Zenhaven Mattress Review

Meet the new Zenhaven latex mattress from Saatva! The Zenhaven is a 100% latex mattress build from 4 different layers of latex.

Top layer – 1.5″ Talalay latex
2nd layer – 3.0″ Talalay latex
3rd layer – 3.0″ Talalay latex
Bottom layer – 1.5″ Talalay latex

The top and bottom layers of the Zenhaven are comfort layers. That’s because this is a flippable mattress. You have two different firmness levels with the Zenhaven, a slightly firm side and a medium soft soft.

The Zenhaven uses healthier materials including Joma wool (interior cover lining), all latex support / comfort layers, organic cotton, and a natural thistle fire barrier.

Need a little more info? Check out my complete contextual Zenhaven mattress review here: http://sleepopolis.com/mattress-reviews/zenhaven-mattress-review/

More questions? Please drop me a comment below! I’m always available to help.

Thanks so much for watching and happy sleeping!

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Fuad Efendi says:

thanks; but I am wondering what platform is it, black wood platform. I recently bought ZenHaven king-size mattress with their 4.75″ foundation and metal frame and I am wondering if it is best combination or not; if metal frame is better than food platform for example. Also, ZenHaven suggests not to use slatted platform. Any suggestions? thanks a lot!

Fred McIntyre says:

Thanks for another informative review.

emellis33 says:

You seem very professional in your reviews, but a little constructive criticism… could you try not smacking your tongue when moistening your mouth? It’s can be distracting when you pause and smack your tongue repeatedly throughout the review. Besides that I value your video reviews to better compare the mattresses, today. Thank you!

Dennis Wilcox says:

My wife and I are looking for a new mattress, calif. king size. Do the box springs underneath the mattress come with the set up? thanks

Fuad Efendi says:

How heavy it is? I cannot find on website

Audrey G says:

QUESTION: When you order a Zenhaven mattress, how do you know you’re not getting one that’s been returned by another customer? Think about it – how can they still make a profit while doing free returns in slept-on mattresses? Scary thought…

T Bone says:

Can you use an adjustable base with it?

Fuad Efendi says:

Hi, what was the platform for this test? I am wondering should I buy Zenhaven platform 4.75″ vs. wood platforms from WayFair; I believe metal frame + platform is strongest solution

Fuad Efendi says:

Just to confirm: you are showing us “Gentle Firm” option right? And it is about 7.5 on a firmness scale, it is not 6.5 right?

Also, Zenhaven provides 120-days return policy now, it is not 75-days.

Donna Freeman says:

Have you ever review habitat furnishings 8″ latex

footballer2792 says:

Hey sleepopolis, I’m needing a recommendation on a mattress. I prefer a mattress in the 5-6 range in the firmness scale.

Fuad Efendi says:

Can your installers move 76″x80″ king-size mattress on 2nd floor through 62″x34″ stairs opening?


If you get a chance do a review on

Divya Singh says:

Also pls do review sleeponlatex mattress! I am still hunting for very very firm mattress..

Alex Guevara says:

star rating on support ?

Lucas B says:

I’m 6 weeks into owning a Queen size Zenhaven and i absolutely love it. It alleviated years of back pain caused by sleeping on various memory foam mattresses within a couple nights. I would definitely recommend this product to others. 5 star experience.

GroovyLou says:

Seemed like the absolute perfect mattress for me until I saw the price. The weight is also a bit much t if you decide to flip it over.

Divya Singh says:

Hi Derek,
Which is the firmest mattress between these – nest bedding Alexander (firm), cocoon by sealy and viola and hyphen?

Gayle Parker says:

If one is not satisfied with the mattress during the warranty period, will Zenhaven pick up the mattress and take it away?

Danny Boaz says:

Hey Bro,You should review my new Simmons Beautyrest Black Hybrid Plus Plush Pillowtop Wellington 15.8″ mattress soon. It’s great!

Fuad Efendi says:

You have factory in Toronto, Canada. Where can I buy it in Canada, can I pay by CAD$?

Juliette Harton says:

If it works on an adjustable frame, can you order the adjustable frame with the mattress?

Papa Smurf says:

Does it last longer?

Nihilist Blank says:

What is the weight limit of this mattress?

Sergio Ruiz says:

Thanks for the helpful review! We are looking for a mattress from an online vendor that closely resembles Kingsdown Juliet Cushion Firm Mattress. Since you are the experts, do you have any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

Amar C says:

Hi – Can you test the Latex Mattresses from “Sleeponlatex.com” and compare it to other latex mattresses in the market. They got some really impressive certifications and yet comparatively very cheaper to the rest of the competition. I am trying to buy 3 mattresses for my new house, so not sure, if i should go with a hybrid or foam or latex. I am trying to stay away from foam coz of the chemicals used in them. Any advise would be much appreciated. I like your channel. Plethora of info. Keep up the good work. Thanks

Divya Singh says:

Is firm version of viola firmer than brooklyn bedding?

Gayle Parker says:

I have pressure point pain in my hips when sleeping on my side. I want the softest mattress I can find with support.. I love my latex pillows with the holes in them. Any suggestions?

David Platt says:

Got mine ordered, hoping for the best

Augustus Coppa says:

Where is this bed frame from and is this a queen or king you reviewed?

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