Spindle Natural Latex Mattress Review by GoodBed.com

GoodBed’s in-depth review of the Spindle 100% natural latex mattress…

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Time Chapter
0:06 Introduction
0:45 Materials & Construction
4:43 Comfort Levels
5:14 Back Support
8:00 Temperature
9:14 Responsiveness
10:02 Cushioning Depth
10:46 Motion Isolation
12:02 Repositioning
12:40 Edge Support
13:54 Natural Materials
15:44 Adjustable Comfort
17:38 Price & Affordability
18:16 Return Policy
18:48 Final Thoughts

* 2/17: Spindle’s return policy has been expanded to allow mattresses to be returned for a refund for up to 365 days post-purchase, subject to a $300 usage fee that is deducted from the refund.
* 5/16: The model name Spindle Abscond has recently been changed to Spindle Natural Latex, however the construction of the mattress remains exactly the same as the mattress shown in this video.


Rob Moffit says:

is it impregnated with flame retardants? I know the other place has a chemical free mattress.. Thanks

JacksBlack says:

You mention the WinkBed..  Over time, will the WinkBed ever develop a sag for the Big fellas?  I have a 2 year old Sealy that has a sag on both sides and I rotate often. Thank you for your superb reviews.. 300lbs and looking for  a comfortable mattress for both my large self and my tiny wife.  Please help us with this…..

Sonali Suratkar says:

Very informative video. Thank you very much!

love love says:

I wish I can get one of those mattress I have a child with me we sleep in the mattress full of mold.we wake up every night coughing I feel sorry for him he’s 4 years old we leave in a mobile home I cannot afford the mattress

H Fleming says:

You do great reviews. Do you have a review of Sleep EZ latex mattress ? Why not ?

DrDennis77 says:

$300 restocking fee or whatever you call it, not good.

Gra Piken says:

This must cost a fortune!

Michelle Cox says:

Excellent presentation!

Annelle Diaz says:

Which one you like more the Spindle or the Botanical Bliss? Thanks!

dreydin says:

Serious question… why wouldn’t I just buy 3 layers of 3″ latex (Dunlop vs Talalay) and zip them into a cover?

Brenda Turney says:

plz tell me where I can find a 3 inch talalay latex topper that is sot, bought a new latex mattress that was suppose to be plush, but only plush if you think putting a sheet across my dinning room table is plush, the folks I got this from off of Overstock, should really look at the products they are selling. The mattress is cool and I love that, but it has no wool, wish it did but I can buy a wool topper also. It is slow to respond, and I keep my bedroom very cool, BUT please tell me where to go to find a great topper that is soft, thanks

lauderdalechad says:

Good detailed review. Would like to hear a little more on the comfort/feel of it though (review in general, not this particular mattress) and would definitely like to see your take on a saatva mattress!

Donna Freeman says:

Spindle vs zen haven which would you choose

Indraneel Phadke says:

Very in-depth review, loved it!

Jeanne says:

What about shifting between the layers? I went to a big online retailers showroom and every single mattress there had “pyramided” . The layers had shifted.

I have a solid foam mattress now I bought 15 years ago and loved it but now I cant seem to find them anymore.

Monkey Grrrl says:

Seems like an awesome bed… But, this amount of latex makes me wonder about folks who might develop latex allergies.  In general, the greater the exposure, the more likely one is to develop the allergy (if you have the propensity).  I would say this is an awful lot of exposure.

Muraleetharan Gs says:

Excellent Review.

zoya says:

This is the best mattress review I’ve ever seen! Looking forward to seeing more. 🙂

Tom Nesheim says:

I like the fact that they use no chemical fire retardants.

MrSheawalker says:

for a belly to side sleeper on the heavy side 250, would you recommend this mattress? also what others you have reviewed should i consider? Value is a big concern.

JWhiteDove1 says:

Does this mattress hold up 230 pounds and up? I’m 5’11 also 230 pounds and
would love to purchase this mattress. Thanks!

tita adorno says:

Great review!!!! Got me REALLY interested! Ok, so I am female 5’4′ and weigh about 133lb and a belly to side sleeper but sometimes wake up on my back lol, I don’t like when I lay on my stomach and my back archs cause that hurts. So I understand that I must get a mattress that may be in between soft and firm. Though I really love softness and all, I just can’t handle the pressure it gives my body either. So tell me how much would a full size 100% natural Latex mattress cost? Is it like yours here, with three layers? If you’re not satisfied with this product, is it returnable with full refund? Also, where did you get the organic cotton and wool cover from? Thank you much!!

C MP says:

You stated “If you’re looking for a mattress that doesn’t contain a lot of chemicals, then this is the mattress for you” so my question is: Then, exactly what chemicals DO your natural organic latex mattresses contain?

Russ Tanner says:

Does a synthetic latex mattress feel the same as natural latex?

Phil P says:

Love latex. The only problem is the weight. very heavy when changing sheets. What does this weigh?

USA4US says:

excellent presentation and review.

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