Spindle Hands-On Natural Latex Mattress Review

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The Spindle mattress is an all-natural latex-core mattress. “Latex-core” means that the mattress is made with three layers of natural latex foam and does not contain a fabric-encased coil layer. 

The construction materials from top to bottom are organic cotton, natural wool batting and three 3″ layers of natural Dunlop latex. 

The wool batting layer not only adds comfort and support to the mattress but also acts as a fire barrier and helps with temperature and humidity control. Wool is naturally breathable and will wick away excess moisture from your body during the night. Since the wool is very fine and contains many air pockets, it is a great insulator for those cold winter nights. It will also help to keep you comfortable in the summer by wicking away excess moisture and humidity.  

Sheep wool has evolved to help regulate the sheep’s body temperature and humidity. Think of what beneficial properties it can have when used as the top layer on a mattress! 

The wool that is used on the Spindle mattress is Eco-Wool certified and comes from sheep that are raised in the Pacific Northwest. The harvested wool is carded and processed in California. 

The zippered cover on the Spindle mattress allows you to interchange and re-arrange the three 3″ latex layers in order to get a different mattress firmness. Most people order medium-firm-medium, and this is the combination that I use in the Spindle mattress review video. 

I will test this combination in the next few weeks and I plan to do a follow-up video of my sleeping experience. I might change the medium layer with the firm layer because I tend to prefer firmer mattresses, but I will test out the medium layer on top first. if you decide to re-arrange the latex layers, have someone help you as they are quite heavy.

Spindle recommends that you give yourself at least 60 days to get used to the mattress before deciding on a change of firmness. If you’ve tried switching out the layers within your mattress and still haven’t found your optimal sleep surface, Spindle will work with you for a full 365 days from the date of purchase to get your mattress just right. If you’re not fully satisfied after working with Spindle to fine-tune your mattress, you’ll get a full refund.

Your Spindle mattress should last for many years beyond any polyurethane mattress. You can expect to get at least 15 years out of your mattress depending on use. Another benefit to the removable cover is that you can replace any worn out layers of latex. As a Spindle customer, you’ll get 30% off any replacement layers of latex.

The Spindle natural latex mattress is delivered to your door within the lower 48 states with free shipping. The mattress is made in America and is covered by a 10-year limited warranty.

The Spindle mattress is competitively priced when compared to other latex-core mattresses of the same thickness. For example, it costs hundreds of dollars less than the ZenHaven, an all-natural, latex core mattress. The main differences between the two are that the ZenHaven has a zoned top layer and is made with Talalay Latex instead of Dunlop. However, the cover of the ZenHaven mattress is not removable, so it does not have any of the customizing options that the Spindle mattress has.

It was my first experience testing a latex core mattress, and the 3-inch layers provided a super buoyant, supportive feel. As someone that prefers firmer mattresses, I felt that the medium top layer was just right for my body weight. (6’4” – 168 pounds). I will be switching out the medium with the firm layer in later tests in order to determine if it’s a better fit for me.

The mattress did not present any overbearing smell. There was absolutely no smell in the room where the Spindle latex mattress was set up, even with all the windows closed. The mattress smells slightly of sheep and latex gloves, but nothing that you could sense through a mattress protector, sheets and a pillow.

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A.M B says:

Did you try out the Spindle ? What did you think…

Ron Dail says:

Thanks for your vlogs. I am heavier 230lb/105Kg and I am a side sleeper. I thought have the firmest layer on the bottom is best. I don’t understand having it in the middle. Any info to help clarify?

JoeFrohlich says:

What type of latex is in the mattress?

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