Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Mattress Review

Say hello to the Plushbeds Botanical Bliss mattress! For this test I took a look at the 9″ medium firmness version.

The Botanical Bliss mattress by Plushbeds is 100% organic all natural certified latex. It’s available in 9″, 10″, and 11″ versions. Beyond the aesthetic difference of the different thickness levels, the thicker versions will provide increasingly better deep compression support (important if you’re a very heavy sleeper).

Additionally, the Plushbeds Botanical Bliss mattress is available in four different firmness levels.

For more information on the Plushbed check out my full contextual review here:

If you have any comments or questions please drop me a note down below. I am always more than happy to answer.

As always, thank you so much for watching and happy sleeping!

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BABY A says:

Out of all the mattresses you reviewed, which is your favorite and least favorite. Thank you for your response in advance 🙂 Great reviews by the way.

Tim T says:

Do you know of any mattress that has the firmness and feel of the original Tempurpedic? By original I mean when they first introduced their mattresses they had a great feel. The new line does not have the same feel as the older ones, which gave good support and just enough sink to relieve pressure in the right places. I have a cloud. Tempurpedic and it makes my back hurt.

Audrey Frost says:

Thank you for a comprehensive review. we have ordered the 12″ Botanical Bliss and are looking forward to its delivery next week! Your review helped to confirm it is the best option for us!

kskiska says:

How does the Botanical Bliss compare to the ZenHaven? I saw that you also reviewed that one. Is there one you prefer of the two?

tyson almazan says:

Can you tell me how the feel of this compares to the  Brooklyn Bed with the foam? I have a bad back and wondering what would be better? Thank you.

JAY LEE says:

Jeez that looks so comfortable, my back hurt so bad when I got out of bed this morning. I think latex would be great & with the availability of different comfort choices this matress seems ideal. Great review.

Podshow Radio says:

I really enjoy your reviews this one helped me decided on the Plushbed Botanical 12″. Problem is we have decided this mattress is not right for us so I’m planning on sending it back. Unlike most other online mattress companies such as Purple, Casper Leesa etc if you want to return it all that is required is that you donate it to the Savation Army or some other non profit and send them a receipt showing you did and they refund your money as long as it is within the first 100 days. The Salvation Army will send a truck out to pick up the donation or at least you can put it in the back of a friends truck and take to a non profit. Plushbeds requires that the buyer boxes up the mattress and and take it curbside where the send a company to pick it up.

So here is my request for you and your great website/youtube channel. You made a great video on how to unpack a plushbed and put it togather how about one that shows how to pack a online mattress and send it back. Unfortunately I cant find a box big enough to ship back a 12″ latex. I know I should have saved the boxs it came in but by the time I unpacked the mattress in one box and the extra latex in the other it was not in very good shape. Besides I was sure this was the one I wanted.

Some say buy a mattress protector and suck the air out with a shop vac then find a box big enough, roll it up and stuff it in.

Do you have any tips or tricks or can you make a video detailing it?

Also I’m thinking of replacing the Plushbend with a Alvacodo mattress but have not seen a review on it on your youtube channel. Do you plan on doing one or can you tell me what you think of the Alvacado mattress?

Thanks again,

Maurizio Rea says:

Which matress do you think is better and why?…Botonical bliss or Zenhaven?  Also have you thought about doing a review for Sleep Science natural latex bed? Debating between the 3.

4vrceltic says:

Of all the 100% natural latex beds, which one is less likely to form dips in the centre over time? Thank you.

wakeywakey says:

i like a firmer type mattress without that sink(hanock) feeling. im done with springs and can’t afford a full latex… any suggestions? thx

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