3 Sofas You Should NEVER Buy

Take the style quiz & never buy the wrong sofa again! 👉👉 http://bit.ly/2h55A2F
xo, Baiyina

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Izzy says:

Your advise makes a lot of sense, thanks for sharing. God Bless your home. Very well put together. On a side note, I don’t like matchy, matchy either: feels like one is trying to hard. Mix match is the way to go.

Brenda says:

You need to change your lipstick it is very unappealing on you

Keera Holland says:

I loved this!!!!

Jim Baker says:

Buying a sofa, is a different experience for everyone. No one should be able to tell you what type or style of sofa you should buy, you should buy it based on how you want it to function. Are you using it in front of a TV? Then you should go for comfort, sacrifice some style if you have to, to achieve this, in the long run, the comfort aspect will by far outweigh any style aspects. If you are using the sofa as more of a focal piece, then yes, you should concentrate on the style aspect, and blend the style of the sofa to its surroundings.  I have seen far too many people focus on the style of a sofa, then are disappointed when they go to live in it, and its not comfortable. Remember, we live in our homes, you can often find comfort at the end of a long day on your sofa. Its great if its a show piece, but sometimes the only way to get the comfort you deserve, is to be willing to sacrifice a little style.

Leigh Williams says:

I am trying to find a sofa online that I can fit thru a narrow ~27″-28″ door. I love the room (sofa) in the background.

john69john1 says:

this is so true.I have a recliner sofa each sit opens up.while in the store I loved it however its so grandma style I hate it….I feel like im waiting to retire any day now…
I want to sell it but its still new and ill take a loss on the price..


The sofas you recommend are fugly as hell. No lumbar support either.

Claudia C. Deyulia says:

Your advice is great!… But the music on your video is too distracting… found it hard to concentrate on what you were saying

Laureal Bennett says:

I have a sectional and it is amazing. We can keep it as a whole piece or we can “section” it off. It’s cozy and accent pillows and blankets can give you that feel without having to do have such different pieces of furniture. Anyway…

TheZoeyTube says:

Great tips. I have the matching sofa and love seat and you are so right…I can’t wait to redecorate.

Noreen Perez says:

She is right they do look like marshmallow no offense.

Greg Johnston says:

You didn’t have to put that ANNOYING music in the background. Just TALK. We don’t want the music. Just stand there and talk.

Tubedog8 says:

I like the marshmallow style. Lay your head on one end and take a nap! But I still enjoyed your advice.

Kirk Inev says:

I like your video but have to agree with the music comments. Intro and outro seems best where one is talking and music throughout if no narration. Keep up the good work.

Fummy Videos ! says:

My opinion is that #1 is more for just relaxing,gaming room and kids room. Not for having guests over. I totally agree with you about #2. I think #3 could work depending on the surroundings and flooring, carpets, decorations. One thing ,I think you should pay attention to the volume of the background music it’s a little distracting. 🙂

Jenny Banana says:

Very useful tips, thanks so much for sharing! Love your shirt, very nice cut!

robo tiger says:

reguardless of the sofa size you can only fit 3 people comfortably lmao…you are high as fuck lady.

Romona Robinson says:

information was good but the music was to loud and annoying

Noreen Perez says:

You are so right about does marshmallow sofa,there are so ugly.

timothy mountain says:

Gimme dat la z boy

Sara Nox says:

Wow great video. 🙂
I’d like to see more “you should never buy” videos kinda like a series of different categories.

NicholsKT says:

Our decorating styles are nothing alike but YES to everything you’ve related here. I try to tell people this stuff all the time, when they compliment me on the way my place is and ask why they have trouble achieving the same satisfactory result in their own spaces. In my opinion, this video was spot on 🙂

Patricia says:

Music is too loud and not necessary.

Aruna Thea says:

Super like but pls redo the video without the background music

Shena52 says:

Great ideas something to think about next time I purchase a sofa.

Kelly Kelly Kelly says:

I have # 1 and #3

Witchypooh66 says:

When I was sofa shopping, I refused to consider any marshmallow sofas, as I have noticed that people who own them, often end up having figures that match the look of the sofa. Really, almost every single person I know, who has one, ends up looking like it.

Richard Knopik says:

How about 3 NAME BRAND sofas you should never buy, starting at the top… ASHLEY!!!

Blu_Haze says:

You sound pretentious as hell. Stop trying to pass your opinions off as facts and understand that things like style and comfort are subjective. I personally love the look of those so called “giant marshmallow sectionals” and can’t stand the stick thin contemporary couches that you’re pushing. They look like they belong in your grandmas living room and aren’t comfortable at all.

By the title of your video I came here expecting to find objective information on things like build quality and upholstery choices. All I found was useless fluff and self promotion.

Helen Pratt says:

I agree with everything but the marshmallow. Marshmallow sofas are appropriate for a game room/ basement tv room. We just purchased reclining ‘marshmallow’ sofa for the basement. I would never have it upstairs but downstairs it is exactly what we wanted. It is a tailored marshmallow lol but still puffy and comfy in all the right places

Marajustright says:

Thank you!!

chinazaified says:

Thanks this is great!


They are crazy, i like the music. What style is the couch you have back there on the wall, i like that set up. I was thinking of a love seat recliner, but your advice is making think.

Sarah Smith says:

Between multiple door openings, a sliding glass door, and a fireplace there is basically only one long wall where we can put furniture in the living room without making it awkward to walk around. We went with a long sectional with the chaise lounge on the end. I seriously love this style. It’s both cozy and attractive. Agree with the marshmallow sofa, I don’t even find them that comfortable to be honest.

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