could develop allergy to it and as a consequence cross-allergenicity reactions with fruits, avocados, etc. This is my main concern with this kind of material. 

Plus, it has a strong smell.

Кое-что полезное says:

Нихера не понятна. Давай еще раз только по русски )))

Skittlez ;D says:

This is fake have you heard of reasearch memory foam is warm for winter memory foam sinks in when your lying on it because people find it comfortable doctors reccoment memory foam stop making theory’s HOW THE HELL DO YOU FEEL TRAPPED UGGHHHHHHHHHH

BravingTheOutDoors says:


Aisha Khan says:

I have memory foam so shut the fuck up its awesome bwt

Mauricio Venegas says:

Wrong infomercial against polyurethane foams, the more he get’s you scare the more money he make. Go ahead and buy all his products if this makes you fell better.

khalid alateya says:

Whos watching this on there bed??

Astro - Roblox and More! says:

Asmr unintentional

Mauricio Venegas says:

There is NOT formaldehyde in memory foam,. you lied to sell your product

Mauricio Venegas says:

This guy is laying he’s not a chemist he is just promoting his latex products

Skitttle Spoof Bear says:

Guys no hate

kjbrocky says:

I hate memory foam. Used to have a famous one and got rid of it. Very hot and no support!

dawn heistand says:

Thank  U  !  I   have  a  memory   foam   mattress   topper   but   I  wake  up  aching   instead  of   feeling  rested   !    Think    I   will   try   a  latex   one   next   !    Thanks

EmaFny Craft says:

I would have the other foam that slow rising to make squishy 🙂 comments if u would do the same thing

Liz Brown says:

Would someone tell me a comfy mattress and pillows. I’m fed up looking and have bought 3 matresses as I can’t get comfy .lol over a few yrs .i now use a small cheap cushion to sleep on as it helps .i have the same problem with pillows what can I do .

Hier Kommt Alex says:

Don’t fall for this blatant Rubber Industry propoganda.
Memory foam is completely safe, incredibly comfortable,and invented by NASA.
Buy memory foam, invest in memory foam, don’t believe these lies

*Sponsored by Serta Mattress Memory Foam Department*

Isa Cristina says:

My God! Contains natural latex in myojo (Nissin lámen)

SyCoREAPER says:

Complete propaganda video to sell products.

Adeline White says:

Who da fuck want to lay on sap????

Mauricio Venegas says:

Latex produce allergies and I did not learn this in Google

Cf Carpenters says:

I had a high dollar tv advertised memory foam for at least 10 years and it was too soft not enough support. I had restless legs which went away after bed was trashed and had the feeling at times I was falling in my sleep because the bed was too soft I thought I needed softer but firmer beds turned out to be better for me. It was very heavy and miserable to move It wasn’t really hot like a pillow gets I live in Florida and I turn my pillow all the time but don’t recall bed being hot at all. I’m a side and stomach sleeper. If I did get one again I’d go really firm. I’m 230 lbs 6′ tall.

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