Zenhaven All-Natural Latex Mattress Review by GoodBed.com

GoodBed’s in-depth review of the Zenhaven all-natural latex mattress…

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Time Chapter
0:05 Introduction
1:04 Materials & Construction
3:19 Comfort Levels
4:16 Back Support & Pressure Relief
8:40 Responsiveness
11:43 Temperature
13:50 Cushioning Depth
14:50 Motion Isolation
16:30 Repositioning
17:24 Edge Support
19:16 Natural Materials & Certifications
22:45 Return Policy
25:54 Price & Value
28:10 Summary
30:06 Final Thoughts


don morel says:

I took your GoodBed Match Quiz and it recommended 3 choices, Nest Hybred Latex Med., Spindle Natural Latex soft, and Zenhaven Luxury Plush. I’m torn between the Nest and Zenhaven. The one thing that i’m looking at is the flip ability of the Zenhaven, like getting 2 mattresses in one. Just wondering what you think about that logic? Also, have you had a chance to evaluate the Nest Hybred Latex mattress? I like that one too.

Audrey G says:

QUESTION: How do you know that Zenhaven won’t deliver a mattress to you that’s been slept in and returned? How else could they make money?

Sofia Murray says:

Great review. One issue not mention is the top layer has some variability. If nothing else I assume this means you cannot rotate the mattress. Also most latex beds and beds in general get firmer layers as you go down. Does the fact the softest layer may be on the bottom suggest it is being wasted? Indeed firm layer is the second layer and then there are two softer layers below. I suspect that is why others do not make flippable latex mattresses. I recently bought a latex mattress from Plushbeds (medium firm) and I am impressed with how much I like a natural latex mattress. I intend to buy more and I am looking to see what else is out there and your site is a great help. I had not seen it before my purchase.

3sidesofeve says:

I’m not sure how these guys make money by doing these reviews but I noticed they don’t commit to any one brand which is disappointing. Great videos and such but I think we’re all a victim of marketing tricks and overthink it. What I have learned is not to buy anything online, find a shop, tell the sales person to leave me alone for a bit so I can actually lay on a latex mattress. thanks!

Sofia Murray says:

I forgot to say Zenhaven told me to put the mattress on a layer of plywood. Three of my beds a have “slats” but they are not flat but curved. In essence pushing the mattress up slight in the middle of where someone lies. The slats are also flexible. I think this type of support is common ( Ikea sells one). Other latex mattresses have a firm bottom layer so do not require a solid surface as support. While I could put a plywood layer it would be supported only by the top of the curved slats (there are two rows in a queen bed). What would happen is that movement on one side would then be transmitted to the other side via the plywood. None of the reviews I have seen discuss the impact of what the mattress is being placed on.

Thaly R says:

How much did you tip the delivery men?

Walter Murray says:


sylvia westbrook says:

my body hurts I want and need a good soft , plush mattress, does the pillow play a part?

Andrea Mortier says:

Love your reviews! But as of 3 months ago you hadn’t reviewed the Plushbed Botanical Bliss, is this still the case? I am trying to choose btwn the two, would love your feedback specifically on the comparison btwn Zenhaven & Plushbeds in overall comfort, motion transfer, edge support, pb sleeping hotter than zh. Many thanks! In an online shopping world it is nice to see videos with someone moving around on the bed…

shenanigans says:

Dude, you need to stop squatting in that abandoned apartment

Jack Petrisin says:

A very comprehensive and informative review – you set a much higher bar than most of the youtube reviewers. I’m trying to decide between this mattress, which looks very good, and the Spindle, all-natural latex mattress. I’m 57, 170-175lbs, 6′, and almost always a side sleeper. The price of the Spindle is certainly more attractive, but wondering which you’d recommend for me. I’m just wondering if the Spindle “medium” would be soft enough for me, based on my parameters. Thoughts? Thanks!

4vrceltic says:

Which mattress companies are the ones you mentioned that ARE Certified as 100% All Natural organic Latex without ANY chemicals that you mention ? Very interested to know.
Thank you

Marcilla Nichols says:

Do you need to buy their boxsprings for a reason?

Annelle Diaz says:

Hi your reviews are amazing very thorough 🙂 When will you review the botanical bliss by plushbeds? Also does this zenhaven mattress smells like chemicals when you first get it? Thxsss

baycyd says:

Mike — Your website/you tube mattress reviews are the best out there. This is the mattress for us; thanks so much for the mattress match quiz too. We will definitely use your code, and will report back on our experience. Thanks for such great resources.

Andy Pagakis says:

zenhaven vs spindle, which do you prefer? both look pretty great im trying to pick

Maurizio Rea says:

have you reviewed plushbeds botanical bliss?  which do you prefer zenhaven or bliss?  and you mentioned that zenhaven delivered it uncompressed, does that make a difference in the quality?

Betty Smith says:

Out of all the various YouTube mattress reviews I think yours is the best with informative and straightforward opinions. Keep up the excellent work. I haven’t bought a mattress in probably 12+ years (Ikea) and what is out there is overwhelming. I don’t like memory foam and this might be worth the investment. Thanks,

Stevan Novakavich says:

wow!!! This is the most extensive mattress review I have ever seen!! Great job!

Clia Tierney says:

totally awesome review. buying this mattress solely due to your review!

Claire Veilleux says:

Where could I buy natural latex layers ? I am from Quebec Canada and I want do it myself at low cost. I just can’t find. I spent at least 100 hours on the net to find out with no results.

Debbie DeRosa says:

Excellent in depth review that answered a lot of my questions !!! Thank you so much 🙂

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