Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex Mattress Review

The Hybrid Latex is the newest mattress creation from Nest Bedding.

This is one of the healthier and more natural mattresses I’ve tested to date on Sleepopolis. The Hybrid latex mattress is built from layers of wool, latex, and coils.

2″ of wool quilted within an organic cotton cover
3″ of natural Dunlop latex
7″ pocketed coils with extra edge support and 5-zones of support

The Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex mattress is available in a medium or firm firmness levels. You can also get it in a split version, with half medium and half firm (great for couples with different needs).

Need more info? See the full Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex review here:

Questions? Please drop me a comment below. I’m more than happy to help!

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vic2186 says:

Will your recommend the E luxury bed frame for a amaerisleep King colonial I know those slats are 6 inches apart and they recommended 3

vic2186 says:

Will the hybrid non latex support myself at 260

dugroz says:

It appears, on the nest bedding web site, that the “split” (half medium, half firm) is only available in king size, not queen, unfortunately. Can you confirm if this is the case? Thanks.

Gideon Waxfarb says:

Do you recall if this is softer than the BME medium firm? I have that mattress and I really dig the latex, but it’s a bit too firm for me. (They sent me a memory foam topper to soften it up, but that thing is too squishy.) I was gonna exchange it for the BME soft, until I saw this …

Mr. bonus says:

I’m having a hard time deciding between an all latex or latex with pocket coils.

Jon Bogaard says:

I like how the cover unzips, i was wondering if you think that you
Could add a 2 inch copper infused memory foam topper in between the cover and the latex and if you think that would be a good idea?

JJ O'Brien says:

Hi could you let me know if the Nest Bedding Hybrid Laytex Mattress will be coming to the Uk many thx JJ Across the pond ☘☘☘

damienlahoz says:

Love your reviews and I used your review and coupon to purchase the Signature Hybrid. I love the feel of it however I sleep hot and it retains a bit too much heat for my taste. Do you have a recommendation on a mattress for a true hot sleeper? Thanks!

vic2186 says:

Asked another question below if you can reply

Kerry K says:

I like the wall art, this is the first video I’ve seen of yours with it. I slept on a latex mattress once years ago, it was incredible. I’ve been thinking of getting a Leesa, but also wondering about a Tuft&Needle and maybe adding a latex topper if I don’t love it. What do you think?

JJ O'Brien says:

Thank you for getting back JJ ☘☘☘

majorghn says:

This must be a discontinued mattress, it’s not on their website that I could see? Probably was too expensive anyway.

vic2186 says:

Where you got your bed frame from?website and price

dbradbury says:

Hey Derek, just seeing this review after I was able to see this mattress (medium) at the showroom in Nyc today. I liked it a lot. But obviously the price point is a bit higher than other online options.
Would you say the Brooklyn Bedding bme is the closest comparison? Would their soft or medium be more in line with this one if so? Was the BME edge support comparable to this mattress?
All recommendations are welcome. I also was interested in Voila and the Helix but I wasn’t sure if their quality was on par? Thank you!

Gayle Parker says:

Thanks for your reply to my question. You recommended I consider the Nest Bedding mattress with the memory gel foam. I am looking for a super soft plush feel with deep compression support. .. (the holy grail I’m sure). I like the idea of the latex, especially Talalay. So I was wondering which bed you would consider most plush feeling.. the Nest Bedding Hybrid Latex or the Nest Bedding (softest) with the comfort layer being memory foam gel? Thanks so much for your attention.

Dawn Ishii says:

Hi Derek! I love your website and your YouTube reviews. I was wondering how you would compare this mattress with the Winkbed. I’m currently trying out the Winkbed and like it a lot. But I do think that it could use a tiny bit more softness or hug when I am on my side. I can’t do memory foam at all due to sleeping super hot so I was curious how the latex and coil hybrid felt. I love the Leesa bed but I’m not 100% sure I want to go all foam so I’m trying out the Winkbed as well. Any advice would be appreciated! Thank you!

Jeff Edde says:

Which do you prefer, Signature Hybrid or Hybrid Laytex?

ryanb107 says:

I have an ultra plush Dreamfoam mattress, only about 9 months old, and it is killing my back as of last week. Back pain is severe in the morning, goes away during the day after stretching, and was non existent on my 4 day stay in Vegas. So I’m convinced its the bed. I literally wake up after having a dream of a knife in my back. Endless research has led me to the Leesa or this hybrid. Is there value in this thing? Nearly twice as expensive as the Leesa, and wondering if I should try the Leesa first. I feel like I need a very supportive base layer to start with which is why I’m drawn to the hybrid with coils. I am 5’10”, 205lbs, exclusive side sleeper (which is why I went ultra plush to begin with. Dying here, any suggestions would be helpful.

wilddoktor says:

Thanks for the review; really helps! But my actual question is: what furniture is that? We’re looking to do a whole-room makeover, and I really like the furniture in your room…

Ann Gepp says:

Do you still prefer to sleep on the Leesa over this one?

vic2186 says:

My wife is typical at 150 I’m 260 6ft 4 don’t like to soft of a matress have the amerisleep colonial and had it switched out because of indentation looking for a coil setup now ..saw saatva and this hybrid ..what about a firm memory foam ?

vic2186 says:

Last thing long can a matress stay in a box before it gets unwrapped ??is there a time basis for the foam to get opened up and expanded or can it stay in a box for a long time before use ? I’m asking because I want to send one overseas but that person might not be a able to get to it for a couple of months

vic2186 says:

Any mattress for a big guy 6ft4 260 pounds ?

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