Richmond, Roanoke, Raleigh Latex Chemical Free Mattress Video

Sleep Essentials now serves Richmond, Raleigh, and Roanoke with all natural chemical free latex mattresses


Diana Liu says:

Can I purchase your mattress online?Any website?

Brenda Turney says:


Susan Bame says:

Aha! My *name brand memory foam mattress* really WAS trying to kill me. It almost succeeded.

Susana Paniagua says:

Hi: I’m not sure if I should buy my next mattress from Sleep Essentials or Arizona Premium Mattress Company. So, I guess my question for you would be why should I buy it from Sleep Essentials? What is the difference besides the price? Thank you.

Linda Vault-Smith says:

How do I get prices?  I live in Kinderhook, New York…where can I get one??Thx

Giuseppe Bellizzi says:

I found the video very informative, especially in learning about the different types of mattresses out there in the market place. The information on the latex mattress was very helpful. Thank you for sharing honestly and clearly about your knowledge on mattresses.
Giuseppe Bellizzi – Terrebonne, Qc. Canada.

Erik Brown says:

more people need to see this…

Chief Blackhawk says:

I just talked to Lee and he is a stand up kind of guy. I will definitely visit his store in Roanoke and entertain his product…

Kim K says:

is woven silica toxic. it is a flame retardant material used in my mattress

Claire Veilleux says:

I would cry.. I just can’t find and buy directly from manufacturer to DIY natural latex layers in Canada may you could help ?

Sick and tired Of complaining says:

It’s clear that you are trying to use the same scare tactics as the US government in selling your product.. great try

Linda Crosby says:

I want one of your mattresses…

Sick and tired Of complaining says:

I hate to tell you but my father and I worked our entire lives in a plant in Denmark where 100% latex talalay foam is produced and I got news for you….. there is nothing added to the process where we worked. Stop trying to sell the cheaper Dunlop product your selling by beating up on a better product because you don’t want to produce you product with an inferior product. A lot of product in that sentence right? Lol be honest

Rod Anderson says:

5 years ago we bought a Tempur-Pedic Allura bed. Was a fantastic bed for the first 3 or 4 years but then we started noticing sagging in the areas that we lay. It continued to get worse until just last week we called their customer service. They asked us to take pictures of the sagging and to email them those photos which we did…it had a 3/4″ sag. Our new Tempur-Pedic bed is on its way and will be here Wednesday (2 days from now). Now I’ve been doing a lot of research lately and really, really wish we could get an all Latex bed. Yes Tempur-Pedic’s customer service was/is outstanding, but I can’t help worrying about the new bed developing the same sagging problems several years from now. We have thought about putting the new bed up for sale as soon as it is delivered and then using that cash to purchase a good latex bed.

Even though we’ve experienced nothing but fantastic customer service from TP, if I knew what I know now I wouldn’t have bought one of their beds in the first place due to type of foam being used, the inevitable sagging and the non-transparency they have on their products (not disclosing exactly what types of material they use).

Sandra Forsythe says:

Thank you for this!

Ngeri Benebo says:

Very informative. Thank you

Is Destiny says:

THANKYOU wont be enough with what you did with this video. Your hard way is gonna benefit millions of average IQ consumers.

Sharon Nelson says:

Very interesting and educational video on mattress quality and safety!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to present your experiences and your findings. We live in Utah, but we are going to check with your factory on cost and shipping. 🙂

Fahad Al-Graini says:

Thanks man, its so helpful.

Teddy Kyung says:

Thanks for the video! helped me gratefully!

Sherri Sherman Decorative Painting Tole Art says:

We bought an icomfort mem foam and it was junk in less than 2 years. $1900!!
Seriously considering the latex.

Michael Wilson says:

How can I reach you and do you have a website?

Susan Yugovsky says:

Thank you for being an honest, small business owner.


I live in knoxville and im sick i just paid 2300 for lift serta that i dont like. thank god i just got 9/12 15 its sun come mon its going back. thank you.

artbirds says:

hy aren’t we demanding the government change these regulations that are toxic to us!

Tom Nesheim says:

Thank you , Very informative. Best video Ive seen on mattress quality.

Madelyn Griffith-Haynie says:

DUH! Of *course* they don’t have our best interests in mind – they are looking out for the business interests of the corporations that support the political campaigns of those who appoint them. It’s true across the board – not just the mattress industry. Top-heavy runaway corporate-capitalism. Follow the [big] money.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission is NOT ONLY *not* a consumer advocate, it is not even pro-Safety. “The government” has proven time and time again that they most certainly WILL mandate substances that are harmful to the public health, they will cover up whenever possible (check aspartame, for only one example). They flat-out *lie* to us, and then wonder why we don’t trust them. It’s SICK that we have to find loopholes in the law to protect our own best interest.

THANKS for sounding the alarm. “It takes a village to educate a world.”

susancdwpg says:

“all natural chemical free latex mattresses”

All natural doesn’t automatically mean that something is good for you… asbestos is all natural & also gluten free.

Your mattresses are not chemical free. Nothing which exists physically is chemical free.

Nate M says:

I purchased a Sealy Reflexion Latex mattress. It sagged in six months. Despite complaint to the seller, he said it didn’t exceed the warranty of 1.5 inches. It now has more than two inches sag. My wife developed thyroid tumors after a few years on this mattress. She required surgery. I would have never guessed the mattress could possibly be the cause. We need to replace it. Other latex manufacturers/sellers dispute your claim that all Talalay are 70% synthetic. Many claim their Talalay are 100% organic and that Dunlop is distinctly inferior to Talalay in several aspects of durability. So who do you believe? I myself no longer sleep on that mattress because of back issues.

cheyenne LA says:

love that you are educating public about this! keep up the great job.

Gus Bernardi says:

I thank you for the strength, sincerity, and the evidence
upon which you based your presentation. 
I’m in Sydney Australia. After your video,
I decided on purchasing a latex mattress from a company which presents it as
96% natural latex and 4% synthetic. If I hadn’t watched your presentation I
would have purchased an expensive large-brand
(in fact international) name mattress (the same brand I had purchased  5 years earlier and which after 5 years and
contrary to its guarantee started to body indent – but now I know why).

After listening to your frank presentation I was saddened by
the state of the industry – especially its almost sinister cynicism.  We spend so much on mattress – you would
expect safety here to be at its highest and yet it’s at its lowest.  Apart from the health consequences on adults
image the magnified future health consequences for children…this alone makes me
ill. However, I believe all is not completely lost and I pray that your efforts
will bring about positive change.

Curtis Christensen says:

my wife and I literally were ready to go out this week to buy a split king adjustable for about $3500. You have changed our direction. We live in Texas.. can you give the actual website where we can shop for our new latex bed online? we were actually getting ready to replace the bed we bought two years ago for $2000

Sherri Sherman Decorative Painting Tole Art says:

6 inches of Dunlop and then 3 inches of Dunlop? I’m confused. 2 dif products? Is 9 the thickest it comes?

Balot Hontiveros says:

How about allergies on latex mattress?

vita lule says:

I need to buy 3 beds to replace tempuarbed matress

kirk price says:

You lost me when you quoted Dr. Mercola, he’s a known quack. By the way, I have slept on a latex mattress for 20 years but not because of chiropractors or quacks like Mercola but because they do last and provide the best support.

kraftykatgirl gaming says:

I find this video very interesting enough and educated me well specially that i will buy again another mattress for my family. do you sell by the to canada?

The WirelessDJ says:

Great video. Thank you for being honest

Ryan Mutchler says:

Your mattress sounds amazing. I wish that I was in a position to buy a $2800 mattress, but I cannot. Is there something that you would recommend to someone that wants a good mattress that can only spend $1000? I just can’t go higher right now. Help?

Jeff C says:

Nice tutorial. Thanks.

James Piccone says:

pure one-hundred-percent latex mattress sucks feels like a damn trampoline. you’re going to have to get a hybrid memory foam mattress where it combines all the different types of foam. I paid $300 for a king size mattress from olee , couldn’t be any more satisfied also free shipping and handling. if you guys want to save 75% on a mattress purchase buy it online and cut out the middleman. buy it from the distributor directly.

E&T's Beagles says:

I never thought I would have watched an hour and twenty minute video on mattresses. I’ve now watched it twice. Very nice presentation! I’ve been bouncing around to mattress stores and looking around online for about a year now. I’m tired of it. The mattress industry makes it so you can’t research anything. So much deceit in the industry. You confirmed every suspicion I’ve had about this industry. I don’t know why it must be this way. Greed I suppose. Anyway, thank you so very much for this information. Maybe I could find a similar product at a retailer in my area, but I doubt it. I would never be able to trust whether they’re telling me the truth. I believe I’ll be calling your company for a shipment to Illinois.

Cyberslug1 says:

Thanks for the video, Great Vid. I almost bought a memory foam bed.

B Walsh says:

a rare man he is a whistle blower will we be applauded no his life is in danger

Sylvia Savich says:

Great video, tks for sharing! For those of us living in Australia, I’ve been searching for a natural high quality mattress, and my research has brought me to several companies who sell 100% latex with optional natural fibre toppers and covers.The following 4 are my top pick. In Sydney, Natural Bedding Co sells a great range as do Latexbeddingco. In Byron Bay, Zentai sell top quality mattresses and in Brisbane, Zenbeds sells top quality full latex mattresses also. All have various certifications for the quality of their latex. I think they are all as good as eachother so can’t go wrong with either. Check them out!

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