Sleep on Latex Mattress Review

The SleeponLatex mattress is an all natural latex mattress. It is constructed from three different layers and the foams are 100% natural Dunlop latex.

Top layer – 1″ quilted wool cover
Middle layer – 2″ natural Dunlop latex
Base layer – 6″ natural Dunlop latex

The Sleep on Latex mattress is available in 3 firmness levels, soft, medium, and firm. The soft is a 4-4.5 firmness, medium is a 6-6.5, and the firm is an 8-8.5.

As an all latex mattress it has excellent response, cooling, comfort, and more of a generalized type of a hug (not as dramatic as memory foam).

This particular type of mattress also has less bounce than I’ve experienced in many other latex mattresses. As a result, it has less motion transfer, but also less bounce (less ideal for amorous activities).

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Codi K says:

I am so happy to have stumbled upon your reviews. My husband and I have been searching for a new mattress all year. This has proven to be a dreadful task to say the least. We had finally decided on the BedInABox latex mattress after we drove to another state 7 hours away to a store that offered samples in their showroom. BedInABox had been praised by which at the time was where I was doing much of my research. By the time we actually went to order, they had discontinued the mattress! I was devastated to have to start the process over again because BIAB no longer offers a 100% latex option.

We recently happened to be walking by a West Elm store that advertised they had a Casper mattress on display so I thought, why not try it out? Everyone has been talking about Casper but even though I am pretty dead set on latex, I had to see what the hype was about. WOW. What a joke! We both sat on the bed and I honestly felt like I was sitting on the cheap futon my husband bought at Ikea when he was in college. I was completely unimpressed. Maybe it was worn from being a store display, but I am convinced many of the positive reviews online are fake/lies. But hey, that’s just me.

Last night I happened upon the “mattressunderground” which mentioned Sleep on Latex which I think is how I ended up on this video. After watching a few of your other reviews, I am also intrigued by the Zenhaven mattress. Would you say it is worth the extra $800 vs Sleep on Latex? I believe the BIAB latex was almost $3,000 but I cannot recall. Price is not an issue, I am willing to pay for quality if it is worth it. We like a medium (5-6) firmness and have been sleeping on a 10yr old spring mattress that needs to go. I like that the Zenhaven is flippable if we want to change the firmness and a longer warranty. Are there any other 100% latex mattress brands I should be looking at?

Maria S says:

I’ve heard that there is no way to make 100% natural latex from the original material into the end product. What chemicals does your company use in the making of this natural latex foam mattress? Zinc oxide? Fatty acids and soaps? What else? I understand you do Not use fire retardants, correct? I like your prices but I need to make sure I am buying a natural mattress.

Sumiyah Bintraafi says:

thanks I’ve been waiting weeks for this! will be ordering tomorrow!! do you have any promo codes?

OccupyZero2One says:

Hey Sleepoplis, Love the full depth review of the mattresses you have, are synthetic based latex mattresses worth the purchase?

Ester Staudt says:

I am a subscriber and love all your reviews!…very informative!! Thank you, in particular for this review, as it’s been hard to find any reviews on this sleeponlatex mattress. My husband & I ordered the “soft” version of this mattress and it was actually softer than we had expected, especially coming from sleeping on an old spring mattress. We love our new sleeponlatex mattress!!, but might choose a “medium” for extra support, if we had it to do over again. Nevertheless, overall we are very pleased with this mattress, as we are getting very restorative sleep on it & at 65yo, we find all of our common aches and pains much relieved, especially on our lower backs (lower back pain probably due to sleeping on that old spring mattress for too many years!). The hardest adjustment for us, has been the height of the 9″ it is quite a bit lower than our old 12″ pillow top mattress. This video was spot on! Thank you so much for you awesome review(s)!! ~Ester~

Gerard C says:

You are a mattress genius! Love your reviews. How do I buy this (or other mattresses) in a way that gives you credit? The link on your page (to Amazon) does not offer Cal King, whereas the Sleep on Latex site does. Thank you very much.

Ashley Labistour says:

We are considering either the Sleep on Latex or the Zenhaven, I am small and light (108 lbs) and my Husband is a bigger guy, 2220 lbs. and we both sleep on our sides…which of these two brands would you recommend?

Jon Snow says:

I should have purchased a simba after complaining to eve regarding the mattress to offered to change it I just didn’t want to go through the hassle of sending it off refund and searching for new mattress but simba do look good

Augusto Espinoza says:

can you plz help me out .what do you suggest for heavy guys …latex type of mattress

B Walsh says:

does it have fire retardant in the matress and off gases?

simd510 says:

Hey, whats your opinion on the sleep on latex vs avocado mattress? I am a side and back sleeper. What would you prefer? Thanks!

JWhiteDove1 says:

Does this mattress hold up 230 pounds and up? I’m around 230 pounds and would love to buy Sleep on Latex mattress 9 inches, Medium, and either Twin XL or Full XL. Thanks!

wellsmerehouse says:

We’re shopping for latex and interested in this model. I’m not sure why this isn’t good for heavy-set sleepers (hitting the support layer) but zenhaven is (smaller comfort layer). Can you elaborate? Also, wanting to know how sleeponlatex pillows are, especially compared to the easybreather (saw your review) and the nestbedding wool pillow. Could you compare them all or just summarize here? thx

Chad Nichols says:

I have this mattress and it’s great! What bed frame and headboard is in this video?? I relay like the design.

Sean3614 says:

I was watching your videos before I started my search for a new bed.
I ended up getting the PuraSleep Serenity Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress.
I think it deserves a review as, I have not a better sleep in a long time here is a link
it might be only on sale for now but, less than $500 for a queen is what I paid for mine.

JAY LEE says:

Is there much of a difference in quality between the talalay vs dunlop latex in mattresses?
most people dont have time to watch 45min. reviews, your videos are short but very informative. Thanx!

JustAConservativeNerd says:

Derek, what bed (latex) would you recommend for a heavier sleeper (300-315lbs)?

Kyubey says:

is latex even a good fabric??

Efrain Gallardo says:

Since when did the Sherminator start selling mattresses.

beefyoso says:

Hey Derek, what’s your opinion about air mattresses? I’ve been suffering with hip pain and need to replace my old inner spring that’s killing me. Super poor so $800+ for a helix is difficult right now, but a self inflating intex mattress is super cheap! Are they good for side sleepers? Thanks for the help, you’re awesome.

Phil P says:

Hi Derek, I’m still looking. You mentioned the soft for this mattress is a 4 -4.5. What ILD rating would you say that is? How about the ILD number for medium version at 6 – 6.5? Have you had a chance to look at the 11″ Eco Terra, 2.5″ of latex on6.5″ pocked coils? Would be interested in your opinion.

Nirav Shah says:

Hello Derek,

If you could go back, do you think the soft would have been a better option to go with than the medium. Or do you think the medium with the soft topper you recently reviewed is a better combination compared to the soft mattress alone? I am 5’7 155lb, stomach and side sleeper.


Javier Jaime says:

I purchased the medium firm sleep on latex mattress around September/2016 to use with my new Glideaway elevation adjustable bed, I have lower back pain due to a herniated disc l5 S1 witch I had surgery a week ago, prior to my surgery I had 30 days to try the mattress, I must say that I was used to firm mattresses but after researching about lower back problems and listening to a friend advised I decided to purchase it however I felt it FIRM I am a male and my weight is 175lbs, I emailed for an exchange to the SOFT mattress they were amazingly great in taking care of me and the whole process was painless, now I have the soft mattress witch I think is still firm but softer than the medium i originally purchased, I am very happy with it, it’s very comfortable it’s what I was looking for ! Great customer service ! I love my mattress !

George EX says:

7:56 – Amorous activities. What’s that? lol

H Fleming says:

You do great reviews. Do you have a review of Sleep EZ latex mattress ? Why not ?

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